Federal Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping Marijuana Policy Legislation

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Legislation was introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives on Thursday that would end marijuana prohibition at the federal level and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.

Bills filed by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, leaving states to determine their own marijuana policies, and impose federal regulations on marijuana businesses in states that choose to regulate marijuana for adult use. Wyden’s bill would also enact a federal excise tax on marijuana products. In the House, the tax is being proposed in a separate bill introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).

Wyden and Blumenauer also filed marijuana policy “gap” bills that would eliminate many of the collateral consequences associated with federal marijuana convictions without removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.

An additional bill filed by Wyden with Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Michael Bennett (D-CO) would reform section 280E of the U.S. Tax Code to allow state-legal marijuana businesses to deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses from their federal taxes. A companion bill was filed in the House by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) and Rep. Blumenauer.

MPP Director of Federal Policies Robert Capecchi issued the following statement in a press release:

“This is commonsense legislation that will eliminate the growing tension between federal and state marijuana laws. Voters and legislatures are rolling back antiquated state marijuana prohibition policies, and it’s time for Congress to step up at the federal level. States are adopting laws designed to improve public safety by replacing the illegal marijuana market with a tightly regulated system of production and sales. The federal government should be working to facilitate that transition, not hinder it. It’s time for Congress to come to grips with the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol, and most Americans think it should be treated that way.

“We commend Sen. Wyden and Reps. Polis and Blumenauer for proposing a sensible path forward. We hope their colleagues will take an objective look at the benefits of replacing prohibition with a system of regulation. There will surely be some members on the fence about this legislation, but consider it unthinkable that we would return to alcohol prohibition. They need to ask themselves why they are still clinging to the prohibition of a less harmful substance.”

29 responses to “Federal Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping Marijuana Policy Legislation”

  1. We should all be in prayer that this legislation is enacted.

    This plant should never have been made illegal in the first place.

    M.J. is so beneficial in a myriad of ways. Not to mention the thousands of products that can be
    made from the “hemp comoponent”.

    We will see.

    • Mark MJ is extremely dangerous but not to people but to the pesticide industry as during WW wars help was used in Parachute cords but what was happing was hemp started to replace the cotton crops which require a ton of pesticides and with hemp crops which require almost none and the reason Parachute cords were made of hemp were they were stronger and more durable then cotton and the same in cloth plus an added perk is its also softer.

  2. The only problem I ever had with marijuana was LAW enforcement.The plant or it’s contents should have never been allowed to be put on a schedule 1 list or any other lists.
    You do you! Let me do me!

  3. I sent this to Trump. Please expedite approval of HR 1227 to reschedule cannabis. It treats most ailments and would greatly reduce health care costs. it eliminated my lung cancer 5 years ago after 24 radiations failed.

  4. It’s about time our Federal Government got involved and hopefully in a good way, it should have been legalized fifty years ago, never should have been illegal in the first place. Our representatives should understand the people who want to enjoy the right to use marijuana are tax payers too. For me it’s a freedom issue, taxation without representation for those who wish to enjoy it. Also there is the issue of those in poor health who can benefit from it as well.

  5. because of lies that was told by some doctor back years ago and the fact that no tests had been done to determine what marijuana would do to a person, we have marijuana probition. i live and have lived with alcoholics and know what it will do to someone that drinks it on and everyday basis. i have also seen and witnessed what will happen when someone does marijuana on an everyday basis. By far i choose marijuana. i have been abused by a drunk man more than once. i have never been abused by a toker. i have c.o.p.d. and other problems. there are strands of some good weed that will actually clear my lungs.. whats the problem here? How many nuts are in the goverment that keeps us from having something that God made illigal? WAKE UP AMERICA! DUH………..

  6. The success of this bill as it goes forward will be competing with campaign money (contributions) from Big Alcohol, Big Pharma, Big Corrections and others. It’s a “Pay to Play” system. For a buck you get a dance with a congressman….for $100 they’ll do anything you want. Nothing will change in our corrupt legislative process until Citizens United is repealed and campaign contributions are limited and monitored.

    • What you said is all true. However, there is one thing that can trump the lobby: The threat of not being re-elected to keep feeding off the lobby teets. If enough people were to show their support and let their reps know this would be a reason to vote for them – or not – it will get their attention.

    • Absolutely correct. But with the momentum bubbling up from the state level there is a lot of transparency. At this point, legalization is a forgone conclusion. Now the fed just needs to pull the proverbial head from the sand. If it doesn’t happen under Trump, it will under the next administration.

  7. This legislation needs to go forward. Alcohol is regulated city by city as marijuana should be. God said all plants for all people. The only reason marijuana has never been tested is because Nixon already had it tested and he never wanted anyone to learn what he learned. now most of the country now knows what Nixon learned. Marijuana has medical benefits. It Is not the great Satan he wanted it to be and you cannot control the country simply by stripping away their medication and leaving helpless babies to defend for themselves. Parents WILL do for their children. YOU CANNOT JUST STRIP MEDICINE AWAY WITHOUT SOME FORM OF PROOF! All he could prove is it’s damn good medicine!

  8. When republican’s realize how much money they can make from mj, their greed will take over. Money and greed seem to be the only thing they see. No compassion, no heart !

  9. I have been thinking about prohibition and then removing alcohol from being illegal. Marijuana is safer than alcohol. The government should be working on ways to facilitate the transition to making marijuana legal. Alcohol companies don’t want the competition that buying marijuana legally would bring to their products. They are financially supporting government officials to keep marijuana illegal. There is also the fact that marijuana can be effectively used medically. We have legal drugs that are used by many – nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. They can be dangerous and they are legal. In the words of Bob Dylan, “money doesn’t talk it swears”.

  10. All I can see is the walking demons who made weed illegal in the first place. Remember Comcast and the report on weed, what was it 2008? Comcast aired the entire show on how and why weed is still illegal. Legalization will be great for the elites who don’t have to take weed tests for jobs. The rich rednecks on the hill will get all the jobs because the spiritually enhanced people on the flat smoking all the weed will have to take weed tests and fail, leaving all the jobs to the elite. Or maybe not? Anyway tests for weed need to be stopped immediately and all weed infractions need to be dismissed completely off online searches. Create jobs? Hell yes. Lessen violence, theft and put people in houses, get rid of these tests. I would rather have a worker with a good harmless buzz than a person who drinks alcohol and hungover on the job. No comparison at all. A to Z… the hungover half drunk from the night before is a complete looser. Look who’s running the fed gov? See any weed smokers? Very little, that’s why the world is as screwed as it is… All these alcoholic fog, corrupt genetically inept fused individuals running the world show. And don’t forget about DUI for weed. Other than that, I feel pretty good he hee : )

  11. As Attorney General, Sessions is only responsible for law enforcement.
    If congress approves a marijuana legalization bill that the president signs into law, Sessions will have enforce it (whether or not he agrees with it).

  12. I think this is great! Can’t wait to see this enacted. I have said for years it should be legal and regulated just like alcohol. Look at the tax benifits. Failing farms could be profitable again. (like the tobacco farms of old). As noted in previous reply, hemp can be used for many things and does not destroy the enviornment.

  13. Even Mr Sessions mentioned if we did not like the law…change it…well here they are trying to change it. It would be foolish for his Admin to stop it…but since when does that stop someone from accomplishing their own agendas?

  14. Wow. My first thought was this was an early April Fools Day article. One fundamental element of republicans is their love of money. Look at sessions money. He has used his office to become a multimillionaire. If republicans think they can make money from mj, they just might allow changes even if their already rich radical right opposes changes. I could write a book, but this is about mj…… 4 great comments above. I too hope given what’s been done since January 20th in the EPA etc, at least this is real. Mj laws are blatantly unjust and unscientific on all levels. Thanks MPP!!

  15. I strongly support this legislation. There are many proven benefits for people and our country with federal legislation legalizing and taxiing similar to alcohol marijuana sales in all states for all people as quickly as possible.

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