Life Sentence in Oklahoma for Making Hash?

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The Oklahoma Legislature just passed a bill that would make manufacturing hash a felony punishable by up to life in prison! You read that right – life in prison for a substance that has never caused an overdose death.

Ask Governor Fallin to veto this ridiculous bill!

This is costly – if five people are convicted under this new provision and spend just 10 years in prison, the result is a bill of over $1 million to taxpayers. It’s also just plain stupid. Here are some other crimes and their maximum punishments under Oklahoma law:

* Domestic abuse – 1 year

* Drinking and driving with a child in the car – 4 years

* Aggravated assault resulting in “great physical injury” – 5 years

* Assault with intent to kill – 5 years

* Kidnapping a child – 5 years

* Second degree rape – 15 years

* Sexual battery of a child – 20 years

Apparently, the Oklahoma Legislature thinks that making hash, a concentrated form of marijuana, is deserving of more punishment than all of these crimes that involve actual victims who have suffered actual harm.

Please talk some sense into Governor Fallin and ask her to veto HB 1798.


32 responses to “Life Sentence in Oklahoma for Making Hash?”

  1. This was out a few days ago. This is another grasp for our freedom and money. A law that treats cannabis harsher than any other crime except the death penalty is , somebodys pipe dream, and they should wake the fuck up. The idiot that thought of this is a traitor to my country. Maybe we should just hang anyone who smokes ciggarrettes. Why not execute all alcahol abusers? I have a better idea, vote out the assholes that think they are god and elect people for the people, not liers, thieves, anti american polititions. I would expect something like this from china, iran north korea, not America. You people in Oklahoma had better raise hell because if this does pass you will loose a lot of people to other states. Maybe that is the plan. I do not understand!!!

  2. Between the war on drugs, and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, we’re going broke. Keep the cash home. Fire all DEA agents.

  3. It’s a fine world we live in isn’t it. Just out of curiosity, what’s the penalty for making moonshine in Oklahoma. Personally I love good hash. Our personal freedom’s are all slowly being taken away all over the world.

  4. Welcome to the United States of Oppression. We think Rape and Murder are kinda bad, but you better not let us catch you making hash in any form because that shit’s just totally unacceptable. You can rape and murder someone, but so long as you don’t make any hash you’re OK. *pun intended on the OK*

  5. Because the police choose to fight the drug war in the black neighborhoods and ghettos this is just another excuse to put black folk in jail for longer and longer periods of time. And if someone with white skin get caught; oh well every war has its collateral damage. Its not about drugs. Its about race and getting and keeping southern and conservative and bigoted and white voters in the Republican party.

  6. Must I go back to college Philosophy 101? We are doomed as a nation if we continue to support such illogical, contradictory arguments against cannabis, gays, and racial beliefs. Our idiotic, false, and subjective beliefs are running this country in the ground. Wake up America! We have too many more critical issues to worry about than this! Why are we the most incarcerated nation on Earth? Where are all our jobs? Why do we keep importing more than we are exporting? Why are we cutting down the Earth’s trees? The polar ice caps are melting. Our planet is in trouble. We are experiencing catastrophic natural disasters such as tsunamis, tornadoes, and floods that are threatening peoples lives. Trees help clean our air and curb global warming. Cannabis is an excellent alternative to cutting down trees and grows a hell of a lot faster than our valuable trees. Finally, why is China kicking our ass?

  7. Oklahoma is not OK when it comes to politics.

    Politically, it’s fair game for the Oklahoma legislature to commit crime against humanity against their own citizens when it comes to cannabis, because The “Control Substance Act of 1970” is much mightier than the United States Constitution.

  8. I can see life for messing with kids or drunks that kill innocents on the road. Or the alcoholic husband that beats or kills his wife or kids.
    Dangerous drug convitictions where weapons are involved, I can see, but hash? WTF? More twisted fucking thinking from a bunch of mindless drones flexing their little power muscles. What a buch of fucking morons!!!

  9. Hey ROXY, this has nothing to do with race or the good ole boy guild.
    This shit is all about money and power, both of which could give a shit about race, creed, or religion, nor does it recognize neighborhoods. Get your mind off the racism, it’s us against them attitude. Look past your own visions and see the real picture for what it is. In that sense it is “US” against them. All of “us” color blind but very well sighted..

  10. The sooner you realize Oklahoma has prisons run by corporations aka Correction Corporation of America, the sooner crap like this will make sense to you. For profit enterprise should have no business in the detention and confinement of American citizens, or anyone else for that matter. When there is a profit incentive to lock people up, you will get laws like this that lock people up, for a long time and for a lot of money.

  11. michigan medical marihuana is good for me after a MVT all the drug dealers are goinig BROKE I’m LOVING IT 1

  12. Hey folks. When was the last time you saw ANY hash in America?? There is no hash. If there were, I’d know how to get it and be buying it all the time. You want hash? Go to AMSTERDAM!!!

  13. smoke crack……do heroin…….sell heroin….kill someone….rape someone…….and you will not get this kind of treatment….what is going on in this world?? This is not right but another way we are controlled.

  14. the prison megalith must be ecstatic, one million dollars per prisoner for 10 years. that’s why we the people are building more prisons and increasing the DEA budget and cracking down on marijuana and all its by-products….like the cure for cancer or .50 a gallon biofuel. the nazi’s are in control, and we can’t vote them out.

  15. Go figure ! Ask any Okie and he’ll probably tell you that pot is more dangerous than meth ! Look at who they elect as their legislators ! Says a lot !

  16. All I can say is this— IF this kinda BS doesn’t stop; in fifty yrs the dollar bill is going to read something like this…..” the United states of America, China’s BITCH.”

  17. this is what happens when republicans are in charge.

    Pay Attention When YOU Vote Folks,
    it is more important than EVER.

  18. Roxy, please re-read what you wrote. You’re every bit as bigoted as you claim our opponents are. I’m white, southern, and a Republican — but I belong to a large segment of the Republican party that no one ever wants to talk about or acknowledge, and that’s those of us with strong libertarian leanings who don’t feel the Libertarian party best reflects our interests. When it comes to drug laws, my segment of the GOP is far more liberal than the majority of the Democratic party. I worked in GOP politics on a national level for many years back in the 80s, and I promise you there were lots of us around — and there still are.

    What concerns me, though, is that attitudes such as the one you expressed turn off people who *might* be starting to lean towards acceptance of marijuana and hash. It’s the same old diatribe they’ve heard launched against them with regard to any political position they take on any issue. What they need to hear are the facts about marijuana — that it doesn’t destroy brain cells, that it does have great medicinal value, that it is not addictive, that it’s not a “gateway drug”, etc. — and to be shown the studies that back those statements up. Facts, not tired victimization rhetoric, will win over our opponents.

    When the (now former) Chairman of the Republican National Committee is a black man, when a Republican President chooses a black man for Secretary of State and a black woman for National Security Adviser, continuing to claim that those nasty Republicans are all just out to get the black folks just make us roll our eyes.

    What we must do is continually educate, educate, educate. Read and learn what’s in the relevant studies so you can quote them in response to any false claim. Education is the golden bullet.

  19. J.A.Burton
    Thank you for the eye opener that many people need as far as not judging a book by it’s cover. EDUCATE! This is the only way we can win. Metaphorically speaking in a sense.

  20. Someone should dig out some more facts about why anybody in Oklahoma suddenly got this excited about hashish. (Oh, and look up “Hashish Crackdown in Egypt, April-May 2010”. How much longer did THAT government last?)

    In this country it is not necessary to make hashish. That solid brick technology was historically aimed at making the cannabis easier to store or transport– like over national borders into Europe. Users there trying to burn hashish are easily misled into mixing in addictive tobacco (6 million deaths/yr.) in the effort to get it started.

    Modern vaporizers and one-hitters make it possible to realize maximum cannabinoid reception out of just regular weed regularly available today in USA– but it’s a good idea to SIFT your herb through a screen first to achieve a Uniform Fine Particle Size that yields 40 good tokes per gram, and then hold the lighter flame far enough beneath the opening of your one-hitter that the air entry temperature is 340-390 F. Suck SLOW & if your load of herb particles turns dark BEFORE IGNITING, you know you’ve successfully retrieved a high percentage of the cannabinoid in vapor form.

    Hashish? Obsolete– but lovingly remembered anyway.

  21. maxwood @ 34

    You made a very good point, and it was the first time I have heard about the Hash crackdown in Egypt that had happened just this last year. That was big news and I do not know why I have just heard about it on your reply to this post?

    That is like cracking down on coffee in the U.S., or
    cracking down on tea in the U.K., or cracking down on beer in Germany, or cracking down on whiskey in Ireland, etc.

    Prohibition does cause problems.

    The global anti-drug crusade is a very stupid mistake.
    I’ve wondered if the United States have anything to do with it? I’ve been reading some spins on this issue as well.

  22. “Prohibition does cause problems” is an understatement.

    Prohibition is evil attempt to control against the will of the people, their culture, and their government for political purposes.

  23. Oklahoma is a sad hateful state in the union and a sick joke that is totally unsafe for tourist or to anyone who lives there.

  24. Yes, we tokers in Oklahoma feel like we are living in Nazi Germany 1939. Mark Woodward and Mary Fallin are truely fascist.

  25. I’m 100% embarrassed of my Govenor. Is she stupid or REAL STUPID. We have sex offenders that don’t do any time, when they should be given Life. They inflict harm and many deaths upon many Oklahoman’s. I wrote the Oklahoma Govenor 10 yrs. ago pointing out that the dea was using tax payers money to publish false information about marijuana. The Govenor’s office said it would investigate. Looks like the dea has totally brain washed our REAL STUPID 2011 OKLAHOMA GOVENOR. I also wrote the dea for Facts and/or Proof into regards to the false statements. They sent me an order form to order poster of their false statements. Today it is clear they do not have the mentality to understand the questions. Much less the mentality to answer the questions. I still have my copy of all the letters I mailed plus their response..There are some people that need to be IMPEACHED. They will never get my vote again. I’m so upset I may publish my letters and their response in the Daily Oklahoman.VETO HB 1798

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