Missouri SWAT Criticized for Killing Dogs. Finally. (With Video)

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The brutal methods used by SWAT teams throughout the country are not news in the war on drugs. This steady militarization of our police forces in the pursuit of drug seizures has largely gone unnoticed in the press until recently, when some high-profile incidents highlighted some of the uglier tactics used when raiding potential drug dens.

Two such cases were those of Tarika Wilson, who was killed while holding her baby, and Cheye Calvo, the mayor of a small Maryland town who had his home raided and two black Labradors killed by local SWAT because a package of marijuana was sent to his house without his knowledge.

A similar incident occurred on Feb. 11 in Columbia, Missouri, resulting in the death of one dog and the shooting of another during a raid on the home of Jonathan Whitworth, who police suspected of selling marijuana. Police stormed into his house and immediately opened fire on the dogs, before they realized that there was a 7-year-old child in the house.  A grinder, a pipe, and a small amount of marijuana were found, but no evidence of distribution.

Watch the video below, keeping in mind that police later tried to charge Whitworth with child endangerment, as if having a little marijuana in the home is more dangerous to a child’s wellbeing than storming into their house with automatic weapons and killing their dogs.

Spokesperson Officer Jessie Haden defended the decision to commence the raid without verifying who was in the home by saying, “If you let too much time go by, then the drugs are not there.”  Well they weren’t.  But no one paid too much attention until the video surfaced that showed the raid in detail. Now people are paying attention.

It’s a little sad that it requires graphic video of dogs yelping as they die and a child being rushed out the door to get people to ask questions about something that happens all too often in every state in this country because of the government’s war on marijuana.

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  1. As a Columbia, Mo. resident I am very sickened with this tyranny. This country is becoming what our founding fathers were getting away from. They didn’t want thrugs hiding behind badges and guns to swarm in a house with children just so the thugs with guns can try and control the population. These freaks with badges sicken me.

    Thomas Jefferson – When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty

    If we kill a cop dog then its murder but if they kill our family pet then its liberty? These police thugs philosophy about life is severely distorted. One day the remaining free people will get this country back!

  2. I’ve seen a similar situation happen to a friend of mine, he was not a drug dealer, the people came into his house with semi automatic machine guns to steal his blue pits. These people were gang members, they kicked his door in and held him and his family at gun point and killed his 2000 dollar female pit because it was hostile even though it was caged they also took all 4 pups worth between 3-4 thousand dollars.

    The fact this is similar to gang activity should tell you that our police enforcement is a gang and is the most powerful gang in the world and our politicians are the leaders of this gang.

    Put the police in a better light, Legalize Marijuana

  3. With all of the resources available to government employees, you would think that they could have gotten animal control to step in. I don’t condone an animal being hurt or killed for following its basic instincts to protect its owner. If animal control was involved, they could have at least shot the dog with a tranquilizer.

    Just another case of over zealous cops trying to prove a point and procure the security of their jobs. Funny how in 14 states sick people can legally use marijuana, but in other states you can get arrested and lose your family for choosing a healthier alternative than government prescribed drugs.

    The saddest thing about all of this is that WE are all paying the bills for this absurdity. Billions of dollars wasted, that you and I have deducted from our paychecks, all to stop the impossible. People just won’t stop using marijuana! Tax it and arrest real criminals with that money! Educate people with that money. Pave roads with that money. Fight for what is right. Do what you can to educate people about obscenity prohibition.

    Marijuana doesn’t kill people, prohibition does! It would be interesting to know how many people have been killed for selling alcohol since alcohol prohibition ended…

  4. I’m the second poster FYI.


    I totally agree with the police being the world’s largest gang. They are simply the puppets for the politicians and both parties go overboard on forcing the public to conform. There is the right place and time for cops, but what we seen in the video is straight tyranny! As people, we need to come together and take advantage of organizations like MPP and NORML because they are specialized in trying to legalize marijuana (medical or not). We need to unite peacefully if at all possible because violence will only get us the opposite results. When we legalize marijuana we will finally get the police part way out of our life. And they can go back to doing what they are here for. To stop theifs, violent criminals, and white collar crimes.

  5. These cops are a disgrace. They are pathetic human beings, masquerading as benefits to society when in fact they are nothing more than a parasite. I hope all the bad things in life happen to these disgusting Neo-Nazi’s.

  6. Fucking asshole cops! There was one shot and the dog was crying. I couldn’t see, but I am sure it disabled the dog pretty effectively. Then several more shots are heard and the crying stopped. With all that armor and protection, those spineless pussy fucking cops couldn’t handle a shot dog? Abso-fucking- lutely appalling! My blood is really boiling now. This video has about 14,000 views so far. Post it everywhere you can! I hope to see over 100,000 views in 24 hours. We are all here on this site because we BELIEVE in our rights and freedom. Other people need to be aware of this. Show it to anyone you can!

  7. Our country is in a police state, we as Americans need to take our country back. I’m starting to wonder if the Freedom fighters have the right idea.

  8. i want all of you to go to your room and casually walk to your front door and see if it takes 8 seconds to get there because that is the amount of time they used to go from the first knock to kicking the door in. That is ridiculous absolutely not enough time to get from 1 side of your house to another that is f***** up

  9. i believe this is a direct violation of the fourth amendment in which it says cruel and unusual punishment. there was nothing in there that you couldn’t say was cruel, oh it was necessary, yea necessary for a child to be mentally scared by police breaking into his house killing his dog and throwing his dad on the floor and arresting him for something they couldn’t even hold him in a jail for. What BS

  10. this info probably came from some one who snitched which police consider a viable source, if I was a snitch i would say anything to get out of what i needed to get out of.

  11. This happen to me in 2005. They even had a no-knock search warrant for marijuana and they found nothing not even a seed. What is wrong with my country I love. President Nixon started this when he started the DEA and now they run are country. It’s time to put a stop to this Drug War. Year after year we are losing our rights. When police raid your house and fine nothing, or even kill someone nothing happens to them because juries are afraid to convict a police officer/officers. The United States Supreme Court has give police the OK to do what they want. just look at Hudson vs. Michigan. The court has said even if it’s a illegal search they can still use and illegal contraband against you at trial. The high court said the remedy would be to sue the police. There hasn’t been any cases where someone has won a law suit because of an illegal search.

  12. The worst part is that these SCUMBAGS (yeah DEA, I THINK YOU ALL ARE SCUMBAGS) get away with things like this. We need a change, pronto.

  13. This happened in a a town where the voting Populace voted 70% to decriminalize 35grams and less and paraphernalia possession to a mere ticket citation with no arrest. So this raid did not produce even enough for an arrest. By even arresting Jon they violated the wishes of 70% of the city’s tax paying voters.

    If they were so afraid for their safety from these people that they had to shoot their dog, why did they not even cuff his wife too? Hum

    They did not even know Jon had gotten married nor that there was a 7 year old child in the house.

  14. I sent this E-mail to the mayor of Columbia, MO… “Do you agree with the killing of someones pet during a police raid for marijuana? Would you like to have your pet killed if the police falsely suspected you had something in your home?
    I’m currently waiting for a response.

  15. As long as cannabis is against the law there will be NAZI’s like this. When I was raided last July I told the city cop that showed up after the fact that the task force that just left are a gang of thieves. They steal, rob at gunpoint, shoot unarmed people and family pets and for what, sometimes not even a seed. The only way to stop this from happenning is to legalize. This is just another example of how a plant that never harmed anyone and helped so many, is worth killing a human or family pets for. It seems to me that Jesus and cannabis are a lot alike. They were hated by the Gov’t, they helped to ease suffering, they were both eradicated, or one was and they tried to kill the other. I wonder what God thinks about these gangs that hide behind a badge. Legalize!!!

  16. War on Drugs? NO, War against the People? YES! Their goal is to gain Ultimate Control over the People and Eliminate individual Rights along with the Constitution, The terrorists now wear Uniforms and Badges.

  17. June 16, 1997 A.D.

    Cannabis, Culture & Cost


    Ray Joseph Cormier

    The Ottawa Citizen is to be commended for taking a leading role in attempting to stimulate a public debate on the legalization of cannabis. This voice, added to those of Police Chief Brian Ford, and the head of Interpol, who have called for decrimilization of cannabis, could be the catalyst for a True Common Sense Revolution.

    While cannabis has been around for thousands of years, knowledge of it was not in the public domain until the sixties. No one I knew did it, or talked about it until the mass media reported on the new phenomenon called marijuana, spreading through California like wild fire.

    I read with horror, the media reporting that anyone who smoked just one marijuana cigarette, would suddenly snap, go blind, commit suicide, rape, plunder and kill. I certainly didn’t want to live in that kind of society. I thought, ‘That’s terrible! The police have to stop that from spreading. Why would people do that?’. In the cold war mentality of those times, I was naive, and believed our media always told the Truth.

    One night, a trusted friend told me he had some marijuana. He told me he was smoking it for six months, but was afraid to tell me, knowing I was so against it. Convincing me my fears were based on falsehoods, I tried it. Nothing happened! A month later, my friend had some cannabis resin. That time, I experienced what getting high meant – to me.

    Everyone has heard the expressions, “getting high” or “stoned.” It is as difficult to convey an exact, universal understanding of those words as an experience, as it would be to say GOD, and everyone know in common. There are variables. Generally, cannabis or resin has mildly euphoric and tranquilizing effects simultaneously. Abstract concepts can be expressed verbally, with deeper insights. Fundamentally, cannabis and it’s resin is a social experience. Between users, thoughts, emotions, and words work more efficiently together in communion. Total strangers will take the time to share their lives with the offer of a joint, as in people joining together.

    Montreal at that time was vibrant with Expo ‘67. Bohemians had disappeared, and beatniks were fading. The hippies had arrived. Peace, Love, brotherhood-sisterhood, sharing, caring and doing good with one another was the currency with the advent of cannabis. This, in my mind, was a positive change in society. The consensus was the government would have to legalize this beautiful, natural plant. That generation, the parents of today, were going to change the system.

    In it’s series of editorials, The Citizen points out the gangsters selling alcohol during prohibition became rich, powerful and violent because the Law made it possible. When prohibition was repealed, the gangsters took their money, and invested in legitimate business. The gangster mentality is profit before people. With funding cuts to health care, education, and other services both cannabis users and non users need, the people should question the rationale for drug laws. How did the hope and promise of a kinder, gentler society degenerate into a leaner, meaner society? Why is a different standard applied to cannabis, than for alcohol and cigarettes?

    Organized groups may import by the ton, but once landed, individual entrepreneurs handle retail distribution. These small time dealers are usually the people caught and sent to prison. Media reports reveal that top level dealers have the money to bribe police and other government officials in source countries.

    In 1972, I was at the Frank Zappa concert when I met a friend in the crowd. I could not find cannabis for some time, and I inquired if my friend could help me? He reached into his pocket for a 5 gram piece of resin, and broke off half a gram. “Enjoy this,” he said, handing me the piece as a gift. Plainclothes police were working the crowd, and arrested us. Being my 1st offense, I received a six month peace bond. He was sentenced to six months in prison for trafficking. The taxpayer paid $18,000 to keep him there.

    The Citizen reported on my last conviction for simple possession of cannabis resin on February 13, 1988. I was sentenced to 90 days in prison. That cost the taxpayer $9,000. The five policemen who came to court to testify on their day off, shared $1200 in time and a half overtime pay. Policemen always go to court on their scheduled day off. The cannabis Law financially benefits only the dealers, the lawyers and the police. The taxpayer loses.

    Alcohol and tobacco can kill people. The government is happy to get the tax revenue. Repealing the cannabis laws will greatly reduce government expenditures in police, court and prison costs, and greatly increase government revenue so that hospitals can be kept open, and health care workers and teachers can keep their jobs. Deficit reduction targets and debt repayment will be realized sooner.

    By the design of nature, the poorest of third world countries grow the best cannabis. Perhaps it is a crime against nature this unjust law deprives them the income from a cash crop they have in abundance.

  18. I truly cannot believe that these cops got that Balsey. Shooting a Dog in a Cage? Real intelligent officer dolittle. Your brains must have been racing when you saw the dog in a cage. You police officers are a true embarrassment to even small school children and should have your guns returned for lack of intelligence between 5 or 6 officers. Truly DUMB.

  19. UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE,this shit needs to stop,who in the f gives permission for something like this to happen,God i wish i knew a lawyer who would take this case for free,and i hope they fire who ever orchestrated the bullshit of this whole thing.

  20. We need to end special treatment for officers when they go to prison. They should be treated equally just like us. Raped and brutalized by the same predatory types they are used to hanging out with.

  21. anybody who reads this we should start a political party that has group protests and puts people up for local elections, which is unlike NORML and MPP who are lobbyist and protest organizations. We the people should do this and place people we know are pro marijuana in our local government and then take back control of the growing federal power from the inside out, down with the Republican and Democratic powers they have mislead us far enough its time for new leaders

  22. Total scum of the earth, these officers are not worth the gum on my shoes. And they wonder why so many people have a total disrespect for police and their over-handed authority. Most of them are on power trips and feel the need to control the lives of others. How is it OK to go around terrorizing citizens over “POT” ? The founding fathers are probably turning over in their graves. And God knows that child is probably emotionally scarred for life now. I hope this man SUES the living hell out of them.

  23. That child will hate the police for the rest of his life. He will grow to an adult hating and fearing the most visible symbol of authority in our society. What chance does that child have to become a productive member of society at this point? Having been traumatized in this way? The ultimate result of this application of social control is this traumatized child and Maurice Clemmons, the violent criminal who walked into a Washington coffee shop and gunned down four officers. All you posters who are demonizing the police for this act need to stop and breethe. Hate the policies that put these thugs with no judgement of their own at your door for a harmless herb. Hate the corporate structure that feeds off this carnage. Hate the ghost of Harry Anslinger if you need to, but hating the police don’t help anything but confuse the issue.

  24. Great comments–now let’s get on our Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and whatever else you’ve got and get this story out. Go to Digg and vote for this article–only 2 votes so far. They won’t be able to treat us like this when they realize that a multitude is watching.

  25. It is sad to say but the cold hard truth is that the police have become the bad guys in the world.

    If your a good cop and that fact offends you then you need to speak up in opposition whenever these injustices happen. You’ll be judged as a whole and as long as you all continue to circle the wagons around the bad ones simply because they “wear the uniform”

    I’m sure there was a senior officer in front of the media somewhere stating how this was standard procedure and the officer(s) acted properly.

    People need to wake up and stop funding them. All law enforcement needs to be assessed and massive changes need to be made. These people are poorly trained from top to bottom. They have an ‘us against them’ mentality towards the public that needs to be seriously addressed.

    What about the warrent, too? Anyone else think the fact that they got a warrent without doing any real investigation or having any evidence to be a bit odd as well?

    How is it that judges are giving out warrents in such a cavalere manner? Don’t they need solid evidence and reason to issue such a thing?

    How much did it cost the tax payers to kill that dog, confiscate that bong, and destroy that families life?

    What happened to Webbs Crime Bill?

  26. The Libertarian Party has advocated the repeal of drug prohibition since its founding in 1971. Yes, the party has been described rightfully in the past as a party of wingnuts, but that has changed.

    The Libertarian party nominee in 2012 will make repealing drug prohibition a signature issue. Vote Libertarian. And it will not be a “wasted vote,” as your other choices will be Obama; no friend to drug policy reform, and whatever Republican chosen.

    The Libertarian Party needs your support and money. Check them out and decide if they represent your drug policy (and other) views.

  27. Again, you reinforced my point, the Policies are at fault, the people who are executing these policies are clearly incompetant. The cops, as I said in my previous post, are thugs with no judgement of their own. Most of them probably couldn’t hold a job at Wendys, and personality studies show this. The only people who score lower on iventories in the ‘concience’ sectors are true sociopaths. They CLEARLY aren’t competant enough to MAKE these policies! C’mon! if the dog is disobedient (to use a sickmetaphore) blame the owner who failed to train it, not the dog. And for crissake, don’t just shoot it!!!!BTW, what in my previous post gave you the idea I was pork?

  28. Republican and Democratic powers they have mislead us far enough its time for new leaders
    Would Gary Johnson or Ron Paul be the best places to start,,because obama isnt going to do a thing.

  29. “It’s a little sad that it requires graphic video of dogs yelping as they die and a child being rushed out the door….”

    Unless I’m mistaken, the child wasn’t even taken out the door; mother and child were sat down on the floor against the wall, and were still present to witness the father’s horrified reaction when he learned that the police had senselessly slaughtered his dog.

    The “war on drugs” is a war on peaceful, productive American citizens. Marijuana prohibition is causing the same problems today that alcohol prohibition caused in the roaring twenties. Legalize responsible adult use of cannabis!

  30. The cops should have known they where raiding a house with a harmless family dog (NOT a gang member with a few pit bulls). Nothing more than a scare tactic- grow cannabis and we will break your door down, take everything you own and kill your family pets.

  31. Hopefully this will be the last straw and have the exact opposite affects… I want the names of every single one of thoose officers posted online!

  32. Every citizens in the U.S. should see this video. It’s very real and not at all misleading. Like always the S.W.A.T team are just following orders with some kind of guaranteed from crooked politicians that the law will protect the team no matter what. Unfortunately the law doesn’t protect the family (including children) and their pets.
    So…as a citizen of the United States, what are you going to do about it?

  33. I actually have to give a great deal of credit to this man for keeping his sanity. I would have been charged with attempeted murder of an officer if someone shot my dog like that.

  34. They’re all the fucking same..they don’t give a shit about the marijuana, they just want a reason to bounce their old balls off of someone’s forehead, power-crazed mother-fuckers, I can bet you $100 that they we’re little cowards in high school, probably hall monitors who got thier ass beat everyday. “HEY, DO US A FAVOR AND GO FIGHT THE REAL CRIMINALS YOU FUCKING COWARDS” but they wont…they rather scare the shit out of people who have no guns, kill their pets, possibly a family member, just so they can beat each other off in the shower and talk about how good it felt to shove their cocks around on INNOCENT people…protect and serve, my ass…

  35. I wouldn’t say nobody pays attention; Radley Balko reported on this story weeks before the video surfaced, just as he reports every day on incidents like this all over the country. His Cato paper, “Overkill”, is a must-read for anyone bothered by the proliferation of militaristic police tactics like these.

    You can check out Radley’s blog too, at www[dot]theagitator[dot]com.

  36. are u fucking kidding me? i mean really? how in the fuck are they able to get away with this absolute absurdity? you had better believe i am going to get this shit out everywhere. everyone of those cocksmokers should be locked up!! and fired!! i hope he sues the fuck out of them!! oh shit that got my blood boiling to the nth degree. u stupid commie motherfuckers!!! fuck you!!

  37. I really can’t believe that with all the evil in the world today law enforcement would have the time and budget to go after a small time pot dealer with so much force but such little Intel. Especially when dealing with someone that would appear to be American and a contributing member of society you know home owner, tax payer all that great shit. You would think that they have been watching this guy do bad things for some time, well a lot more then just moving some weed.
    Just to think if they were to decriminalize or legalize how much time and money that would free up for law enforcement and how much money organized crime would lose.

    To bad they didn’t actually get the dogs on film.I bet it wasn’t even an aggressive breed. Just so fucking ridiculous.

    It really is scary how little power we have. Our only hope is for complete legalization or some dick with a little bit of power will always find a way to fuck with marijuana users.

  38. some one should use marijuana to make a liquor, because in the 21st amendment it says that no intoxicating liquor should be prohibited by the country as it was a repeal to the 18th amendment, so anybody who drinks alcohol find a way to extract your THC and whatever other chemicals in the buds and put it in your liquor then you will be protected by the constitution which supersedes federal law. think about it cause it sounds legit

  39. @Cleveland #51

    Dude, I was born and raised in Cleveland, and the cops have been doing this same shit since the 1970’s. It just doesn’t happen in white neighborhoods all that often. Until recently, this sort of thing didn’t happen in Berea or Strongsville. And now that it does, everyone that ignored it when it was going down in Shaw or Outhwaite are up in arms. Big talk, but we’ll see how the tunes change when it happens next door, and these “patriots” see who comes out on top every time.

    Where was all this talk decades ago when these policies were becoming entrenched? Where were all these armed defenders of the Constitution when the cops were kicking in doors and shooting kids on the other side of town? Guess what? They were voting for all the Just Say No, Tough On Crime bullshit that led to this mess, and patting each other on the back.

    Now think about this: It’s 1992, and a black man from the east side of Cleveland goes on TV saying “I will protect myself from the injustice of the police and utilize my right to bear arms to defend my freedoms.” Ask yourself how that man would have been viewed by the average Ohioan. Include the whole state.

    All I’m saying is that it is going to take cooperation to make the state beholden and fearful of the people. How much cooperation and solidarity can we expect when we only get angry when the monster is on your front lawn. All one has to do is look at the history of Cleveland, or any city in America, to find out what happens when people try to go it alone and just protect what’s theirs. The cops win. Every time. Make no mistake, if the police start to think that the average knock on a door is going to be met with violence, things will get worse way before they get better. If we stick together and show that this behavior will not be tolerated, and do so with reason before force, we might have a shot.

  40. We have to look out for each other. Period. This goes for even small stuff. If you see the police doing something wrong to someone, get loud. Take that step and get involved on behalf of your fellow citizen. And know your rights.

  41. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe I live in this country. The dog barks so they shoot it and then the 7 year old has to listen to it die….. Its just unfathomable.

  42. at the moment people are by law forced to be confined in closed spaces. if mj is legalized people will use it in the streets, everywhere people will interact and communicate more. people will meet new people and start solving problems. people will travel and move about while smoking and go places and see stuff that will open up their minds even more, and they will realise that this was the purpose that they came to this planet in the first place.
    since one step of logic (legalisation) is utilized, continuous utilization of logic will be natural. since mj is harmless, passive smoking will also not be an issue (when pure) people will possibly even be allowed to smoke where tobacco is normally not allowed. even airplanes could possibly allow for weed flights since there will be no reason for not allowing it.
    at home at possibly some jobs, while traveling, in other countries, almost everywhere people would be able to move unhindered while smoking at will at anytime. even then passive smokers would possibly experience beneefits. this would lead in a chain reaction more people smoking.
    many problems would be history. this is undesirable by some.

    instead of us trying to revert wrong laws, THEY SHOULD BE TRYING TO PROVE TO US WHY IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

    they WANT us to be talking about legalisation, because as long as we are doing it we are on hold and the destruction of earth is proceeding. they will just want us to keep talking as long as possible.

  43. if you go to the link from #57 there is a comment that says all you tree huger don’t like the flash bang at students then we need to get real and buy a plane ticket to north korea or china. He thinks that because we have a “democracy” that a military based police force that actively pursues the common citizen as a criminal because of a choice that is of little physical harm to themselves and others is not a form of fascist socialism. That is funny because over there the North Koreans and China would do the same thing. I think he needs to join reality and take a trip

  44. not saying were all a tree huger because I have never hugged a tree but I have enjoyed it’s oxygen and climbing them

  45. Wow, that sort of stuff would have people rioting in the streets in Canada.

    U.S. land of the free? hah!

  46. i just wish every who has commented on this subject lived in a relatively close area so we could protest this along with many other things that fall under the subject: extreme force used by privatized military’s, i mean police, marijuana, failures of reform.
    My novel idea would be to form a self sufficient organization where people could come and live to help peacefully protest and draw national media so that our voice as the people of the Union but nobody wants another Waco, because the FBI, DEA would be all over that and call us anarchist along with other untold labels to cause a negative view on our cause

  47. It is shameful that the perpetrators of prohibition will get to walk away from the mess without being held accountable for the horror of it all.

    These people should be treated with vicious intolerance and punished for their crimes against humanity.

  48. This made me feel absolutely disgusted and enraged at the same time. Cops are supposed to uphold the law without having to break it. If a civilian had shot that dog, they would have prosecuted him for cruelty to animals. So why is it that they can get away with what others cant.

    Then they blackmail the guy and say if he doesnt plead guilty they will charge him with child endangerment…all for minor amounts of a substance safer than alcohol.

    Seriously, WTF happened to our system, and when did the “good” guys become common street thugs. I normally dont condone violence, but to me killing a family dog is like killing a sibling…heads need to roll for this one and all like it that never reached the mainstream media.

  49. there are 2 ways to that have effectively made change in our society: fear of riots cause by protestors or violence based activity, via John Brown Nat Turner the Bleeding Kansas issue, or peaceful protests, via Civil Rights, No matter which path you choose there will be those who are willing to stand up and speak or even act against what you believe. So if you believe this and everything is wrong make a choice and gather your troops, people who are like minded, and make your voice herd don’t just say it but make it visual, make it loud, and god dammit make it work

  50. i can not say this enough START PROTESTING!!! look i would but i live in a town where the people who would protest would be scared because of the militarily based police force that we have and they would abuse our right to meet by harassing us if they saw us anywhere in town. I don’t care I’m still willing to risk arrest and what ever else may come for fighting for what I believe is right but people in my town are not. Just remember don’t bring any pot to a rally, that can lead to a bad situation

  51. Some one has to send this to all tv networks. I do not know how or i would do it myself. I read the headlines on all 3 news networks and have seen nothing yet. Those cops should be in jail.

  52. Appalling… made me sick listening to the dog’s cries.

    The video on YouTube has gone viral.

    MPP you would be STUPID to not use this example to push for legalization!!!!!!!

    Get every news station to be showing this over national TV.

  53. A dog is property according to most state laws. Killing the “personal property” of that family should be a violation of the 4th amendment. Did the police have probable cause to “sieze” or destroy the “property”?

  54. #77

    I don’t know if this is true for raids when a warrant is granted, but I found this bit of info.

    Shooting dogs is illegal

    “The Conservation Department and local sheriff offices often receive questions from dog owners, landowners and hunters about laws pertaining to free-running dogs in rural areas. While landowners do have some recourse if dogs are injuring or killing livestock under Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 273.030, dogs that merely enter private property may not be killed. In fact, Section 578.012 provides penalties for intentionally killing a dog or other animal.

    Anyone killing a dog under circumstances other than the narrow ones described above can expose themselves to significant legal difficulty. Those who kill dogs may be forced to pay restitution and/or face criminal charges. Because dogs are considered personal property, dog killings are investigated by local law enforcement authorities, not by conservation agents.”

  55. How in the FUCK can this be constitutional! The regulate commerce clause should not be an excuse to impose tyranny in this country – that’s what our founding fathers opposed! We are supposed to be a Land of the Free – not a Land of the “drug-free”. that’s puritanism and a violation of separation of church and state. Puritanism has ruined this country! Same crowd thought that an alcohol-free America would be just dandy – but at least that fiasco was done with an amendment to the constitution.

  56. What would happen if we did nothing. I mean full on protest doing nothing. The ultimate sit in. No working. No smoking. No drinking. No drugs. Doing exactly the posted speed limit. Coming to complete stops. The works. But say whatever the fuck we want in public. We do this for five years. We hijack the state by following all their rules. Not possible. I know. But just think about it.

    By doing nothing we free ourselves from their system. They’ll be down on their knees begging us to break the law just to give them a reason to live. Sorry bastards.

  57. Man, our country has really gone postal.

    Please don’t wait for the mainstream reporters and journalists to read your comments here or spread this video.

    The United States used to serve as a model for the rest of world.

    Now, we frequently shoot people and/or their dogs for victimless, consenual behavior.

    And we have almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners, but less than 5 percent of the world’s population (NY Times “Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations’” By Adam Liptak April 23, 2008)

    This is OUR beloved country. We need to end this War on US.

    Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere.

  58. Nazi scums. These pigs are the criminals. After legalization we need to hold all of these scums responsible for their actions. Jail is not the answer for these pigs, they should be banished from the land forever. All of their assets should be used to help the drug war victims.

  59. A lot of law enforcement types are indeed attracted mostly to the “enforcement” part of ther job, and they do tend to be quite bullyish, if not psychopathic; and there are indeed a lot of under trained cops making horrible judgment calls during questionably legal raids (all the fancy storm trooper gear and guns cannot replace experience, morals, and sound judgment).

    Though I have to agree with Dark Cycle that the root of the problem is the irrational, “against the people” policies that embolden some rogue officers and agencies to throw morality aside & do some pure evil shit.

    That said, I think it is important to keep in mind there are many judges and law enforcement who are equally horrified by this type of shoddy investigation and by unnecessary, fatal raids. Many judges and law enforcement, believe it or not, chose their careers, because they truly wished to protect and to serve, in addition to enforcing.

    There is a group of judges, law enforcement, probation officers, etc…who completely realize the War on Drugs has been a total failure and are actively working to end a war against our own people.

    The anger and frustration about these type of all too common police abuses is totally understandable, but we have to change the policies, so police are no longer emoldened by and protected by outdated laws that continue to terrorize our great country.

    If you haven’t already, please check out LEAP’S website. It is so refreshing and assuring to realize there are some enlightened judges and law enforcement who agree that raiding people for a bag of herb and shooting a dog in a cage is a horrific misuse of our resources:


  60. I live in Columbia, MO. We are enraged. Nothing in memory has brought our community together like this. I have not the time to read all of your comments on this blog, as I have been looking at blogs about our fair community from all over the world..

    The history of the video here:

    The video was obtained by our local newspaper who for once, acted like real journalists. The police did not want or ever intend for this video to be seen. I am surprised they didn’t “lose” it.

    A good place to get a feel of how Columbians are reacting to this story here, read the comments after this news article:


    and the comments after this article. Trouble brewing in our fair town….


  61. I would like to see this brave SWAT tackle the real drug threat to this country, some of the Mexicans who are much harder thugs. No, that is too much to ask. Suburban families with small children and just one dog to protect them are much easier prey. THOSE COPS SHOULD NEVER GET ANOTHER NIGHTS SLEEP FOR THE SHAME OF WHAT THEY DID.

  62. ha if a swat team tried to do that they would be shot at when entering the street the house was on hahahaha that’s why the DEA is the ones who do that job but still that is highly dangerous which is why they react to mostly tips and go in when it is less likely to be a harmful situation to themselves and surrounding citizens. Real drug dealers have surveillance teams around drug stashes in the surrounding houses and on the street, both for the police and competitors

  63. a simple warrant to search a house should be presented by a person in disguise with police waiting in cars, because that way the person answering the door doesn’t suspect him as a law enforcement official and won’t flush his narcotics, it is just a thought

  64. SOP. Deal with it. You can expect police to go into a gang house with guard dogs and see if they bite before shooting them. You can’t expect police to only execute searches after confirming that the drugs are there either, so what’s all the fuss about them not finding what they were looking for?

  65. Fuck the police! Can they be so fucking stupid bitches, that kill a dog under eyes of a children? For what? Couple grams of MJ? This world is crazy

  66. Well, the only thing we can do with this is share it with everyone you know to show people that this is how the war on drugs is going down, one gram of weed at a time. (^#$&

    They bust the door down when they are asleep, shoot the family dog, and terrorize the poor family.

    I consider this a terrorist attack! Please show people at Peta. OMG. THEY WILL BECOME UNGLUED.

  67. anon , the fuss is that this should not be happening….no prohibition, no drug raids. Prohibition is wrong. It needs to stop so this raids stop.

  68. Anyone remeber the Mayor that had his house raided, his dogs(labs) shot, his family terrorized by a team of swat or police? If it can happen to a Mayor, it can happen to anyone.

  69. freedom i don’t know if you were talking to me, changed my name cause other people are using anon, but cocaine should be illegal and so should heroin not marijuana prohibition on marijuana has increased violence as popularity of the substance has increased. This is comparative with alcohol prohibition. It should not have been made illegal but just because one substance should be legal doesn’t mean all substances should be legal.

  70. this is why and what feeds the fuel of hatred toward the police. they are zombies in this institution and they can’t and won’t think for themselves. it’s for a paycheck and promotions. i mean if cops are always shooting people and taking thier lives then the cops get PAID discharge, because they have to go through a pysch eval. it’s all garbage!! we need a miltia to protect us from the police and their ideas!!!before they kill everyone off. thugs in a fucking badge! bang pig!

  71. Cops are fucking assholes just because of a little bit of weed they kill a dog when a little kid is there watching what has are world come to

  72. Kinloch Court Search Warrant Update

    Columbia Police officers served a search warrant at 1501 Kinloch Court, in Columbia, at 8:27 p.m., on February 11, 2010. The search warrant entry team consisted of eight SWAT members and the perimeter team consisted of three officers, one of whom is a SWAT member.

    Upon entry, the officers immediately encountered two dogs. During the search warrant, one of the dogs was shot and killed. This dog was a breed commonly referred to as a “pit bull”.

    The defendant, Jonathon Whitworth, was arrested.

    The police department has received numerous inquiries from citizens who have received misinformation. While the investigation is still ongoing, the department recognizes the need to provide information prior to its conclusion to clarify some specific questions, many of which are based on misinformation.

    * The pit-bull type breed dog was not confined; it was not in a cage and it was not behind a gate.
    * The other dog, described as a Corgi, was not killed. This dog is believed to have been struck once.
    * The defendant’s wife and child were at the residence. However, neither was in the presence of the officers or dogs when the dogs were shot.
    * The officers did not force entry into the home. The door was unlocked and an officer opened it.
    * The search warrant was not served for a misdemeanor amount of marijuana. The Columbia Police Department does not pursue search warrants for misdemeanor amounts of marijuana. The search warrant was for Marijuana, A Schedule I Controlled Substance and the evidence of the crime of drug trafficking. A copy of the affidavit is attached.
    * A diversionary device or “flash bang” was not deployed during this incident

    Police Chief Ken Burton requested the Internal Affairs Unit conduct an investigation into the uses of force involved in the incident. A total of seven shots were fired.

    The investigative review also examines training practices, and the department’s current practices in general with regard to the service of search warrants. Since that time, the department has received inquiries from individuals expressing a desire to know if an investigation is being completed.

    Upon being briefed about the incident Chief Burton concluded that this search warrant should not have been served in the delayed fashion that it was, but rather should have been disregarded when the department was not able to serve it within a reasonable time. He has made members of his department aware that policy changes with regard to search warrant service are underway. In the interim, he will personally be responsible for approving search warrants in which forced entry may be required.

    When the internal investigation is complete, a news release will be issued with its results.

    Many phone calls and e-mails are being received by the members of the police department, as well as other City departments, regarding this incident. The department is doing its best to reply with a statement to the inquiries that contain a legitimate e-mail address or phone numbers, and which include questions that we can answer at this time.

    Chief Burton has proposed changes to the department’s Narcotic Search Warrant Service Protocol. View those changes here.

    View a copy of the search warrant affidavit here.

  73. i read most of the warrant request and there was no investigation there was no study of the suspect. What happened to that man was that some one went to the police and snitched on him most likely with out knowing he was a family man or a business owner. This is shoddy police work and a disgrace to his freedoms as a citizen. Also can someone enhance the door way at 1 minute and 7 seconds because i could swear you can see a cage

  74. As a former police captain I’m appalled and disgusted by these tactics. Chief, your cowboy cops are a disgrace.
    I ask a citizen of Columbia to start an immediate recall petition of the mayor and call for the firing, or suspension and retraining of all officers involved in this fiasco.

  75. wow, next SWAT motherfucker I see, I am going to ask them to take of their uniform. they will say no and I will say, wait, I thought good men were supposed to wear those uniforms, not you donut munching, incompetent, ass-fucking bullies.

  76. The idiot judge who ordered warrant needs to be held accountable, along with everyone else involved, and every case he was ever presented needs to be thrown out, expunged, etc. He seems like the kind of guy who makes up his mind long before both sides of a case are presented.

    I’m tired of this bullshit system. The “High and Mighty” are really the “Low and Corrunpt”. Good Ol’ Boys scratching each others’ back so the rich will stay rich and the ppressed will stay down.

    And the lawyers who defend us are no better. If you was passionate about your jobs and upholding people’s rights, why do we need to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to keep someone out of jail for something as small as a dime ($10)of MJ.

    It’s the SYSTEM!

  77. i belive thatthis is not right at all i feel strongelythatthe people responsable fot dooing thatthat dog should go to jail i mean its just bud its not hurting any one at all unlike that salvia drug that is out their why dont they ban that and legilize the mj i mean come on cant any one see that all mj dose for you is make you fel better and it can only help not hurt unlike ciggrets those can kill but bud dosent really harm you at all i feel like it should be legilized like i dont get why you cant just say oh yeah every one is dooing it no one can stop them so just legelize it and every one will be happy and their wont have to be stupidthings like this at all.

  78. ….to add to my other rant.

    I know many dog lovers, many more than I do that use mj so I can’t help but wonder what happens when one of these agents see their partner kill a running dog and what thoughts are going through their minds, what keeps them doing what they do. The silence and deflection from officials does not help.

    We should all be a little concerned we seem to be considered collateral damage in the war on drugs. though.

  79. fucking bastards!
    how can you just go into some1’s house gun’s blazing like that over a fucking plant?

    and people wonder why there’s so much violent crime in the US.

  80. After reading one of the explanations of the dog being shot, I must add one more comment. The dog seems to have been shot because it was not in a cage. Of course it was not in a cage you fuckin moron it was in the owners house. Are we supposed to keep our pets caged in our own home. That comment is idiotic!

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