Reports: Task Force Seizes Marijuana Petition Signatures, Handcuffs 14-Year-Old

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Sensible Washington, a group gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that would end marijuana prohibition in Washington state, reported last week that members of West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team (WestNet), a federally-funded drug task force, seized about 200 signatures during a raid on a medical marijuana club.

From Sensible Washington’s site:

“We have made repeated calls to WestNet’s office, but have yet to receive any assurance that the task force’s personnel have secured the signed petitions and that they plan to promptly return them to Sensible Washington.”

As if stealing signatures for a law-abiding ballot initiative doesn’t seem contemptible enough, Seattle Weekly reports that the same group made another raid on a provider’s home, in which they “handcuffed [the family’s] 14-year-old son for two hours and put a gun to his head. They also told the kid to say good-bye to his dad […]  because the dispensary owner was going to prison.”

And then it gets worse:

“And as the detectives looked for cash to prove that the dispensary was illegally profiting from pot sales, Casey says, they confiscated $80 that her 9-year-old daughter had received from her family for a straight-A report card. Where did they find it?

In the girl’s Mickey Mouse wallet, according to Casey. She also claims that the cops dumped out all her silverware, busted a hole in the wall, and broke appliances.”

Our friends at FireDogLake have organized a petition demanding that WestNet end these despicable raids and return the signatures. You can check it out here.

36 responses to “Reports: Task Force Seizes Marijuana Petition Signatures, Handcuffs 14-Year-Old”

  1. Way to go WestNet. I bet you all are real proud of yourselves, aren’t you? Drug enforcement teams make me sick to my stomach. Shiawassee County, Michigan has one called MAGNET. They are pretty much the same as the one described above. They are self-funded, so they pretty much do anything they can to catch someone. Marijuana is the easiest thing to seek out so that’s what they do. They will lie to your neighbors… tell them you are selling drugs to school children. They will put articles in the paper about a drug raid that is nothing but lies. I just wish they would spend their time and resources on the hard stuff and leave the marijuana smoker alone. YOU CAN OVERDOSE ON WATER BUT YOU CAN’T ON MARIJUANA! Alcohol can kill you, but it’s legal. Things just don’t make sense.

  2. This is simply appalling. A gun to a 14 year olds’ head for signing a pot petition? Even for caught red handed that was wrong. Battle lines have been drawn. In my case, THC as Marinol saved my life, suddenly after 7 years insurance won’t pay!

  3. And the cartel isn’t more violent ? Seems to me that not only is the cartel producing violence from the prohibition of MJ but so are the law officers . Come on police putting a gun up to a 14 year olds head . And why are they getting away with that? Oh that is right because they are the police . Total BS…. We need to end prohibition , regulate and tax marijuana where this BS will stop. Once legalized and taxed their is no reason what so ever to do such a thing and if they do so then they should be treated the same way as the cartel…

  4. what the$^Q#$%&$???? Another raid involving children and the cops acting like thugs? Enough is ENOUGH! People, what can we do?
    Get a petition going. Send it there.

  5. Two out of the 3 sides in this war on the people are happy. The drug cartels and the task force members are the winners of the great race to riches. It is the simple mmj user that is the looser. What this story does not say is how much money was being made by the club owners. I do not know why they have a 60,000 doller hummer anyway. GREED!!! Same as the cops and the cartels. Why in hell does an eigth of cannabis cost 6o bucks in a dispensery? This will continue untill it is legal for every one that qualifies for mmj to grow their own, or it becomes legal. I do feel sorry for the boy that went through the raid but maybe his parents should not be so open about the money being made off of mmj. I know it is nobodys business how much money they make but the cops are not getting their share and they are pissed. I would be mad too if I lost millions in free money and property. Legalize and over grow big bro.

  6. More predatory law enforcement agencies, forcing their punishment on the accused (by doing all the physical damage they can knowing they wont have to be responsible). Stealing voter petitions?
    Who’s the criminal here? They are their own worst enemy right now. The more desperate they get, the more violent they get. Sound familiar?

  7. And I thought it was legal to express your openion in the USA. Guess I was wrong, wonder how long until SWAT kicks in your door for whatever they think is bad for you.

  8. This is getting wayyyyyy out of hand who the hell does the police think they are???? They are there to protect and serve.. I say this country needs another revoultion!!!

  9. These deeds are evil, the time will come when these people have to learn their lessons, This is just an experience to open our eyes to how evil our social systems are , in order to awaken to a greater state of homeostatic balance. Karma does exist, and no one is exempt from it. – The Boss

  10. These initiatives better pass. Every smoker needs to convince 2 people that were going to vote against it, to vote for it. It will pass for sure if we all do that.

  11. Lets see..we have criminal gangs and cartels that terrorist people because prohibition makes illicit drugs worth more than gold….then we have the legal cartels(Task forces and zealious cops) doing the same. This is America? The one our grandparents grew up in? One thing is for sure. If you hang a prize in the faces of overly competetive meat heads, they will fight to get it….even cannabis consumers or a lil girls money.

    Speaking of this lil girl…GIVE HER MONEY BACK YOU SICK FRAKKERS !

  12. I don’t even understand why this is still happening. I don’t know if its because nobody is hearing about it or they don’t care but its really getting ridiculous.

  13. we need to rebuild our societal structure and refuel our economy. How in the world are we suppose to do this, by repeating the same procedures over and over when a high percentage disagree, that is insane.

  14. I agree with Clarence, it’s all greed and now the government is salivating. Why does cannabis cost up to $60 an eighth in these shops? I’ve never paid that much on the black market. That is why the government is stepping in. They taste green, especially now that they are broke and cannot produce anything profitable. They don’t want us to grown our own, so they can take the profits. Here they come, here come the bastards, don’t bury your head in the sand! Overgrow! Flood the market even more!

  15. Law enforcement used to be someone you went to for help. Now it’s an organization that’s feared by most. Something is terribly wrong with this. I’m beginning to question our freedom of speech.

  16. Why the heck isn’t the ACLU all over this? Not only is it disturbing, but it’s gotta be illegal to steal ballot initiative signatures.

  17. Another reason to help educate citizens about the need to RE-legalize the God-given plant cannabis. One of the greatest things citizens can do today is RE-legalize this God awesome plant. The superplant must not be exterminated and that’s one of the goals of the ignoids.

    Cannabis prohibitionists must be educated for they know not what they’re doing.

    The list of reasons to end cannabis prohibition is growing faster than the plant itself.

    The Green Collar Worker

  18. One of the groups that need education about cannabis is some of the regular church goers because failed clergy has steered them wrong. They need to be shown how ending cannabis prohibition is Biblically correct since Christ God Our Father, The Ecologician, indicates He created all the seed-bearing plants, saying they are all good, on literally the very first page (Genesis 1:11-12 and 29-30). The only Biblical restriction placed on cannabis is that it is to be accepted with thankfulness (see 1 Timothy 4:1-5).

    The Christ requests that We love one another. You can not love one another and cage them for using what God says is good on the 1st page of the Bible at the same time.

  19. Another group that needs education on this issue is farmers. Once cannabis with THC is RE-legalized it stands to reason free American farmers may grow hemp with out THC.

    It’s time to reintroduce hemp as a component of American agriculture.

    Free American farmers should be allowed to grow hemp just like communist Chinese farmers.

    Isn’t it interesting that America’s largest foreign debt is with China which allows farmer to grow the superplant?

    I believe failing to educate farmers was one of the reasons Colorado did not legalize cannabis in the 2006 election. Those flatland farm counties were amongst the highest percentage of voter which voted against the issue.

  20. Wow, this is just disgusting….I honestly dont think us as a human race was intended to turn out like this. How does one justify breaking into to a non-violent, successful family’s home with guns drawn and frighten a young child. Its horrible how all this effort, money, and waste of police resources goes into creating lies and fear about a plant that has killed ZERO FUCKING PEOPLE. Yet the bankers, and pharmacutcal companies force alcohol and presrciption pills down everyones throats taking millions of lifes. Hahah it cracks me up how everyone dosnt see all the corruption in this world. People need to take a look around….shit is reealllllyy bad. Like the federal reserve, hahaha how the fuck are people still blind to that?

  21. Overgrow the bastards.I’m gonna.My Mom is dying w/lung cancer,only way I can save her is with cannabis.Her life is now in my hands and there is something I have to do about it….

  22. Wake up time, over & over!! How many times do we have to find
    out that we are total slaves to this caballistic NWO bullshit.? They
    make much more money while it is illegal by stealing properties,
    money, jail time, court hearings etc. than with taxes on it. They
    know darn well that everyone will grow it themselves once legal
    & espace taxes any way they can. It is time to stop paying taxes
    altogether. Every move you make today is taxed, asking 4 per-
    mission with licenses. So stop opening businesses, just start trading with each other, bartering, It is our god given rights.

  23. Go to thrift stores to buy your stuff, no slaes taxes on it. Grow your own food, raise your own food, stop paying these mass-
    murderers in charge now. Wake the fuck up !

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