Four States End Marijuana Prohibition

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On Election Day, voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada declared an end to the war on marijuana in their states by approving initiatives to regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol for adults. This historic event was by far the biggest victory for drug policy reform to date, and will help pave the way for progress around the country.recreational

There are now eight states where marijuana is legal for adults to possess and where cultivation and retail sales are regulated and taxed. Marijuana possession and cultivation are legal in the District of Columbia, but Congress has prevented the city from regulating the non-medical marijuana industry.

This means that marijuana is legal for 66.5 million Americans, or about 21% of the population.

Unfortunately, a similar initiative in Arizona is trailing while the final votes are being counted, but advocates are already preparing to continue the fight in the legislature and possibly at the ballot in coming years.

Support for ending marijuana prohibition is increasing across the nation, according to recent polls. Marijuana initiatives out-performed a number of successful politicians in some states as well. During President-elect Trump’s campaign, he voiced support for leaving marijuana policy up to the states. Advocates are hopeful that the next administration will support the will of the people and continue the federal policy of non-interference until Congress is able to pass meaningful marijuana policy reform.


7 responses to “Four States End Marijuana Prohibition”

  1. Let’s just legalize it in all 50 states and move on to something else…NEXT!
    P. S. We will have a much happier and more profitable nation!! And if you want to consider attending Green Churches and the like, well Yay 4 u!! Just an idea !! (Genius)

  2. Now we need some of the southern state’s to step up to the plate and do what the people want instead of all the short bills they are putting out because the politions are afraid of their jobs , Louisiana could be the first southern state to make millions of dollars to fund education,road repairs,better healthcare for all,even fund our boys in blue and get our state out of the red. But instead they would rather sit back and struggle and have Louisiana look like a bunch of undereducated morons. Don’t be scared put the vote up to the people house and Senate or sit back and watch the other states prosper.

  3. It’s coming. Those that are paying attention know that there is many that were just elected that support legalization.

    It’s not about right or wrong it is about the money. most are softing their stances because of the huge profits seen in Colorado and Washington as well as the fact that the paranoia induced cries of doom completely failed to manifest. Crime is down and school budgets are up. Teen usage is actually down.

    Colorado has seen resident increase because of the better schooling. others are going to have to meet that or find themselves in empty states with lower education levels. that’s just the reality.

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