The 10 Things That Led to Legalized Marijuana in Colorado

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In the wake of our victory in Colorado — where 54.8 percent of the voters passed Amendment 64, a constitutional amendment to regulate marijuana like alcohol — good people are understandably clamoring to pass similar measures in their states.

Here is a listing of the ingredients of the recipe that led to the historic victory in Colorado on November 6.

1. Presidential Election: Given that no one had ever previously legalized marijuana in the history of the world, we assumed that the election in Colorado would be close — win or lose. So we intentionally chose to place our initiative on the ballot during a presidential election, which always attracts a larger proportion of young voters, who are more supportive. …

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38 responses to “The 10 Things That Led to Legalized Marijuana in Colorado”

  1. Of course, the marijuana freedom fighters went after the young american vote which still has much to learn about this drug. Marijuana is just as bad as heroin and crack. If you don’t agree then you are ignorant. The federal government has done MANY studies proving how dangerous this drug is.

  2. To Mr.trollston..You obviously don’t have a clue on what you are talking about! There is NO proof that marijuana is dangerous in anyway! Nor is it even close to heroin,or crack! Did you forget heroin & crack is man made & marijuana isn’t!!! Try doing more homework before opening your mouth!! You sound ignorant with you bogus info!!

  3. Seems Mr T lacks proper research skills. If hehad checked his facts he would know the so called Govt. tests were done under the Nixon and Regan admin. They were later proven to be fixed and were invalid with no merit at all! But thats good enough for ignorant people. Enjoy your cave-man.

  4. 2012 being a presidential election year certainly put the wind at our backs, but with 5 percentage points to spare, we most likely could have won even with youth turnout at 2010 levels.

    How about Alaska, Maine, and Nevada in 2014? They’ve all had mmj for over a decade, allow long signature-gathering campaigns, and are cheap media markets. Could be a trifecta!

  5. There are NO current studies on the negative effects of marijuana. All current studies have concluded that smoking marijuana is far less likely to create health issues than cigarettes and cigarettes are not banned from being smoked. If you don’t believe in legalization of marijuana, Mr Trollston, feel free to leave the group and not receive notifications. I see this site as a place where people can speak of marijuana and not be seen as a loser.

  6. Mr Trollston is a victim of the government misinformation factory but he still has access to volumes of information online. With that being said, he needs to quit watching only Fox News and reading anti-marijuana websites. Come on,man. educate yourself and become one of the informed and not the ignorant. By the way, I do not consume cannabis but I believe it should be legalized so your argument against my reasons is moot.

  7. Look, I grew up in a household with an abusive drunk for a father. Alcohol should be the illegal drug but the alcohol industry is too big for the Government to shut down so we just deal with it. I have been smoking for many years and have never touched a chemical drug, I refuse to take as much as a pill that was man made. I have never seen nor heard of someone getting all smoked up and beating their family or robbing someone for their next fix. GATEWAY DRUG MY SMOKEY ASS. So Trollston put that in your pipe, I’ll put smoke in mine.

  8. Mr T: as a former gov’t employer I exactly DO know the exact testing that our USA gov’t perform in the like of the same gov’t employers were pot heads themselves. Just like many guidelines in our industry, we must profit for ourselves. If u really think the test were in favorite of the people’s health, duh, $,$$$,$$$ pockets.

  9. Well done Mr. Trollson. Bravo. An admirable job of raising the ire of some of the MMJ faithful. I hear ludicrous comments such as yours quite frequently. I sometimes wonder if in fact it’s a case of sheer ignorance that inspires such viewpoints or if they are simply a deliberate attempt to illicit a visceral response from the MMJ community. Either way, please continue, for it is such commentary that strengthens the MMJ movement, not weakens it. You educate others about the dangers of being uneducated.

  10. The ball is rolling now. Why wait four more years to get the rest on board? It’s been far too long already. Make it legal NOW.

  11. Nuff said about the Troll guy. Naysayers and sheep will always be around.

    I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, and have been using mmj ever since. For the past six months I have been making marijuana smoothies in my blender. I don’t use a juicer, because the pulp has the most medicine. Drinking or eating raw leaves is totally NON psychoactive, and the meds are in the cbds, and cbn’s. I wonder if Troll were to get MS, if he might give it a try? (Sorry, I said nuff said…;-)

  12. Freedom soon will come.

    I just hope I live long enough to see it in Florida. Congratulations Colorado and Washington State!

  13. I hate to give Mr. Trollston any more screen time, but it is difficult to sit by quietly while he puts out outrageous information. There are not any studies conducted within at least 25 years proving marijuana is as “bad” as herion & crack. I did not see M.D. after your name.

    I am 53 years old and in the advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis and find your remarks to be ignorant. It is do to irresponsible comments like yours that will prevent seriously ill patients like myself from ever having the legal right to discuss considering marijuana as a source of medicine.

    I have been prescribed Oxycottin and morphine. Your remarks are from an uneducated buffoon.

  14. Marijuana is absolutely positively not addicitive in any way, shape or form. I smoked it thirty years ago, seven days a week for six years. I was able to quit very easily. When it is on the black market, suppliers can put any additives in it that they like, including addictive substances. PCP or rohypnal can be added in as rape drugs. It is important that MJ be legalized for the adult population in general so it can be harvested without any tampering, and put up for public sale in the liquor stores, right alongside the booze and tobacco.

  15. The ONLY reason weed is a problem is because of LAWS ! The Goberment uses the cash they get to fund their BLACK OPS . That way the FEDS don’t have to answer to Congress . It’s a very lucrative business for criminals ( the Goberment ) .

  16. First off “crankyoldone” (Goberment) I believe is spelled Government I can see miss typing the b for the v, but where is the n in the middle.

    enought of that

    I have tried heroin and crack. The drug that I was on when I tried them was (ding ding) alcohol.

    Now while I have never gotten into trouble with the law because of heroin and crack, I have made a bit of a mess of my life because of the use of alcohol.

    I am now clean of these three substances and only use marijuana to relax.

    Marijuana helps with my anxiety and helps to control my temper which booze always makes worse.

    In final if I had smoked marijuana all my life instead of drinking I wouldn’t have done so many stupid things .

  17. To the obviously misinformed Mr. Trollston.. Before you post idiotic comments like this in a public forum, you should do some research. This drug that you label on the same level as crack or heroin, which the federal government won’t even agree with you there and they are idiots, is natural and in no way man made. That cup of coffee you are drinking in the morning has more processing done to it than what is done to marijuana. You also reference numerous “government studies”? Please show us these. By the Freedom of Information Act signed into law by Lyndon B Johnson in 1966, you should easily be able to quickly obtain this daunting info you have referenced above.. By the way Mr. Trollston, I smoke and apparently have a far greater intelligence and understanding than you. I also carry 2 bachelors degrees and am working on a doctoral If you want to go after someone, why not go after the alcoholics, or are you one? This kind of rhetoric and overwhelming idiocy is what is really behind our nation failing, not marijuana as this Jack … would like us to believe

  18. I clearly think weed should be legal, however:

    Mr. Trollston, please do some more research as you have been grossly misinformed. My oldest brother is a MD and will tell you alcohol is much worse for you than marijuana.

    DA Miller, sorry but one thing that does not impress me is someone who seems to be in school for life and earning a P.hD (Piled High and Deep) is less than impressive as I have many people with these degrees you clearly prefer school to work and the title of being called a doctor. I recently saw a British study that shows harm to weed users if they start using at a young age and are frequent users. However, after you hit the age of 18, adverse long term side effects are minimal…

    So legalize, but only for 21 and older…

  19. Troll isnt serious – just looking for your reaction.

    Next ten states to legalize
    Last ten states to legalize (not talking medical)?????

  20. Mr. Trollston,

    The marijuana that you speak of is a racist ‘term’ because it is spelled ‘marihuana’. The definition of that substance, which the DEA is charged to enforce, is 104 words long.

    It is the ignorant ones who accept that definition as equivalent to heroin and crack. Smoke is the ‘bad’ thing which can only be inferred from that definition, because it is not mentioned there.

    You should be appalled at that definition because it flagrantly disregards the Constitution as well as the history of reasonable men. You should demand that your representatives in Congress enact this simple definition which actually shows respect for our Constitution:

    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    After the definition is changed, you can then taunt us with your arguments to keep cannabis smoke in Schedule 1.

    For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  21. So proud of what was accomplished. As someone who has spent over a decade fighting for the good cause, dealing with uninformed people and being a victim of “persecution by prosecution”, I wondered if I would see this day during my lifetime. The fight is not over yet, but this is a giant step. Let us not forget the many sacrifices made throughout this drug war, which has been a war by the government against it’s own people. Many have given up a lot to fight for the freedom of the masses.

  22. I recall that they proved the earth was semi spherical, not flat like a pancake. I do not understand why so many people are stuck in the thirteen hundreds.

  23. I have been licensed health-care professional for many years. Mr. Trollston is expressing his opinion on the research he has focused on. During the days of Nixon and Regan, many such government research projects were held on a wide verity of issues. There have been multiple US and international studies done by major research centers (Britten, and Canada to name a two) that have confirmed the studies were, in fact, so flawed and agenda driven – we were never able to use the findings in our medical schools. When the research (even at our conservative university) is fully reviewed marijuana is not on the top list of concerns regarding cocaine, heroin, alcohol, prescription-drug abuse, designer type drugs, or tobacco. I do support an open dialogue on the subject. However, I hope that if I told you research showed you can fill your car with water in place of gasoline, you would question my research, before forming an opinion and filling your vehicle with water. Although I appreciate your comments, they are not well founded.

  24. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1973 and must take a low dose of phenobarbital – in the 90’s I got my nerve up to ask my neurologist (off the record) if I was safer with alcohol or marijuana – my neurologist quickly responded “you are much safer with marijuana”

  25. I watched my girlfriend go through the hell of chemo for a year only have the doctors tell her that there wasn’t anything else they could do for her. She was sick everyday everyday that at year but when she smoking marijuana she was pain free and was able to eat anything without throwing it back up. For the rest of the time she was with me she was a happy person and grew her beautiful red hair back. When she passed away she wasn’t in pain her body just gave up. There are allot of sick people out there that need cannabis to help them have a better life and that should be their right. Over 75% of the pain killers on the market in the world are used in the USA and they are killing hundreds of people everyday but never hear of anyone dying from over dosing on cannabis. If there was ever a case where someone died from an over dose of cannabis I would like for you to tell me about it happening, when and where it happened. If someone wants Florida to make marijuana legal they should check out The Silver Tour on the internet they have allot of good information on how it helps the seniors and how some of the med’s they are on just cause them an early death. As I said about my girlfriend when you hold someone that you love in your arms everyday and watch them suffer you will beg for something to help them and when you see that suffering stop because of a very simple plant you will change your mind. I don’t know about other people and what is important to them but I loved her enough that I would have taken her cancer into my body just to see her stop suffering but that didn’t happen. But with the marijuana I did get to see some peace in her before she died. I’m sorry about carrying on but until people can see how much it can help the people you love they will never understand the medical benefit of Cannabis.

  26. There are talking about possibly voting on it in 2013 in Ky. I really don’t see much chance of it passing but you never know. We lost 1 of the biggest advocates for legalization a couple years ago in Gatewood Galbraith. I hope they pass it sometime in my lifetime. I would like to take less pain meds but have to be careful because of piss tests. Afraid if Dr finds it they will either cut me off or seriously cut down on pain meds. If it was medically legal here I wouldn’t care if they cut it down.

  27. you go 420, you are absolutely right, educate yourself Mr. TROLL, Hemp & Marijuana are absolutely safe for human consumption, and the environment, as a matter of fact Mr. TROLL, if you go to YOU TUBE, theres a very educational documentary …’when we grow…this is what we can do” I dare you to watch it & then blog an educated opinion.

  28. Mr Troll, Please’ You insult my intelligence, My integrity In the service of OUR country for over therty years, all the while smoking pot. Shame on you. Free the weed and be happy.

  29. John troll just showed how ignorant people are about the facts of marijuana. Just go to you tube and can find the truth about marijuana. The propaganda is absurb. Can’t live a lie forever!

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