Missouri Legislature to Consider Allowing Public Vote on Regulating Marijuana

Jan 21, 2015 , , , ,

Missouri State Rep. Brandon Ellington’s HJR 15 would give voters a chance to put an end to the failed experiment of marijuana prohibition, and would replace it with legalization, taxation, and regulation for adults 21 and over.

Brandon Ellington
Rep. Brandon Ellington

A companion bill also sponsored by Rep. Ellington, HB 166, would expunge some marijuana-related convictions if voters approve the constitutional amendment.

The Missouri-based Show-Me Cannabis is also in the process of preparing for a similar voter initiative in 2016. If approved, that measure would not only allow and regulate retail sales for adult use, it would also provide unique protections for medical marijuana patients. In addition, the measure would allow individuals to remove harmful marijuana-related convictions from their records.

In the coming years, there will be several opportunities for Missouri to join the four states that have moved away from failed and wasteful marijuana prohibition policies.

9 responses to “Missouri Legislature to Consider Allowing Public Vote on Regulating Marijuana”

  1. Kids are dying. My son had life threatening seizures that caused his brain to be wiped when he was young. He is one of the few that came back after a seizure that lasted a hour and 15 min. .
    He has friends that currently suffer. Every time my son had a seizure it was a life threatening situation. How I longed for a choice to use a different med that was not so hard on his body.

    These days im a pain patient. The meds keep me in bed a lot.
    The side effects are horrible. I would like a choice that doesn’t put me my family or my property at risk.

  2. Let me know if you are interested in a plethora of significant, relative and substantiated ‘clinical’ medical research articles.
    A significant number of articles were published in 2014.
    The real crime Mark, is that due to our draconian laws, we’ve held back progressive medical research in our country for over 100 years regarding the benefits of THC, cannabinoids and cannabis. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/15145917/ns/health-alzheimers_disease/t/marijuana-may-help-stave-alzheimers/#.VMwb55UU-M8

  3. Why do we as a country put up with a government that ruins peoples lives, will not even listen to what may be good ,and continue to profit from it being illegal.The cost of the marijuana war is staggering,and is kept going by uninformed people,and lawyers who profit from it. We could do much better if it was legal

  4. I suffer from degenerative disc and degenerative joint disease…instead of prescription pain medication I choose marijuana instead…even though it doesnt seem to relieve the pain as much as I would like..it does help me to cope with my medical condition and also keeps my appetite at a level that I can maintain my weight…. I have been on pain medications in the past…(hydrocodones/morphine)…eventually it got to the point that the pain medications were causing pain instead of relieving it…please get this on the ballot…and lets put a stop to prohibition…alcohol is a much worse drug with many side affects and it also kills people daily….its hard to understand why prohibition is still an issue when prescription drug abuse and alcohol abuse ,even black market drug abuse should be priority .

  5. i am a disabled vet. and i am living on so many meds mostly pain meds. and i will be glad too join a group too test medical pot as i know that it is safer than the pain meds i am on now.

  6. My close friend has a chronic colon condition that makes him experience nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and lack of appetite. It is said that marijuana counteracts these ill affects. When will my dear friend be able to receive the medicine he deserves? Enough with this fruitless prohibition. Give medicine now.

  7. I am hopeful tha the citizens of Missouri are wise enough to legalize marijuana. The fact that it is safer than alcohol and the success we’ve been seeing from other states should be reason enough. I know full well that regardless of whether or not it is legalized, there are a lot of people still smoking it. We need to introduce regulated forms of marijuana that the government can make profit off of, instead of spending millions trying to catch those who sell and smoke it.

  8. I’m a 24 year old mother diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 20.
    Ms causes chronic pain and many other syptoms. Marijuana is the only medication that takes away pain and isn’t habit forming at all.
    Why can people diagnosed with the same disease as me have access to an herb that helps their pain everyday, but I can’t because I love two states away?
    Being on disability keeps me from request traveling. I’m asking for marijuana to be regulated the correct way, so I and every other MS patient have access to the same medical treatment reguardless of the state they live in.

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