Alaska Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Officially Qualifies for 2014 Primary Ballot

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AKRegulateAlaska is on its way to becoming the third state in the nation to end marijuana prohibition!

Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell announced yesterday that an initiative to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older and regulate it like alcohol has officially qualified for the August 19 primary ballot. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska now has less than six months to campaign in support of the measure.

A generous supporter has offered to help the campaign get off to a strong start by matching dollar-for-dollar every donation it receives during the next three weeks, up to a total of $15,000.  MPP hopes you’ll take advantage of this special opportunity by making a donation to the Alaska campaign today.

A poll conducted earlier this month found 55% of Alaska voters think it’s time to make marijuana legal and regulate it like alcohol. But victory is far from guaranteed, so it’s critical that the campaign raise money right now to build a strong coalition, mobilize supporters across the state, and run ads in August.

12 responses to “Alaska Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Officially Qualifies for 2014 Primary Ballot”

  1. I think this is all fantastic, the fed is going to half to change their attitude. I’ll bet the cops are hating everything that’s happening, just imagine they want be able arrest everyone anymore. The black caucus has had it with the shitty cops arresting black kids all the time. And now 1 state after another is falling in line. The day is coming, and I can’t wait

  2. It is a shame in a country that considers itself a “christian” nation that we not only have been, but continue to ruin lives over a plant that has been shown to have more beneficial attributes than negative. The seed is a complete protein , the stalk’s strong fiber has endless use, and the fruit (flower) is at worst recreationally enjoyable with little to no ill effects, at best this plant is true medicine that ANYBODY should be able to grow in their backyard… THE TIME FOR THIS CHANGE IS LONG OVERDUE

    All and any ‘legislation’; restricts your rights and freedoms; imposes strict government controls; further empowers law enforcement; creates monopolies limiting your freedom of choice; results in increased cost to consumers; and a host of other negative impacts. Once a ‘law’ is enacted and ratified we are stuck in the hell hole that we have put ourselves in.
    Don’t get fooled again.

  4. Alaska, heh? Stick a doobie in Sarah Pahlin’s mouth, and have her spout “Prohibition gone today, Prohibition gone tomorrow, Prohibition gone forever!”… and, I’ll reconsider voting for John McCain for President in 2008. Until that time, smart move America!

  5. Remember, people! It’s taken us over 100 years to wean our population off of ‘margarine’ in order to save us all from death of heart disease. If you roll back the clock to ’37 when Pres Roosevelt signed the Marijuana Stamp Act (which subsequently was proved to be unconstitutional by none other than Dr Timothy Leary, the then most dangerous man in America per Tricky Dick Nixon), then we are currently in year number 77 of ‘classical’ #MedMj prohibition, supplemented by Nixon’s infamous scheduling of Cannabis to Schedule I in 1970 via the CSA (Nixon had blamed pot and its usage by American GI’s as the reason why tiny Viet Nam with the help of Chairman Mao was able to outlast the United States in a brutal war of attrition). Per SA (Scientific American) in the year of 2014, we will still loose approximately 7,000 more lives from margarine. Why? Because ‘margarine’ is still a legal, economically viable alternative to olive oil and hemp oil, and other more healthy forms of vegetable fats. That’s right! #MedMj… Safer than margarine!

  6. Here’ s hoping it goes thru this time. I think our last vote for decrim in AK skewed by about a 6% margin, so it was very close last time. A lot has changed since then, CO and WA coming online, I am hoping it is enough to make the difference. Alaska is full of oddballs though, and many of the people i know involved with Cannabis voted against the softening of the laws last go around. The overall tone in the country is radically different today than just 4 or 5 years ago, so i am optimistic. I was just able to get my Med card last week in Alaska for the first time in a decade. we had the law, but there was like one doctor in a state the size of 1/5 of the US doing RX’s for the last decade. So at least we have a traveling clinic now doing RX. We will see, the state tends to vote with its pocket book and the tax revenue out of CO will be big news for sure. I have not seen or heard one Vote pro ad yet on radio or TV. Its all over national news but not alot being talked about locally it seems.

  7. If Alaska doesn’t go for the right vote this time around, it’s bound to happen sooner than later. FL just got on the ballot and I’m pretty sure swept the vote by a long shot.

    Def. a movement in progress.

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