Teen Marijuana Use On the Decline In Colorado After Adult Legalization

Aug 08, 2014 , ,

Rates of current and lifetime marijuana use among Colorado high school students has dropped since the state made marijuana legal in 2012, according to a press release distributed Thursday by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

 According to preliminary data from the state’s biennial Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, in 2013 – the first full year the drug was legal for adults 21 and older – 20 percent of high school students admitted using pot in the preceding month and 37 percent said they had at some point in their lives.

The survey’s 2011 edition found 22 percent of high school students used the drug in the past month and 39 percent had ever sampled it.

It’s unclear if the year-to-year decline represents a statistically significant change, but data from 2009 suggests a multiyear downward trend. That year 25 percent of high school kids said they used pot in the past month and 45 percent said they had ever done so.

A working paper published late last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research also concluded there is no causal relationship between medical marijuana laws and increases in teen marijuana use. According to the researchers, “Our results are not consistent with the hypothesis that legalization leads to increased use of marijuana by teenagers.”

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  1. I just sent the article above to my State Senators and Representatives.

    I hope others will do the same?…I mean to say “Put your money where your mouth is”?

    If every cannabis consumer made their use public, the currently crumbling artifice of The War on Cannabis would completely collapse!…but what about my job?…what about my reputation?…what about blah, blah, blah ?
    How about taking a risk for what you all claim to support?

    All talk and no action is just talk.

    Perhaps the anti-cannabis opponents are correct?

    It may be cannabis consumers are apathetic/passive and lack the desire or ability to engage the political process in order to demand rightful change?

  2. Alcohol is the gateway drug.

    Let’s return to alcohol prohibition!

    Prohibiting alcohol will stop teen drinking and the desire to consume beer/wine/whisky will be totally prevented.

    Make the penalty severe so the kids can attend” The University of Crime” long enough to earn their degree in actual crime…from the actual criminals who are celled with these youngsters.

    Many forms of Prohibition are quite effective in Islamic Countries…why can’t it work in America?

    We need to adopt their methods of punishment?

    Beheading offenders will stop our citizens from consuming alcohol…Don’t you think?

    Could it be The Constitution is the roadblock?

    Freedom isn’t freedom unless one is free…are you free or oppressed?

    Are you free if you do not have dominion over your own singular body…and mind?

    Give it a think?

  3. Well said Eric! The War on Drugs is built on the cornerstones of fear, racism, greed, and ignorance. We now have the momentum to bring this artifice to the ground. It is time we stopped sending kids the message that our government policies are constructed on lies and backed by hypocrisy, not our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  4. Our government operates under the guise of lies and dummying down of its citizens. They’re only going to tell its citizens what it thinks it should “know”. In other words, if the government calls it red, then it is red. Don’t pay attention to your eyes that tell you it’s blue — it’s red.

    And don’t pay attention to that man over there behind the curtain. Pay attention right here — this is what we want you to think and therefore, “know”. Cannabis is the scourge of our society and is the reason for just about every societal problem we have. It creates murderers, robbers, drug addicts and people who are not interested in bettering themselves or society.

    Everyone should watch the movie, “Reefer Madness”. And no, this movie was not a spoof like the Scary Movie series. This was our government’s first serious effort at attempting to brainwash its citizens — and this effort has been going on for over 70 years.

    Forget about the medical data, forget about the scientific testing, forget about the droves of medical professionals and scientists worldwide who speak a different story regarding the dangers and the benefits of natural cannabis than what our government tells us. And forget about the fact that cannabis has been proven to treat more ailments, afflictions and diseases than ANY other substance on Earth, including ANYTHING that comes out from the pharma labs — and with the LEAST amount of side effects.

    Forget everything —- just keep listening to the people that “know” — the ones with ulterior motives to this whole sham.

    Fortunately, the tide is turning quickly. And this turn is bolstered by, no — not the drive to do what makes sense but by the all-mighty dollar, in many instances. Who woulda thunk?

    Nevertheless, if this is the motivation to change the laws and allow each citizen to make their own personal choice to use or not use, then so be it — at least we’ll eventually get to where it should have been all along — freely and legally making a personal choice — no different than deciding to take an aspirin or not. Oh, and by the way —- aspirin kills over 1000 Americans per year — ya don’t say…

    Every state’s citizens should be able to make the decision to use or not use, and in line with this, the Federal government should get cannabis off the Schedule One category, sitting there with heroin. Who the hell are they trying to fool, anyway?

    Don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain…


  5. Good points eric bc alcohol is definitely alot more dangerous than cannabis. But i think the prohibition of alcohol would more than likely just cause an increase in teen marijuana smoking.

  6. Zack, Are you kidding me? OMG take alcohol out of the picture, keeping in mind the 10’s of thousands of deaths each year attributed to aclohol use and your worried about an increase in teen pot smokers. You are too funny man. You still have the programmed mentality of the whole reefer madness thinking and rhetoric. Here is a news flash for you. It doesn’t matter how we attempt to control or regulate. Teens will do just what the hell they want like they have been since teens have been around.

    Prohibition “DOES NOT WORK”. All it does is create ways for select few to become millionaires because of it. And it continues to keep America and its failed War on Drugs a Nation with the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world

  7. I smoked marijuana in high school, because my parents told me it was safer than alcohol. My father, was 3 years sober by the time I was born.. he taught me all about that demon alcohol. That was it. I drank a couple of times, only enough to get my puke on and feel crappy, and empty and angry. Marijuana was never a gateway to harder drugs for me, but it expanded my mind to a higher lever of awareness. Awareness about myself, and most certainly awareness about the “Lies” and propaganda that the government was feeding us about marijuana. Marijuana opens minds, and I believe that is what the government is afraid of. A bunch of people running around with the freedom to think, and have personal choice, is very dangerous to our government. Think about the “war on drugs”, think of how much money they will lose because of legalization. If only we could have more rehabilitation and less incarceration. We could learn that the enemy is not drugs or alcohol. We could learn the enemy is ourselves, the human mind. Flash forward thirty years, I now use marijuana medically in Oregon for my PTSD. Which occurred from being assaulted and left for dead as a teenager, by three “drunk men”. To this day I wish to God they had been stoned, instead of drunk, because I probably would have gotten flowers, instead of getting raped.

  8. La Terra è di tutti…….i prodotti della Terra sono di tutti! Con quale diritto un uomo può proibire qualcosa ad un altro essere umano ??? Dobbiamo imparare ad accettare la creatività della natura, noi sappiamo solo proibire e punire!!! Man……let the rivers run free…..!!!!!
    Love Peace !!!

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