Republican-led New Hampshire Senate passes medical marijuana bill!

Mar 28, 2012

Exciting news! In a 13-11 vote, the New Hampshire Senate voted today to approve New Hampshire’s medical marijuana bill, SB 409. This is a huge victory for New Hampshire patients and their families.

With this vote, New Hampshire’s Senate became the first Republican-led state senate in the nation to pass an effective medical marijuana bill. Eight Republicans voted in favor, joined by all five Senate Democrats.

Last year, the House passed a similar bill in a 229-96 vote, with more than half of Republicans voting in favor.

Unfortunately, Governor Lynch (a Democrat) has vetoed medical marijuana legislation in the past. His press secretary has already indicated that he will veto the bill despite the strong, bipartisan support it enjoys in both chambers of the legislature.

Several senators who voted “no” today are not certain in their opposition, and advocates are still optimistic about gaining support from additional senators (those who did not have the luxury of being present for the bill’s public hearing) as the bill continues moving through the process.

The bill will next be referred to the House Health and Human Services Committee for a hearing in April or May, and the process will continue from there.

14 responses to “Republican-led New Hampshire Senate passes medical marijuana bill!”

  1. Congrats to the citizens of New Hampshire and their elected representatives. The role of government is to protect us from others, not to protect us from ourselves! Republicans should be more supportive of this than Democrats.
    “Live Free or Die – there are worse things than death”!

  2. Gov. Lynch almost lost his last bid for election in 2010.

    Given how popular medical marijuana is–70%+ approval– Gov. Lynch should think twice before condemning sick people to suffer unnecessarily before they die in misery.

    Governor Lynch: Turn away from cruelty. Practice compassion. Medical cannabis alleviates suffering. Approving this law is the humane thing to do.

  3. The Governor is hard-hearted, or hard of hearing, or ignorant, or paid off by special interests, to veto this legislation as his press secretary has indicated. Impeach is a word that comes to mind.

  4. If our elected representatives will not support our loved ones who are sick and suffering that need a more natural way of alleviating their pain or illness with medical marijuana then we should not support these representatives when the next election rolls around. Believe me, there are plenty of qualified people who are running for office who do support the compassionate act of legalizing marijuana for medical use. Just because it will be legally available to sick and dying patients does not mean everyone will run out and abuse it anymore than any other prescription drug or legal substance is. The only real social effect legalizing medical marijuana should have besides helping our sick is that it will cut into to and reduce the illegal black market by finally adding some real means of monitoring and control and this is a good thing.

  5. i think its rediculous that the gov would veto a bill that would help soooo many people!!! it helps w/ pain, anxiety, nausea and many other things… the realm of people it could help is huge!!!! alot of the meds they give for these things have physical addictive properties and not to mention what they do to stomachs, liver and the mind!!! my anxiety meds make me spacey and sleepy!!! i hate them and would much rather be able to use marijuana that doesnt have all of the side effects!!!!

  6. Gov lynch and his wife need to be educated – read Jack Herer – The Emperor Wears No Clothes. I just did – wow what an eye opening education about cannabis. And I started smoking weed in 1977, quit for 30 years and picked it up again for pain control. If you haven’t read it, it will help pull the blinders from your eyes. It sets straight the history of cannabis. It should be required reading for all. All stoners, all parents, all educators, all legislators and candidates for legislative office, all presidential candidates.

    When we confirm Lynch is truely educated, then the question will be is he making more money from prohibition policies than without.

    Shame on Lynch.

  7. I am in total support of mm in place of all these pharmaceutical drugs in which is causing terrible addictions as well as destroying ones liver and kidneys. Also these drugs have horrible side effects like constipation for one in which if you have had this issue you would know its a pain in the butt literally. Also prescription narcotics cause a lack of hunger. Another thing these prescription drugs are being sold on the street at triple the price and people are snorting these pills like cocaine. Let’s get back to the natural medical marijuana with minimal if any side effects. After all gods word speaks of every seed bearing plant as being Good

  8. The State of New Hampshire sold over $534 million via their alcohol monopoly last year. Alcohol is technically a poison, being the second leading cause of death in the USA (substance related). Marijuana has a long history of medicine and has been issued a patent for its neuro protectant and anti -oxidant effects, patent #6,630,507. Of course if people want to ingest anything, even poisonous substances rather than naturally occurring products, that is their right and should be their choice. I’d just like to see the state of NH stop using their violence against peaceful people.

    Live free or die? Can you say hypocrisy ?

  9. In response to John Royal, yes, the bill does include home cultivation. A patient would be able to grow up to four mature plants and up to 12 seedlings, and to have up to 6 ounces of usable marijuana at the grow location. The patient could instead choose to designate a caregiver to cultivate for him or her.

  10. With all these pussy cat Governors and wanna-be dictator Governors,like Arizona’s Brewer, the medical cannabis movement will slowly slug along thanks to the hypocrisy and corruption of the Feds.
    These Governors need to grow a pair and face down the Demon in D.C!
    How can cannabis remain Schedule 1 while the same entity takes out a US patent on it as medicine? It’s sheer insanity. I’m sick of the lies and bullbleep.

  11. All medical cannabis users, advocates,etc. should make their feelings known via Barack Obama’s Twitter account!(Hint)

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