Education is the Best Celebration

Apr 20, 2012

Many of you will no doubt be enjoying this day by taking advantage of the relatively lax enforcement of marijuana laws in certain parts of the country. Some of you, particularly folks in California whose fame may or may not protect them from the long arm of the law, may be partying like this:

But during your celebrations today, please take a minute to remember that people still get arrested for simple marijuana possession all over the country. People still do time for this relatively harmless plant.

The majority of Americans realize how idiotic it is to arrest people for marijuana, but our elected leaders refuse to listen and instead keep telling us that they know what is best for us.

We cannot look to politicians to end this farcical, tragic war on marijuana users. This video from the Summit of the America’s conference last week is proof that our leadership, from the top down, will not listen to popular opinion, science, or international pressure when it comes to marijuana policy.

The time has come to let our leaders know that we demand change. One way is to tell them directly by contacting the President and your members of Congress. But words only go so far. Politicians need their marijuana policy failures to hit them where it hurts. That’s why we need you.

Were you an Obama campaign donor who is now disappointed with the President’s continued war on marijuana? Has that disappointment made you reconsider donating to his re-election campaign? If so, we want to hear your story.

If you donated more than $1,000 to Obama’s 2008 campaign and do not plan to do so this time around for the reasons above, please contact me and you might be featured in an ad with MPP!

5 responses to “Education is the Best Celebration”

  1. Obama is not the answer, and the debates about federal marijuana laws never happens.
    Like always, Obama doesn’t want to talk about it. I’ve wonder why?
    His reasons are very shallow.

  2. Obama is absolutely crazy not to try and make this change. He smoked cananbis for a while , during his college years. This did not keep him from becoming president, why his stance is against the legalization of cannabis I simply cannot understand!!!! If you continue to let innocent people be arrested and crucified for something you once did is as hipocritical as it gets! Just because you never got caught with any, doesn’t mean that you didnt break the law! If you want to see true change, and leave a great legacy behind you, then you will change your stance on the cannabis policies of this nation and help so many of your fellow Americans!!!! Nonaction is the worst action possible!!!

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