CNN Poll Shows Majority Support for Making Marijuana Legal

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On Monday, CNN released a new poll showing 55% of Americans support making marijuana legal. Only 44% were opposed.

According to the CNN poll and numbers from General Social Survey polling, support for legalizing marijuana has steadily soared over the past quarter century – from 16% in 1987 to 26% in 1996, 34% in 2002, and 43% two years ago.

The survey found interesting divides on the issue.

“There are big differences on age, region, party ID, and gender, with senior citizens, Republicans, and Southerners the only major demographic groups who still oppose the legal use of pot,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

This increase in public support will no doubt affect legislation across the country in the coming years. Here is MPP’s Mason Tvert on CNN discussing how legal adult marijuana sales in Colorado may act as a catalyst for reforms in many other states:

8 responses to “CNN Poll Shows Majority Support for Making Marijuana Legal”

  1. I am fighting cancer. And I feel that medical Marijuana should be legal in Minnesota. It helps people. I dont smoke the stuff, but I have cancer and I know it will help me. Cannabis oil helps cancer patients. I would like to take it in pill form to help me.
    PLEASE HELP. To many people are suffering and passing away. I dont want that for me. I am only 56. Still have a full life ahead of me. I am a Proud Wife, Mother and a Grandmother of 7.
    Thank you

  2. I am not been a marijuana smokers in years. Yet I picked up a pack of cigarettes that was not mine accidentally. Now I am on probation for a little joint that was in the pack. I live in a small community in .va.. Russell county to be exact. The cops really abuse and harass people not for just anything but boy they find marijuana on u the they realystart the abuse. Anyway I now have a year of probation I have to take time out of what I’m doin see a P.O. Time consuming and a waste. Oh yeah I had to pay bout 600$. Now you all tell me is that right of the cops, justice system, and politicians. Please let me know.

  3. I am in Florida and have been in a wheelchair for 35 years now , and with all of the legal pain medications that i am taking they are doing a lot of harm to my liver and kidneys.
    But with medical use marijuana i would not have that damage and possibly better pain management.

  4. I have a debilitating disease of TBI, dementia and Bipolar. I live in Illinois, in which of January 2014 it became legal for medical cannabis. TBI qualifies me to receive medical cannabis, but having a mental illness I am not qualified. Now that is what I am faced with.
    It is not fair that I cannot have it in order to have a quality of life. It looks like I will be a criminal when I purchase any from the black market. I do not like doing this because I don’t know what I am buying. I have experimented with marijuana for 35 years. I like the Sativa, it works best for me. At any rate I cannot control what strain I will get. However, looks like I won’t be getting any until it is made legal for recreational purposes. I just hope that it is soon that we can get it for recreational use.

  5. The “war” on Cannabis is totally illogical. Historically the record is clear in that it became a controlled substance for purely political and commercial reasons, as well as used as a tool for discrimination.
    From a science-based perspective there is insufficient evidence to support it’s illegal status. Cannabis use has less health risk than many legal substances, including tobacco, alcohol and a significant number of perscription (and many non-perscription) medications.
    The scientific evidence supporting it’s medical use continues to grow. Many polls show a majority of our citizens support it’s legalization.
    Those opposed to cannibus use most often cite unscientific rationalization a based on unsound information based on emotional, religious or social prejudice while casually supporting the continued legal status of alcohol, tobacco and other high risk substances.
    The incarceration of nonviolent pot offenders, should be the cause of situation of national shame. When 55% of Americans support legalization, the continued classification of cannabis and marijuana, as dangerous drug, represents discrimination of American citizens on an unprecedented scale.

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