The House I Live In

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The House I Live In, a newly released documentary from director Eugene Jarecki, dissects the United States’ failed drug prohibition policies, both previous to and following the declaration of the “War on Drugs” under the Nixon administration. Endorsed by Brad Pitt, who is one of the producers, the film deals with the serious consequences of our anti-drug crusades, including world-record rates of incarceration, the development of an influential prison-industrial complex, and, connected with these, the exacerbation of racial and class-based divisions in society. As with the prohibition of alcohol, current drug laws also enrich the organized crime elements, which now control large and extremely profitable drug markets.

The director makes his case largely through interviews with supporters and opponents of the War on Drugs who are involved in it in various ways, including judges, prison guards, and narcotics officers, as well as drug users and dealers. David Simon, notable as the director of the critically-acclaimed HBO series The Wire, which was centered on inner-city drug gangs, is also one of the main interview subjects. Jarecki concludes that the War on Drugs is a cruel, expensive, and ineffective policy which has done great harm to the country, including the people who are ostensibly being protected from drugs by the law.

The film opened in select theaters on October 5 and in Los Angeles on October 12 and received an average rating of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. The trailer can be found here.

If you would like to attend a screening in your area, check the schedule here. We’ll be alerting our members of upcoming screenings as they happen.

6 responses to “The House I Live In”

  1. Of course, the marijuana freedom fighters went after the young american vote which still has much to learn about this drug. Marijuana is just as bad as heroin and crack. If you don’t agree then you are ignorant. The federal government has done MANY studies proving how dangerous this drug is.

  2. OK John… I’ll bite…

    1) Where can I get in touch with the Marijuana Freedom Fighters? I’d like to start a chapter on the East coast.

    2) It is the “young Americans” that have learned about this drug that are leading the charge. They have done the research and found that the old propaganda was flawed or completely false. Oh… and they’re not some kind of sub-species of citizen either, in need of any overseeing or instruction… they are the future. Little scary at times, but a fact of life many “old Americans” choose to ignore or attempt to circumvent.

    3) What exactly have you learned about “this drug”? Tip: Fox News is not “learning”.

    4) I don’t speak about things of which I am ignorant (great policy by the way), and I don’t “agree” with your premise. I am many things. I am often recalcitrant or contrary, sometimes even unruly and willful… and for a whole day last week I was completely intractable… but rarely am I ever considered ignorant.

    5) Please provide 4 links to some of the most reputable of the “MANY studies” you refer to in your post.

  3. Anyone who would even think for a split second that marijuana is as bad as heroin or crack is so uneducated on the subject that I feel very sorry for them. I can’t believe that someone would actually go public with such an uninformed statement…John Trollston I sure hope you used an allias. People that have studied marijuana to any degree KNOW that it is one of the safest if not the safest drug known to man. John please take my advice and stop using heroin and crack just look at what it has done to your logic!!!!!

  4. I am all for organizations that are in place to educate the public of marijuana, be it good or bad things, because that is truly what our nation needs. What I dislike, is companies, like D.A.R.E. who are biased, and misinforming the public.

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