Another Poll Shows Legalization Favorable to Californians

Apr 23, 2010 , ,

A Bay Area CBS affiliate recently released a poll showing that 56% of California adults believe that the state should legalize marijuana. This finding is consistent with last year’s Field Poll showing the same support for including marijuana reform as part of California’s budget solution.

Age appears to be significantly correlated to support for marijuana legalization. An overwhelming 74% of respondents age 18 to 34 said marijuana should be legal, but only 46% in the 35 to 49 range thought so. Support is at 49% for baby boomers and only 39% for those over 65.

The survey, conducted on April 20, found majority support in every geographic region in California and across all ethnic groups except for Hispanics.

This data underscores the need for a high voter turnout – especially among younger people – for California’s Control & Tax Cannabis initiative on November 2. Young people are disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition; let’s hope they turn out in high numbers to end that injustice.

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton seems to think that the marijuana issue might just be the key to reaching these young voters who are also more likely to vote Democratic during this mid-term election.

A PDF of the Survey USA poll can be downloaded from our website.

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  1. Holy Smokes. CA & OR on a roll. Get the word out to the streets. Vote your mind. >Legal Weed Is What We Need!< I'm a happy tax payer!

    The Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes
    Rally Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP)
    Citizens Against Marijuan Prohibition (CAMP)

  2. Rev Sleezy…
    I notice you are a member of a Cannabis church. Are they truly legit, or more of a political statement? Please don’t take that wrong, I am just looking for answers. I am an extremely devout Christian, and feel these drug laws are immoral and unconstitutional. I have heard of some people getting away with growing/possessing/using cannabis due to their membership, but also of others going down in legal flames under the same circumstaunces. So, can members of Cannabis churches legally use the herb as sacriment, or will they fry me if I try it?

    Also, I am sick and tired of people on here and other sites blaming so much of our opposition on Christians, and saying things about us like we are the enemy. We are not the enemy, people. I am a devout Christian, and believe this herb to be one of God’s many, many gifts to the world. I am with everyone here on the legalization issue, but these stereotypes are really getting old and annoying.

  3. Luke, I live in Missouri. this is a complete Christian, right wing, red state. I talk to a lot of people that are not Christian. They want it legal. The Christians I talk to wont even talk back to me once marijuana is mentioned. You may be a Christian, but you are not a bigget. These people down here are. The town I live in now 8 years ago had a sign than read, “If your black, you better leave.” The sign was posted on the city limits sign. It may not be all Christians Luke, but how come it is least likely to become legal in the midwest and Texas? These places are the Bible belts. So I dont mean to be rude, but in a “team” environment such as Christians, one person could ruin it for all, or some could ruin it for all.

  4. Back in the early 1900’s itwas the christian’s that brought up prohibition in the first place. I was raised morman but I was a bad kid and did hard drugs till I was past thirty. This is supposed to be a nation of church and state, not state run by church. I pray this bill passes along with the Oregon and Wash. State bills. As soon as it does pass the crime rate will drop to a min. of 35% I expect. My own gov, Mitt the twit Romney is a morman himself. There is nothing wrong with any religion as long as your religion stays out of the office and your office stays out of church. Now isn’t it funny that John Burton seems to think that the only way for the dem’s to stay in power is to jump on the legalization wagon. I said last year that would be how the next bunch of crooks will get elected. Then when they are elected it will be the same old shit as before. No legal cannabis. This way it is put right to the voters and the elected lying thieves can’t say shit. Good luck out west. And @JJ, take down the racial sign and put up a pro cannabis sign. A sheet of ply and a can of green paint is all you need. I will pray for the idiots in your town. Cannabis sees no color other than green.

  5. The survey, conducted on April 20, found majority support in every geographic region in California and across all ethnic groups except for Hispanics.

    Does anybody else see that the mexican cartels are against legalization according to this poll?
    Are the prohibitionist really blind to this FACT?
    If you ask me ANYTHING that discourages the cartels should be Americas #1 priority involving drug laws.
    Am I wrong in feeling this way?
    F..k all the cartel supporting prohibitionist!!!!

  6. @someone, I believe as you do no taxes, but, politics is all about the money and you have to give something to them to get something from them. Besides, the bible says “Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s”. It is what it is. To #7, you are basically saying all Hispanics are involved in the Mexican Drug Cartels, or are related to someone who is. That’s kind of racist don’t you think. But in the world of 6 degrees, I guess you could be partially right.
    I would like to know what the Hispanic’s thoughts were regarding this survey though.

  7. Think tomatoes, if you buy them at the store, you pay a tax. If you grow them in your garden … there free. I think the TAX thing is another ploy by the pro cannabis movement to help in the fight for legalization.

  8. Luke.

    My church is a Church of One. My own. Many come to know a spititual side to life through various directions. Seek your own truth. It will give you a rich life. Don’t let yourself get caught in the box. Think outside the religion box. There will always be someone telling you that their way is the only way. Don’t believe them. There are many ways. Find your way.


  9. Holy Smokes. Drug cartels and gangsters wanting to legalize? I don’t think they have any problem with the continued prohibition to line their purse. This trafficing of marijuana is a Billion dollar business. All for the unpollinated flower of a weed. News reports are now saying over 22,000 people in Mexico have died in the latest push for control. 22,000 people dead. Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, and Children. It’s aweful.

    Does the DEA think; Better there, then here?

    Street Gangs kill just like Cartels. We just don’t connect and count the dots and make news headlines with the information.

    It would not be good to inform the masses. The masses would say “Enough.” And, all the piglet budget fundings would dry up from the big Federal sow. The let’s play para-military funding for SWAT tactics against marijuana smokers would soon dwindel down to a small force reserved for violent crimes. Many will lose their prohibition jobs.


  10. Rock and roll Cali. . I am on my way right after retirement. That’s right, I am a boomer ready to fill my 25 square feet to the max.
    I have a pol- for the DE a.

  11. Get this ball rollin cali , It time to end this freedom hating law. Time to end our governments addiction to drug war money..

  12. this is directed towards the people against taxing cannabis. If this country didn’t have taxes our economical stability would crash, not that its not crashing now, but taxes are what hold us where we are. If you don’t believe me look at the Articles of Confederation, this was our nations first form of government. Under the articles our economy could not stabilize. On a better note is that we should look at how our economy has gotten to the place where it was at. Our economy has not been in the green since 1835 and basically crashed during every war from the civil to the one now. This is our history as a country but the only time that our economy crashed in a “time of peace” was the Regan administration because of the war on drugs. I will not bore you with my theory on what the federal government should do but will tell y0u this that if 1 percent of the population bought an ounce a day for a 20 years we would generate a 1 over 5 trillion dollars.

    Ohh and also the feds will fight for prohibition until they can test for something that will stay in your bloodstream longer then a week other than pot

  13. I would rather see that number at 70% to ensure no cheating from the politicians. I wish I lived in those states with it on the ballot this year. Good luck to you and I hope you succeed so that the dominoes can start to fall.

  14. #6 I screwed up again. My gov is Tim Pawlenty not Mitt Romney. Sorry. But they are all the same anyway. I am just tired of being lied to by polititions.

  15. Rev. Sleezy, I hear ya on that church of one. As of right now, my idea is only just that, an idea. But my thoughts are, since I live in nothing but either God lovers, Jesus lovers, or Joseph Smith lovers, I want to start a Church that teaches love in the form of a higher power that flows through us all and that when EVERYONE dies, they all go to the same place. We are all created from the same spirit. We all go back to the same spirit. We are closer to our god when we smoke. Closer to nature. Closer to being at peace. and closer to loving everyone, black, white, hispanic, and yeah, even Christians. Its just a dream right now, but I think that along with legalization, people will start to think. Stop killing. Stop violence. And then I want my church were people can come and talk about how they feel about God. All while smoking the best homegrown that the church can grow.

  16. I’d rather pay taxes for it rather than pay taxes to keep nonviolent pot smokers in jail that should be used to keep violent killers,rapist,and robbers in jail instead. Oh and don’t forget about the white collar criminals that made our economy crash and cause most of the jobs lost here and around the world. You can drive people to the poor house and it’s ok. But you just want to relax and smoke a joint (A victimless crime) and it’s off to jail with you. Take the two party politics out and this will be a better world. What I don’t understand is how it can be ok for everyone to vote along party lines weather they think it is right or not. Now that’s politics as usual. I applaud the politician’s who have stood up for the legalization of marijuana because they are smart enough to see the benefits and smart enough to see the problems the “War on Drugs” have caused. Legalize or history will repeat itself.It already is, Hence drug cartels (Used to be gangsters with alcohol) Illegal equals huge profits. Follow the money.

  17. Seriously what are the odds of California legalizing cannabis when you’ve the feds breathing down your neck and the DEA waiting around like lap dogs to clean up. I’m Canadian and will be watching with baited breath. I can’t wait for the day when I can walk into a store and buy some nice imported Morrocan hash!

  18. wake up and smell the smoke american’s like me !! i have had a very strang life and have many physical, i was hurt as a young adult! at the age of 21 i was in a motorcycle accident and re-arange’d my face because of no helmet ! off road and was not expected to live threw the night ! i helped my self more by smoking pot after my little excursion then any pain med’s or doctor’s could do with the slide of a pen !! but hold on with me a miniute and let’s add a truck in 1996 and a passenger along for the ride and flipped the truck 4 times down threw a ditch and back on to all four tires !!! i had recieved a dis-location of the jaw joint’s and five broken teeth. and cut my right ear allmost all the way off , ! the truck layed on my head during one of those flipp’s and severe road rash from head to toe.!! when i got out of the hospital door’s and into my truck my girl freind knew what i wanted and wiped 3 joint’s for the ride home 56 miles .. got my persciption filled at the drug store and did not come back out for 6 weeks everyone brought me what needed ???! . life for me was hell i hurt every where!! but pot helped me with my pain and total shock of these life changeing event’s .. but hang on and let me tell you one more thing before i light up another one of these killer priced joint’s here in my state of wisconsin..! i am from texas home of the mexican brick’s”” ! i have 3 bulging disc in my neck now and l-5 s1 in my lower back are totaly bulging as well.. and am on all kind’s of “legal” pain meds.. and they all have more side effects then pot do’es!!! and are more expensive then pot . and are environmentally freindly ! and the government can make million’s from so why are we saying no to some little feel good plant !!! we have more problem’s from illegal imagrint’s from mexico here that we all pay for maybe we could get the money for the “fence” for the border’s and more man power to patrol ” all from the money of a wonderfull plant of many use’s!!! this is dazed and confused and i approve this message! ha,ha

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