Marijuana No Longer Criminal in Colorado Ski Town

Jan 01, 2010

The new year brought new, sensible marijuana laws to the vibrant ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  In November, citizens voted by nearly a 3 to 1 margin to remove criminal and civil penalties for adults over 21 carrying up to an ounce of marijuana and smoking paraphernalia. The law takes effect today, January 1, 2010.

“There is no sense in criminalizing a substance that is far less toxic, less addictive, and less problematic than alcohol,” said Brian Vicente, executive director of Sensible Colorado. “This is a huge step toward more a more sensible policy, in which adults are no longer punished for making the rational, safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol.”

The new law doesn’t change laws prohibiting use by minors, smoking in public, or driving under the influence. It also doesn’t allow for the possession or use of marijuana while skiing. While conflicts with state and federal law remain, this first and necessary step toward ending marijuana prohibition sends a strong message to lawmakers in Colorado and around the country.

42 responses to “Marijuana No Longer Criminal in Colorado Ski Town”

  1. Now if only more brave people would just do the right thing all with in a small time period, the Feds would be overwhelmed and have no choice to finally repeal this unjust civil rights violation.

    They cant arrest all of us.

    The War on marijuana is a war on responsible adults and the handicapped.

    We are not criminals.

  2. get ready MPP…. you are going to work harder in 2010 than you have ever worked before….. 42010 is the year of the cannabis plant!!!

  3. See now..this is how we the peole wil reclaim our country from the tyrants in washington and else where.

    It will be done by small communities finally saying NO! to laws that ruin our lives. I dont mean just cannabis laws..I mean all laws we dont agree with. They wont change on the federal level , well then … to hell with them..change on the communitiy level. This is a trickle up effect. When the trickle get to them and they still refuse to will be time to replace them..for good.

  4. ya know, i live in a pretty liberal town. i have wondered what would happen if i opened a marijuana shop on the main street, did it up all nice and professional, hired a door user that checks id’s, did not allow anyone inside that was under 21, not even to hang out outside either, and ran a controlled buisness, payed my taxes, grew through word of mouth with no advertizing and showed that this can be done, the right way.

    i wonder just how long i could get away with it and if the community would back me up when the state police or feds showed up, as long as they gaind my trust that i was doing it the way it should be done.

  5. Krissy. You should start an indoor garden. A small garden can keep you toking after just ten weeks and then you have a constant supply and you can quit giving your money to someone else.

  6. This is a great new law. No body is addressing the issue of allowing each citizen to grow. What is the difference between growing our own meds, or growing our own smoke? As far as the cops go, we are breaking the law! We will change the laws one day, just not today. It is so nice to see the laws changing but we need to take on the issue of growing. I cannot afford to buy weed. I barely get by as it is. I qualify for medical marijuana but since I live in Mn., I am denied. I do not want to wait for next election for legal mj.

  7. Waiting to read that the town of Breckenridge was carpet bombed by the Fed’s. (insert conspiracy theory lie here).

  8. All states should have the right to choose cannabis over alcohol. Why would alcohol be legalized over cannabis. Everyone has been affected in someway by alcohol.

  9. god don’t make mistakes how can u take away a plant from the earth…thats a little selfish and moronic….and how is alcohol legal and herb isnt…..duhhhhhhh

  10. We are trying to move to Colorado. I’ve joined the Sensible Colorado email list.

    It’s been quite disheartening MPP that you’ve not posted on your blog more frequently. I realize that the “holidays” were upon us, even those who don’t celebrate them are subject to the slow down on all fronts, however it would have been very kind and appropriate if you had at least put a short blurb in that you’d all be taking a rest. Just my 20 cents and thoughts for the day………

  11. that same law should be passed / tried in all states that have medical already in place.
    It should be organized so that all votes from the different states precincts would be tallied at the same time and hopefully all these states passing Law at the same time would show the power of this movement .
    It would set president for what the people really want and if this is truly a democratic republic than it would be hard to revert to the prohibition days of the past.
    I believe that if all states were in lock step on a specific law than it would be impossible for the feds to do anything other than listen to what the people have willed and grant that will to federal law.

  12. You can bet conflicts with state and federal law remain throughout Colorado. Do a read on their applications requirements.

    In addition to administering the Registry, CDPHE has been charged with accepting and reviewing petitions to add conditions to the current list of debilitating medical conditions/symptoms. To date, four petitions have been received, one for Parkinson’s disease, one for Asthma, one for Anxiety and another for Bi-Polar Disorder.
    All petitions were subsequently denied due to lack of scientific evidence that treatment with marijuana might have a beneficial effect.

  13. 1. JOBS in the creative handwork sector

    Breckinridge is a vacation facility for those who have ample money (no one else can afford to visit, much less stay there). However, the local “head shop” will do decent bizness. Anyone interested in manufacturing and marketing appropriate moderate-use utensils (screened quarter-inch-diameter one-hitters with a long drawtube) should take advantage of the widespread interest stirred up by this recent legalization news. Consider making a long-stemmed chillum (“chalice”) with wood-pieces drawn from the surrounding hills (using gorgeously gnarled dead dried hardwood stickfragments sustainably harvested without cutting a single live branch; and name of species, if known, engraved very small near the butt-end where the drawtube is attached. Manufacturing instructions (including how to make the crater with a socketwrench-piece or hose-nipple) are available free at wikiHow: How to Make a Smoke Pipe Out of Everyday Objects, and similar articles.

  14. Grandma420, I lost my father to a drunk driver when I was five. I’ve never had an immediate family member killed by a stoner though. I wonder what that means?

    Time to spend an exorbitant amount of tourist dollars in Breckenridge, while I enjoy my polite, considerate, law-abiding stay there.

    Let’s set an example people.

  15. SMOKE ON THE SKI HILL !!! this is great news i am so happy that now we are turningf heads !!! we are in the mist of a great thing to help stop these drunks stop drinking and pick up something that might not kill them!! colorado you are going to set the stage for big money in the tourist indust. ..i will move here if these laws are still going to change in favor of us that want to truely be free … i have post tramatic stress syndrome times 3-4 …have been in some pretty stickey situations that have scrared me for life ..i also have a terrible lower back problem that makes it hard for me to walk let-alone ski…but am willing to do any thing to see the world give this medication a chance …lets out-law these med’s that don’t work and find some real releif … this is such great news i am going to try to do a back flip !!! hu-raaa… great work MPP..

  16. Holy smokes. So what is the federal governments jurisdiction over the tribal/reservation lands of the Native American and cannabis and hemp production? If I was an elder in the tribe I would look at marijuana to bring jobs and money into the Reservation. It seems to me that they are a “Sovereign Nation” and can do what they want. Replacement of a substance that has less risk and a long history, marijuana could just be the savior for many of these tribes. Look at what the casinos have done for them.

    Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes

  17. “dazed and confuzed ?” references smoking while skiing in one of his comments and I want to make it clear that MPP opposes anyone using any substance while skiing. Furthermore, the new law in Breckenridge does not allow for the possession or use of marijuana while skiing. The Colorado Ski Safety Act prohibits using any ski lift, slope or trail while under the influence (including marijuana).

  18. Everyone just find your seeds and plant them.

    Nirvana is an on-line company and they will ship to the U.S.

    They will even take your cash and allow your privacy to remain intack.

    Then next year at this time we can all be sitting behind our sanctioned locked doors in our homes with a few beautiful plants and their abundance to pluck from.

    I have earned my freedom and I plan to keep it!

    Good Luck to our well-respected and fearless leaders at the upcoming Washington D.C. meeting regarding Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

    Thank you.

    Homegrown takes a bite out of crime – a very BIG bite!

  19. it’s about fucking time the ganja is getting it’s respect. george washington and thomas jefferson both grew marijuana in the white. what the hell happened between then and now?

    i just wish it could happen herein illinois.

  20. Although this is still a rather symbolic move, and citizens are still criminals under state and federal laws, it is a big step in the right direction. The City of Denver actually passed a similar bill many years ago, I believe in 2000. One step at a time, One city at a time we can slowly change the laws that make normal hard working citizens into criminals for possessing a natural herb.

    Way to go Breck!

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