DEA Marijuana Seizures Nearly Double As Marijuana Production in Mexico Grows by 35%

Mar 03, 2010 , ,

The total amount of marijuana seized by the DEA nearly doubled from 1,539 metric tons in 2008 to 2,980 metric tons in 2009, according to numbers disclosed by the DEA as part of their budget request for 2011.

Meanwhile, the cultivation of marijuana in Mexico rose 35% in 2008 to nearly 30,000 acres, according to a report released by the U.S. State Department.

These latest numbers confirm that the only thing an increase in the amount of marijuana seizures by the DEA will do is force more marijuana to be grown by gangs in Mexico, lining the pockets of drug cartels, and further fueling the bloodshed along our border and in our respective countries.

When is the U.S. government going to realize that they will never eliminate the demand for marijuana? There is only one real solution to this crisis: tax and regulate marijuana.

20 responses to “DEA Marijuana Seizures Nearly Double As Marijuana Production in Mexico Grows by 35%”

  1. I see things changing and so does the DEA. Twice as much pot was confiscated and twice as much pot was planted by mexicans in Mexico. The med mj states are becomming more and so is mj’s popualarity right here in America. It is and always has been our own gov and big pharma that keept cannabis illegal. This is a wake up call to all of America. Do we want twice as much money going south or do we want to keep those billions of us dollers to stay in America? So what if some DEA and task force members have to get laborous jobs. There is just so much good that would come from legalizing that I think that those who oppose the issue should be arrested. That makes as much sence as arresting those who support the issue but I have never seen an opponent of cannabis in jail for cannabis. Sorry I wanderd off topic but I get mad over the abuses we endure from our own gov.

  2. Why should we let the DEA steal from us. The laws are unjust in the first place so I see no reason for DEA to steal marijuana from the citizens. If what we are doing is considered wrong or not in compliance with the law, why does another wrong(stealing, destruction of personal property, trespassing, sometimes assault or even death) make it right or OK for them to do so?-Then they will take your kids, put you on paper and finally stick you with the worry about how your going to pay for all the tickets and fines.
    Completely sickening.
    DEA = Delusional Egoistic Assholes!

  3. I’m with Clarence on this one. This just shows a tremendous increase in demand for marijuana here in the US, and unimaginable money flow that we are not capitalizing on, unless US Government is already in coalition with the mexican drug cartels and getting a piece of that pie as it is. DEA has been accused numerous times of trafficking cocaine and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a hand in trafficking all this marijuana. After all, these amounts that are coming from across the border are enormous, hundreds of tons. I cant imagine mexican drug cartels being able to move all that without some assistance from law enforcement agencies on the american side.
    We are the American people have every right to this crop and all the benefits that it entails.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  4. Knowing our current President’s status on medical marijuana and knowing that the past shows no change in how the DEA and any other Federal Law Enforcement, they will get their money. Obama will tell them not to use it toward marijuana to OUR faces, then hand them a check for billions. Fuck DEA. Fuck Obama. We the people have rights, given to us by the word FREEDOM. I wanna see one of the head DEA or even Obama get cancer, cronic pain, AIDS, WHATEVER, and then throw their asses in jail for using something that MIGHT take some of the pain away. THEN WE WILL SEE HOW THEY WANT PROHIBITIONISTS TO PAY!!!!!!!!

  5. I know some border patrol agents who are paid to get across with the marijuana. Some are not. They are having to grow more because the drug cartel is getting caught more. Instead of legalizing and taxing it, we are forced to give our money to the drug cartels. It really makes me mad that alcohol is legal and pot is not.

  6. I am hoping that MPP will use their email list and get behind this vote. They ask us to go support their videos, questions, ideas…. so hopefully they will rally behind us and get their emial list involved. The idea has dropped into 9th place, and there are many that are very close behind.

    9 days to go….

    There is time to secure our spot in the discussion and there is plenty of time to lose it. What is your choice??? MPP???

  7. i dont know about the rest of you but ive been saving all my seeds over the winter….. its time to overgrow the government

  8. I’m with Clarence on this one also. To JJ, you only want to see one of the DEA heads get cancer. You need to upgrade your hatred bro. I want to see all them mofo’s get cancer, preferably the kind that only gives ’em two weeks to live. Nice thought tho’ JJ, you just need to expand it, ALOT. Like the PDFA and all them other alphabet soup labels for the prohibitionists out there.

    Go to and vote for the legalization of medical and recreational use.

  9. I think I finally understand the hatred by our African American bruddahs towards us, the white man, in regards to slavery. We are the modern day slaves and I want my Mother Fu—- Freedom, Barry from Punahou, I hope your govt. spies read this to you. Get hip, or get the fuck gone.

  10. Where is thunder people, we got the fuel for it, but yet I dont hear it. yes i may be able to see it with my eyes on this monitor screen, but if you havnt noticed you guys are speaking to the wrong crowd. We already agree with what you say, take your words and spread it to the people that need to hear it….and i voted on the link like 1 month ago. None the less we need make some thunder, before they find a way to put us all in jail.

  11. Marshall… if you only voted a month ago, you need to hit that link again. Everything started over Monday in round 2, you need to vote a second time for it to count in this final round. Only 8 days left.

    I agree with your comment though, a lot of people do a lot of ranting to no avail. Here Locally where I live, they just proposed a wheel tax of 25$ for every vehicle you own, there were a flock of comments on the local paper related articles. I’m ashamed to even mention how many people bothered to attend the council hearing.

  12. And I hope the production and supply of marijuana doubles…no triples, this year. They can’t possibly eradicate all of the marijuana. So just legalize it so you can better control the distribution of it. C’mon, it’s common sense. The DEA is just so darn thick-headed. The DEA lives and breaths marijuana prohibition. What would they think about marijuana if it was just discovered? I bet they wouldn’t be so vigilant about it. How do these people hold in so much hate? Then again I could say the same about people against the DEA!

  13. I really don’t think taxing and regulation is the answer in this case. Decriminalization is a better solution. Allow parents to keep their children from using drugs and keep big government out of our homes. I am amazed that with the large number of readers out there and the growing season being here right now that each of us has not tossed a handfull of seeds anywhere dirt exsists.

  14. So thats the best we got right now, going around throwing seeds on dirt? Not bad acutally if we had marijuana growing virtually everywhere then that would get us attention…good or bad idk.

  15. but everybody marijuana is a gateway drug if you take marijuana off the streets then the kids getting it from drug dealers won’t be tempted with crack, meth, lsd, shrooms, coke our kids won’t touch that shit if we take pot of the streets. Wait sorry legalization would be taking it off the streets my bad i forgot

  16. why would someone even mention tax and regulate marijuana? state and federal government have never got anything right since the beginning of our country. The founding fathers weed wasn’t taxed and no one had the guts to say it. Marijuana is a seed bearing herb…Seems like the creator mentioned them seed bearing herbs. ALL seed bearing herbs. Leave it to our mafia backed politicians to interfere with the creators directive. Our politicians are really smart people. Tis why they have a 14% approval rating.

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