Nevada Assembly Misses Historic Opportunity to End Marijuana Prohibition

Mar 13, 2015 , , , , ,

Earlier today, the Nevada Assembly missed its last opportunity to vote on Initiative Petition 1, which proposes legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana for adults 21 and over. Since the legislature did not approvenevada-welcome the measure itself, the measure will appear on the ballot for the 2016 general election. This inaction means Nevadans will have to wait until late next year for the chance to end their state’s destructive and costly prohibition of marijuana.

Please “like” Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Nevada on Facebook so that the campaign can keep you posted as the ballot initiative campaign gets underway. While polls show strong public support, we can’t take victory for granted. We’ll need your help to get the word out and run a strong campaign.

As many in Colorado and Washington have already learned, legalization allows adults who prefer a substance that is safer than alcohol avoid arrest, jail, and damaged futures. The Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana also affords greater access for seriously ill patients, because patients who suffer from conditions that are not currently included in the state medical marijuana program — such as Alzheimer’s disease — lack legal protections. And, of course, legalization saves scarce law enforcement resources for serious crime, while providing revenue to the state.

But while the Nevada Legislature missed this opportunity, history continues to move forward, and Nevada voters will have the final say come November 8, 2016. Please stay tuned for more updates.

4 responses to “Nevada Assembly Misses Historic Opportunity to End Marijuana Prohibition”

  1. Typical GOP Politicians , with a majority in both states assemblies still cant listen to the citizens. Bunch of chickens.

  2. Well, Nevada — better late than never. The first stab at it is a tough one whereby pure politics is at work when we trust our elected officials to represent its constituents.

    So, come November 2016, the People get to choose for freedom of choice. Unfortunately, it had to go this far, but like they say, “Better late than never…”

    In the meantime, as mentioned in this article, lay the groundwork for that day in November 2016 — make sure that the path is wide and already well-traveled so as to facilitate a smooth transition to the freedom of choice. It’s up to all people to help things go smoothly and remain running smoothly.

    Show the naysayers that their illusions and scare tactics fell short of swaying the vast majority of the population. People are opening their eyes, stepping forward, and being honest with themselves so that they can be honest with others. The present prohibition is so wrong in so many ways.

    These changes going forward will mitigate some of what has happened in the past but will never negate or erase even a small percentage of all of the atrocities that have taken place over the last seventy-five years.

    Our Government, Big Business, and Big Pharma have used their concerted power to put in place the most sad and ultra-expensive effort to make criminals of its own citizens — all to feed their ulterior motives.

    It certainly is “refreshing” to finally be breaking through a prohibition barrier that has always been proven to be a farce and a huge waste of money, human energy and human lives. It is encouraging that we finally have some politicians than are willing to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”

    Good fortunes to you, Nevada. Show patience, and simultaneously, work the path to November 2016 so that it’s a smooth and positive change for (re-)gaining a freedom of choice stolen from us many years ago.

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