Victimized Family Sues Canine Killers of Columbia SWAT

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In the latest development in the quest for justice in Columbia, Missouri, Jonathan Whitworth and family are suing the officers responsible for a botched February SWAT raid that endangered their lives and resulted in the death of one of their dogs.

This story received national attention when a video was released showing the police entering the home in what they call a “dynamic entry” and immediately opening fire, killing one dog and injuring another. After enormous pressure from the media and activist community, the Columbia Police Chief agreed to revise the city’s SWAT guidelines to prevent further incidents.

Unfortunately, the officers involved were never disciplined for their dangerous behavior, and both the chief and police review board found that they had acted appropriately. While this family will have to suffer the lasting pain of losing a pet and the trauma of a violent intrusion in their lives, the paramilitary thugs that terrorized them, over a gram of marijuana and a pipe, suffered no consequences whatsoever.

Let’s hope the judge hearing this case feels differently.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video, this is what the officers are being sued for:

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  1. I would file suite also. I have an absolutely wonderful dog that is very kind and raised on all voice commands. I can not comprehend the trauma that this family has gone through. I personally would be up in arms against any law official if they unjustly took my beloved and loyal friend away. You minus well shoot me along with my dog at that point.

    The Drug War and the Drug tactical/ DEA personnel are like batman and joker in the sense that you can not have the hero without the villain, except, those who perceive themselves as batman/ or the hero do not realize they are also an evil to our society that thrives from the evils of the drug war. Two evil entities that thrive in each others existence. With out one, the other doesn’t exists.

    When all is said and done…. it has nothing to do with the drug war at all. It is all about controlling the people of the only society that is on the verge of freedom.

  2. The sad fact of this whole sorid affair is that the only justice that these people will get, will be at the cost to the citizenry from the public coffers. The over-zealous G.I. Joes and their weak-witted Judge will still be leeching a paycheck off taxpayers…. but, hey, the police chief gave us new guidelines!

  3. but, hey, the police chief gave us new guidelines!

    Ya ok what ever, and when the next raid happens over a joint then what…oh restucture the guid lines? Then the next time..reform the guidlines. How bout stopping this insanity ..period…no raids on people for a plant.

  4. The search warrant was issued eight days before it was served. Because the town couldn’t get the swat team together before then. It was based on an informant’s testimony, the informant wanted to get paid and to stay out of trouble with the law. This is why people don’t trust the police department anymore. The really sad thing is that there was a child in the house and no care was taken to protect the child or the dogs. The dog was not snarling or growling, it was barking as most dogs do when strange people enter a room, dogs react to the mood in the room. Those officers’ adrenaline was very high. That dog reacted to the officers. There was no evidence that that dog was attacking. The dog was shot for no reason. Unfortunately the child will have to learn not to be afraid of anyone or anything. He has years of therapy, nightmares and anger to go thru now. Thanks to the improper search of a house by overzealous swat members serving an out of date and illegal search warrant.

  5. I hope the task force is forced to disban over this. They should loose all fed funding for being incompetent. Any money not lost in the lawsuit should go to the victoms that are in jail now or have had personel property taken in other raids by the task force and the D.E.A.. I personally think the idiot that shot the dog should be in jail. Now this family will get a new GUARD dog that will do what a guard dog does. Protect the family, no matter what. If that means an agent or task force member gets dog bit, they brought that on themselves for killing a harmless family pet. Now for something off topic.. It seems that the dept. of justice is going to attack california when prop 19 passes. How in the world are they going to lock up over 50%of the population when prop 19 winns? Is the whole state going to be a jail? When every one over 21 is allowed a space of 5×5, there will be a small garden in almost every yard. Man, I cannot wait!!! That is the perfect example of ” overgrow big bro” way cool. High Times could spend forever just doing stories of cal. home grown and never leave the state if they wanted. That is a lot of weed.

  6. The Columbia police chief tried to act professionally by showing how concerned he was by being a spokesperson and covering those who are really responsible.
    These are the things that our parents and grandparents have warned us about, but somehow we are lead to believe that the “world has changed” because of terrorism.
    Stop the madness!
    Vote YES for Proposition 19, and be protected by law.

  7. another successful failure! Let me first say how much it hurt to hear that dog wimper i am a dog lover and if anyone was to take my dogs life for nothing would destroy me. So lets go over this.. 6-8 swat (never counted) paid one dog dead, one injured, one guy going through a fucked up justice system in which he will probably only get a smack on the wrist for, one child now requires recovery meaning im sure this will affect him in one way or another cause: a gram of pot? Really? i mean its stupid enough for anything to happen over pot but they had to feel pretty dumb when they only found that. I dont understand how these ppl’s thought process is. god i hope sometime in my life i will see this madness and tragedies come to an end.

  8. First time for seeing this video. That is the sadest and one of the most disturbing acts I have ever seen. I can’t believe this is allowed in a free country. To me my dogs are like my kids. There’s no words to describe how I feel after seeing this and knowing people in the USA are treated like this.

  9. If you live in, or have friends in, California, help get them registered to vote. It takes just five minutes, right now, to change the world.

    Jesus said to treat other people the way we would want to be treated. I know I wouldn’t want my college kid to go to jail with the sexual predators, or my parents to have their house stolen by the police, if they used a little marijuana.

    Let’s change the world. Let’s get registered and vote.

    Citizens and college students in in California can register at
    w w w .
    (just fill out the form and mail it in)
    And you can request a ballot by mail at
    w w w .

    In other states, Google your state name and the phrase, voter registration. Print off the form and mail it in (or drive it down to City Hall).

    Five minutes. Register to vote. Change the world. Right now.

    Pass it on (Tweet, Facebook, other?).

  10. The Whitworth Family. I still remember your poor sweet dogs name “Nora” I didn’t watch the video because I just couldn’t bare it. I have 2 dogs of my own and we just lost our darling Coco a Sharpe mix Labor Day weekend to kidney failer. I can’t even imagine what it must of been like for your family with Nora. I hope the other little dog has recovered. I hope your little boy is well and believes there are still some good people in this world. Good luck with your upcoming battle. I hope you win.

  11. This horrible event was one of the primary catalysts for creating a workshop for medical marijuana cardholders on how to Protect Their Rights. The extreme violence that happened to your family made it clear to us that no one is safe from over-zealous Storm Troopers who are on the rampage to bust people on outmoded drug laws so they can seize assetts and build their big “toy” fund for lethal weapons. One of the only things that keep Oregon cops from pursuing medical marijuana cardholders is the fear of being sued. This madness must stop, and we applaud your courage and lament your suffering. thank you for stepping up!

  12. The Feds are continuing to prosecute raids on patients and dispensaries that are legal under state law. Obama said they wouldnt, but they are, they just dont do press releases anymore. If ask, they got no comment.
    With fewer and fewer real journalists to keep an eye on them, the police will learn to not video thier raids and never talk about them. Then they can continue to “make the the community safe” and no one will know.
    Can you say Gestapo ?
    Hiel! I am a loyal son of the fatherland ! Pure of blood and intent!! (please dont shoot me or my family or confiscate the fruits of my labor or ship me off to be “reeducated”)

  13. The problem is not marijuana, but marijuana laws
    Marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could….

    “Prohibition… goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes…. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.” — 16th U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln 1840

    An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so. — Mohandas Gandhi

    “In any civilized society, it is every citizen’s responsiblility to obey just laws. But at the same time, it is every citizen’s responsiblility to disobey unjust laws.” — Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

  14. Hello I would like to say how sorry I am to hear this story. I am an animal lover and have a dog myself losing a dog is like losing a child. Especially when the dog was murdered for no reason. You heard no barking or growling. I suggest finding the best lawyer in Missouri and suing the police department, police officers, city, and state for allowing the police to take the action to do this. Over what most likely a buddy got pissed at him and told the cops he was dealing large quantities. They should of done their homework and not be allowed to get a warrant on just hearsay they should have to have hard evidence to get a warrant especially to break in and raid some ones residence. I would love to know how the hell they got a warrant especially after only finding a pipe and a gram of marijuana there. Hell 1/4 of the people in Missouri have that. What is the swat going to break into everyone’s house and murder their dogs too just because someone has a grudge on them. A buddy of mine got raided by the swat, dea, and Wentzville, Mo. police department because a neighbor told them that he was dealing pounds out of his mothers place. He drove a pos 80’s mustang (around 2008) Working at a gas station. If he was dealing especially that amount don’t the cops think he would have a better car than that and own more than a few video games, especially when they never seen any drug activity at all by him may of seen him stoned a few times but thats no reason to raid his mothers house. They ended up finding nothing there no pot no pipes, etc. They ended up apologizing and even tho they shouldn’t of they told him who ratted him out. That just goes to show you the lack of police investigation here in Missouri. I wonder do the Missouri police follow the shoot first and ask questions later policy???

  15. Well after watching the video again (which is hard to do for me) you can hear a dog bark like 3 times then he stops then a few seconds later you hear one shot mabe 10-15 seconds later while the dogs yelping you hear 3 more then silence. Meaning the dog was down and hurt then they in cold blood murdered it. Not even giving the wife a chance to take the dog to a vet so it could live. WTF is that crap. All over a gram and a pipe. I am at the moment writing a letter to the chief of police telling them off and pointing out that inless they have good proof that he was doing dealing drugs or something of that nature that the police department knowingly let police officers unconstitutionally search, seize, and murder this family’s pet. That they disgust me and they should be hung or at least fired if not imprisoned for it. In my opinion. I don’t think it will do any good but will make me feel a bit better. It just ticks me off to see the government take away your rights. Every one you allow them to take away is one less you have that you will NEVER get back. Jonathan if you read this I am very sorry for what your family went threw and will continue to go threw. God Bless

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