Marijuana Reform Will Appear on California’s November Ballot!

Mar 24, 2010 ,

Today, the California Secretary officially certified the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 for the state’s November ballot. This means that on November 2, Californians will be able to vote to send marijuana prohibition to the ash heap of history!

The groundbreaking initiative would make personal possession and cultivation of marijuana legal for adults over 21 in California. It would also allow cash-strapped cities and counties to tax and regulate marijuana sales in order to reap millions in new tax revenues. The proposition will also call on the legislature to enact a statewide system to tax and regulate marijuana.

Will the nation’s largest state finally create a legal market – complete with tens of thousands of new jobs – for what’s already its top cash crop?

We sure hope so!

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  1. As long as those who live here are able to educate those who are stuck in history it will pass. It will strike a blow to the underground that will end much of the insanity in Mexico and in California.

  2. Kind of poetic, don’t ya think? After all, California was the first state to prohibit its use and possession (1912). When this passes, California will have more than made up for it. Once this goes through, I predict Colorado will be next, then Mass. will follow. One by one, the states will fall in line, and the fed. gov’t will have no choice but to throw out this entire joke policy altogether. Sure, their will be DEA raids on homes and businesses, but their is only so much a few cops can do. Also, don’t forget all the raids you guys out west had when prop 215 passed in the ’90s. Nearly twenty years, and threy are STILL giving you guys crap over your meds. Keep us posted – I am hot on the trail of this exciting news.

  3. This is going to be real interesting if this passes. We never should have allowed our government to grow as large as it has. If the government would keep their noses out of our business, and our yards, and our homes, like our founders intended them to, there would be a lot more peace and common respect for one another, even towards police and government. Well maybe LOL

  4. I alwayse thought it was funny when people say that our founding fathers would be ashamed of how popular marijuana is… But then I turn around and say Ben Franklin and George Washington grew weed. Hopefully Cali will try to lead by example… Go to Compton and tell the gangs to vote!

  5. This is a no brainer. There are so many people making so much money off cannabis in California and the goverment can’t get a hold of any of it because its illegal. Let say this, you are taking you kush down to sell some where. If you pay a tax on the kush, you can legally take it anywhere, versus transporting it with out paying taxes and risk getting pulled over, busted and sent to prison for untaxed weed what are people going to do. This is to say nothing about the civil rights erosion that has happened to us all because of prohibition.
    Go Cali!!

  6. Beautiful!

    this will force the Schedule One subject to be addressed by Pres.Obama and AG Holder.

    by this november, republicans will be starting to grease up their 2012 campaign machine.

    by this november, the recent health care overhaul dust will have settled, and the present administration will be looking to issues to help them stay in power.

    oregon is also going to have a similar issue on their ballot.

    Pres. Obama will be forced to either reschedule cannabis/HEMP, or deal with voters that WILL hear the anti-prohibition message from folks like Dr. Paul (possible Republican candidate), and Bob Barr (former prohibitionist – now libertarian).

    my hope is that the present administration will simply reschedule marijuana.

    i, also, hope for pardons and amnesty for ALL non-violent cannabis criminals.

    PROHIBITION is a failure.

  7. if this passes…. wait, what am i saying? WHEN this passes, there will be a TON of vacations being booked to cali….

    how long would it be before the law took effect? because i will be one of them vacationers… and i will be more than happy to do my part to help cali out of their budget woes

  8. I read an article in SFGate last night that said the measure’s opponents are confident this will not pass. Are they just puffing their chests? All of the recent polling I’ve seen has shown a majority of Californians in favor of repealing prohibition of recreational use.

    Anybody familiar with the CA political situation care to pontificate about this bill’s realistic chances?

  9. Rhayader, I have seen a few videos of the people in charge of the “Prohibs in Cali” and honestly man, I think they have just only one thing to do….hope that it wont pass. They have no more lies, no more talking, hell, even really, no more campainging. WE the PEOPLE have began our revolution. I thought for a while that it may be a violent one, but honestly, I am seeing that the power of voters MIGHT actually be the way for GOVERNMENT REFORM. Either way, I will be joining “JUST LEGALIZE IT” on a vacation, permenant vacation.

  10. I hope the “green rush” of folks after it passes wont put Cali over the weight limit and send it crashing into the ocean…

  11. @JJ: Cool, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m a faraway observer, but I’ve noticed the same lack of ambition and noise from the prohibitionist side.

    Like you said, I just don’t see where their campaign could go. What new points could they possibly make that would sway voters? If the latest polls are right, and a majority of Californians have philosophically rejected marijuana prohibition, I just don’t see how these “Officer’s Associations” lobbyists and such can shove the toothpaste back into the tube.

  12. first off, congrats! its been a long time coming, but to ensure victory, we need to educate those that are unsure of legalization. will there be campaigns? will there be a tv ads? billboards? or will it all be word of mouth, grassroots, websites, etc? educate the people to be sure this passes, otherwise it will be a huge defeat.

    i feel the biggest opponents will not be government, but mexican drug cartels…

  13. My only concern would be the recent developments in Cali in regards to medicinal marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is sooo widespread right now that some non-smoking folks who might have supported medicinal marijuana are getting concerned with what will happen if this plant is outright legalized.
    I’m just seeing a lot of articles from San Diego talking about stricter regulation of the current system.
    I’m still very hopefull though that this will get through. If this comes down to people voting, then we have a real shot at this. I hope MPP and NORML are increasing their efforts in Cali right now. We need this bill to pass for the whole country.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  14. Two things will make a difference in this process:

    1) Hopefully all of the parents and grandparents in California will ask themselves, “If your young adult child or grandchild got caught with a little marijuana, would you want him or her to go to jail, lose their job, lose their kids?”

    2) Citzens of California can go to to complete a voter registration form and mail it to the address on the form.

    Citizens of California, it’s time to register and vote!

  15. There will be a new gold rush. I predict property values will sky rocket , as people migrate from states with narrow minded laws. This is a first step. If all the states would put something like this to the vote the people COULD be heard. That’s the only reason I think it’s not an option here in Illinois,…….They DON”T want to hear what we have to say.

  16. Free the Weed —

    I agree with you. From my limited perspective (I live on the East Coast), I get the sense that the general public in California is souring somewhat on marijuana policy because of some of the issues that have arisen in the last couple of years from the mismanagement of the medi-mari enactment. If LA’s already pushing back, the more conservative So. Cal may not be as enthusiastic on election day as some polls might suggest.

    But to all the supporters here — if you want this bill to pass in California, then put your money where your mouth is. We have to all chip in some dough to the CA organizations who are running the legalization campaign there.

    These grassroots movements work only when “we the people” get involved — in other words, success depends on small donations ($5, $25, $100?) from each of us, that builds to a decent war chest to fund everything from advertisements, voter mobilization efforts, etc.

    We can do this. It just all depends on us opening our wallets for a worthy cause.

    So how badly do you want this referendum to pass?

  17. We all have an obligation, as defenders of the constitution and as defenders of humanity, to legalize cannabis.

    Mexico has practically become a failed state. Juarez is the murder capital of the world. Cartels are filtering media, controlling elections, and over-running borders. Dozens of Mexican citizens are dying every day – because of cartels… AND THEY EXIST SOLEY BECAUSE OF AMERICAN PROHIBITION LAWS.

    American citizens are being incarcerated at an alarming rate. As many of you know, law enforcement targets blacks and hispanics for cannabis at a disproportionate ratio. Prison was designed to house prisoners. Now it is designed as a back-up subsidiary for struggling counties, and a good way to strip the rights of whichever citizens you please. And we thought the civil rights era amended slavery.

    And, of course, the most noble and true reason we should strive for reform is the Constitution of the United States. We deserve freedom, and it is worth fighting for. Incidentally, the aquiring of this freedom will solve many other problems: Mexican violence, american violence, incarceration, state and federal police funding, etc etc.

    And then there is the mounting evidence about the science of cannabis and our relationship with endocannabinoids. Cannabis is anti-spasmotic, anti-tumoral, anti-cancer, anti-tension, pro-appetite.

    In an age of ignorance one of the worst presidents of American history, Ronald Reagon, stood before the american people and warned them that the most recent research suggests that cannabis is the most dangerous substance known to man. …too bad we feel for this misinformation hook, line, and sinker.


    It is the next step in the evolution of human intelligence.


  18. Imagine if we had a potion…

    Imagine this potion could potentially cure cancer. Imagine if it was shown to reduce breast cancer, slow growth of cancerous cells.

    Imagine it had miraculous uses on a pantheon of alements.

    Imagine this elixer could restore parts of american economy and society.

    Imagine that it could be used to make clothing, paper, cars, oil, food, and anything else you could imagine.

    Imagine it had spiritual applications, mind altering applications

    Imagine that it helped growth of brain cells.

    Imagine it were completely safe. And not only safe (neutral) but very benefitial.

    Now Imagine that the government that ‘governs you’ made a law which forbids this potion.

    Now imagine following that retarded law.

  19. THE UNITED STATES INDIRECTLY FUNDS MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. Everyone knows this is the truth, our war on drugs is fueling the cartels that are killing people every day. I urge everyone, regaurdless of you location, write your represenitives. It is the only way that they will see how serious the issue is to the American People. Its not only our right it is our responsibility!

  20. all it takes is one state…you don’t need to wish you live in california…the success it will show immediately being the top cash crop, and what it will do to cartels in mexico/cali….other states and possibly the federal government will swoop in… matter of time, and it seems to be within 2 years we should be pretty darn far along

  21. @boooo!: What exactly do you mean by that? How does this bill “favor” Oaksterdam specifically? And how does it “screw” other areas in the state?

    I’m not aware of any Oaksterdam-specific provisions in the bill; please enlighten me.

  22. Section B. Section A of this act is hereby submitted to the qualified voters of this state for approval or rejection at an election which is hereby ordered and which shall be held and conducted on Tuesday next following the first Monday in November, 2011, pursuant to the laws and constitutional provisions of this state for the submission of referendum measures by the general assembly, and section A of this act shall become effective when approved by a majority of the votes cast thereon at such election and not otherwise.

    Can someone tell me if this means Missouri voters will be voting on this issue in 2011??? or am i just reading it wrong

  23. Fuck the feds, fuck the dea, I did not capitalize those initials for a reason. This is a message from State’s Rights to the Federal Government: Fuck you.

  24. Wonderful news. I hope this passes this year. Now there are a lot of northern Cali. growers that hope this vote fails. They are crying about THEIR lost revenue. When it is legal for every person to grow their own there will not be any more 60 doller eights. The prices will drop back down to 5o dollers for a five finger lid. Real columbian gold, at that. There is no reason except greed that keeps prices so high. When it does become legal there will be a market for hemp products as well. Everydody wins except the cartels.

  25. I will make a youtube video promoting this initiative. We must all spread the word in California and get everyone to register to vote. Spread the word. Get involved. Free the weed. Free the people. This is the best chance to legalize it! Get ready for the tide of reefer madness…

  26. Go Cali! Vote! Vote! Vote!

    I have been eagerly awaiting this news from Down Under and it’s great to hear it’s finally confirmed and going to the ballot box. Many of my Aussie friends think I’m a nutter for being open about my pro-cannabis stance. I think those same people need to wake up to reality and see that this war on personal choice has been a monumental disaster of epic proportions!

  27. Its about damn time. California will benefit from this in an incredible way. hopefully we can get the rest of the country to follow this too. new jobs, more tax money that the state can use, and not to mention what it will do to organized crime

  28. I just had a vision of gangs and politicians doing political battle with common decent folks.. Hmmmm when you think about it, gangs and politicians are on the same side. 🙂

  29. Just refreshing this for the folks who might tend to read only the more recent comments:

    Citzens of California register to vote at

    Just complete the online form and mail it to the address on the form.

    Check out the website so you can assure yourelf it’s legit, and then repost the link as you think appropriate.

  30. Jay, I got excellent columbian gold. Those were the days. I never got bad sacks and always by the finger, never weighed.

  31. Does anyone know if this includes a provision to require the California State Legislature to petition the Federal Government for Rescheduling of Cannabis? If not it should…. Californians should force their Legislature to have to file a petition every year until Cannabis is properly rescheduled!!!

  32. We are very much part of this fight! Let’s win this TOGETHER! The people didn’t vote yes in 1996 just to legalize it, they wanted it to be accessible too, otherwise what’s the use?

    Learn about medical marijuana, about how taxing it can help our economy while at the same time, we can help the sick. Visit our information center:
    Medical Marijuana Orange County

  33. Cali. you rock. From your beautiful ocean waves to the buds of the north nothing can stop you now. Lead the way to a new America, a land where people can be free and bond with each other as never before. It’s a good day.

  34. Power to the People..! That scares the politicians to death. There is a lot of fear spread by the DEA and other drug nazis to be overcome. If California was the first state to make Cannabis illegal in 1912, that’s nearly 100 years of prohibition and lies and oppression of peaceful smokers. The job of the pro-Cannabis people is to show the people there is no need to fear and that the taxation and legalization of Cannabis will be an asset to the state and the citizens and not a liability. Assurance of a peaceful transition from tyranny to freedom is required. Stating the facts peacefully and holding back on the rhetoric will go a long way to ease the uneducated citizens minds. You have to give people a reason to vote for Cannabis legalization and education is the key. I hope if this bill passes that it will include a provision for the full pardon and release of all Cannabis POWS.

  35. We need to somehow drive it home that any votes against legalization are votes for the cartels and their continuing madness. The single biggest blow our government could deliver to them is to remove cannabis, their meat and potatoes, from their product line. Voting against legalization is voting against prosperity and is in fact restriction of commerce. Yes, we CANnabis!

  36. I can see it now, Republicans voting NO while simultaneously crying out for personal responsibility, freedom, liberty, and state’s rights be damned if it passes! HAHAhahahahHAHHa,

  37. All I can think about right now is the musicians that make millions of dollars off of their music who live in California should be donating a million or two of their dollars for this. They all say they love their fans, well their fans for the most part are pot smokers.

    Come on music people with money, donate, donate big time please and help this measure to Pass.

  38. go cali! im so glad they finally got the balls to propose full legalization it! there most likely be a HUGE property increase in california (hear that all you real estate investors out there?) and i know for one im DEFINATELY going to “visit” my cousin there for quite awhile.

  39. Why legalize marijuana when we already have a drug problem in the U.S. These drugs tear at the moral fabric of our society. If legal then more people will use marijuana. Where will it end. Perhaps we should legalize cocaine, and heroin as well. Alcohol is an acceptable form of recreational drug use. Prescription pills are killing americans as well as alcohol. Why legalize marijuana and throw another drug on top of all of these other drugs? Why? Because we are given alot of bad choices to choose from. Alcohol = bad choice = alcohol poisoning. Prescription pills = bad choice = physical addiction and overdose. Alcohol and pills = death cocktail. Marijuana + Alcohol = alcohol poisoning. Prescription pills + marijuana = pill overdose. Marijuana = safe euphoric feeling, no possiable way to overdose. No one had died from it and no one will no matter how strong the strand is.

  40. i have a dream that the world will once again embrace hemp as the answer to our economical problems, that the fields of gold in california will become fields of green again, that our children will grow up knowing that our air is no longer polluted by gasoline, that Henry Fords Vision of cars running on Hemp will finally come true, that the non-degradable plastics made by the oil companies will be replaced by hemp plastic products, that the 50 Americans that die every hour due to Tobacco will smoke cannabis instead thus potentially saving their lives, that the Tobacco companies learn to fear the word cannabis even more than they already do, that i can pay 1 dollar for bio diesel made from hemp to fill my Ford pickup.

    I’m pretty sure if your reading this, you have that same dream, maybe with a few variations but, mostly the same. take the first step in fulfilling that dream and go out and get voters to pass this law. This is the beginning of a new financial world and Hemp is going to have center stage.

  41. Be prepared for a massive propaganda storm! Pretty soon we’ll have weed-crazed negroes insatiably raping white women. Watch out!

  42. Joe, that is what they said about them and the mexicans back in 1937 when cannabis was first outlawed. And eric, do some research before you stick your foot in it next time.


    I’m so Fk’in stoked…….All the medical patients need to support this.

    Learn how to start your own Medical Marijuana Collective like we did and you’ll quickly change things around in your area.

    I found a very good guide to start off with here:

    Lets all Legally Over Grow the Government!!!!!

    Grow Grow Grow!!!!

  44. Holy smokes! In todays local paper, The Oregonian, Tobacco plant to save the farmers with Biofuel. OMG! Seems that Mr. Gore has found a way, from researchers, to use the toxic deadly plant, one needing large amouts of fertilizer, and has deep traditional family pockets to keep afloat. Well done, Mr. Gore. My memory serves me that only government qualified farmers are allowed to grow tobacco? This would greatly benenfit the family, Darling. Hemp- Large Biomass, no fertilizers, no family history. Shucks!

    The Rev.sLeezy
    The Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes

  45. Holy Smokes! Now remember, the Dept. of Justice does not make the laws. It only enforces them. The DOJ should then realize that it has no say and cannot spend any money against the voters. “We don’t make the law, we only enforce it.” Anyone ever hear that phrase from LE when they were being arrested?


  46. @J.W. – there will definitely be a lag, even if the ballot passes into law in november. There’ll be at least one more year of litigating and regulating. The current ballot is very broad and the state government will need to set-up additional laws to properly regulate the sale, taxing and licensing of marijuana. Though I do believe that once this ballot is passed, the first effect of it will be full decriminalization.
    Let’s go Cali, all Americans are watching and waiting.

    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  47. I have lived in Cali all my life and enjoy some of the best smoke in the world, I absolutely cannot wait till november. I may turn my house into a hotel, lol. I moved to Texas for 3 months and found out that 90 percent of the people i met smoked pot as well. And the other 10 percent didn’t because of their jobs, not because they didn’t like it. One thing for sure is layoffs are happening everywhere, and there is not one state who couldn’t use financial gain. Once California legalizes, other states are going to say “shit, why the hell did we wait so long,” because they can’t deny the numerous benefits from this god given, grow anywhere, plant.

  48. I’m going to start a list and I would like everyone to join so everyone who sees this can learn all the benefits from cannabis!

    Cannabis Benefits List:

    1) Medicine

    2) Economy

    3) Hemp

    You see where i am going with this, please add any benefit you can think of!!!!! thanks and god bless.

  49. 4) jobs
    5) 1 plant, many cures.
    6) hemp is stronger than cotton, and paper.
    7) Im gonna pack some LA confindential hash ; )

  50. the problem is that this whole law is about oaksterdam already having the cities approval to grow as much as they want and while the rest of us struggle with regulations were limited to 5×5 feeet and oaksetrdam with the blessing of the city gets to grow warehouses full and dominate what would be the new commercial growing industry, effectively forcing everybody out. im not voting for this, i support the cci with dennis peron.

  51. Prohibition is not a failure! For nearly a century the behind-the-scenes-powers that truly rule our government have made countless obscene fortunes by stripping the rights and property away from responsible cannabis users. Prohibition was never intended to protect the public. It was intended to finance the federal governments rise to power over the union of states that hired them and it has been a smashing success. I praise the states that have stood up and refused to let the fed continue its monopoly on the illicit drug market and I hope California, in true American spirit, takes this opportunity to spearhead the campaign to finally put the fed back in its place once and for all and show America what it truly means to live in a free country by the people and for the people.

  52. What moves mountains? A show of strength moves mountains! Strenght is numbers. Every King in history has feared the people rising against them. Numbers, numbers, numbers. All show and no go won’t work. We’ve got to vote. Vote, vote, vote. California
    must lead the way. Frankly…I like to make dust, not eat dust.

  53. I just want to say thank you to all the non-Californians supporting Cali. I have lived here all my life and grown up around cannabis and have seen first hand how it helps heal. The legalization of pot will pull Cali. out of the hole and provide millions of jobs. The government needs to pull there head out of there a#s and wake up and smell the ganja. Its time its not the early 1900’s this is 2010 and we are still afraid of a little weed, but the general public has no problem spending countless dollars on government controlled perscriptions. I personally have had three friends die from oxy cotton overdose GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEROIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so sick of seeing people die from shit they get from the doctor. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs and yet its legal. You dont see anyone smoking a joint and beating there wife or there children, or going and robbing stores. No there usually drunk or high crack or some form of prescription drug. We need to just legalize weed and stop imprisoning people for having minimal amounts of pot.

  54. The one question I have about it all is this:
    IF Cali legalizes it, and I think they will, so what?
    its still illegal on federal levels, still labeled as a narcotic, still a controlled substance.
    The MMJ has been a real pain in the ass to defend, and recently Holder did say that they would stop jerking around people who complied with MMJ laws, but that has not been 100%, and speaks on nothing to do with full out legalization by a STATE.
    So if it passes? so what? There are court battles over states right, but those have not been won yet, so does it actually do anything for legalization efforts when this passes?
    Brings it to national attention, I know, and that can not be bad, but if it passes, does it REALLY make it legal there?

  55. I used to live in Hollywood and am now stuck in Missouri – historically the biggest producer of cannabis.
    Although I’ve always dreamed of living in New York City and do not wish to move backwards in my geographic location, I will move back to California in a NEW YORK MINUTE if this legislation passes…
    Check out my iReports under VocalCitizen including my latest:

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