Tim Lincecum: World Series Champion, Marijuana User

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Last night, San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum threw eight innings of one run baseball, racking up 10 strikeouts in the process, and leading the Giants to their first World Series victory since moving to San Francisco at the end of the 1957 season.

Why am I writing about this on the MPP blog? Because Lincecum, a former Cy Young Award winner, is one of the millions of Americans who has used marijuana and been subjected to the criminal justice system for using a substance less harmful than alcohol. Lincecum, 26, was charged with marijuana possession last year and, after a plea agreement, was forced to pay a fine. He is not, by any stretch, the first successful athlete to use marijuana and be punished for his actions.

Lincecum’s dominating performance serves as a timely reminder that marijuana prohibition makes criminals out of both everyday and extraordinary Americans. Maybe it’s a midlevel executive working mother who uses a small amount of marijuana after her kids go to bed to unwind. She’s a criminal. Maybe it’s a wounded veteran returning from Iraq who finds marijuana works best to control his PTSD. If not covered by a medical marijuana program, he’s a criminal. Or maybe he’s the leader of the free world. Yep, they were all criminals, too.

Luckily, Californians have a unique opportunity today to end this unjust criminalization of otherwise law-abiding adults by voting yes on Proposition 19.

Will California claim two historic victories in two days? We shall see. 

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  1. Tim Lincecum is not a criminal…

    Iowa laws will not let me medicate my self naturally with marijuana, with side affects far less than any other drug in existence. I ask you WHY? Marijuana prohabitin has failed and continues to eat up loads of money and time for nothing. Marijuana is currently misclassified in Iowa as having no accepted medical use in the United States while at the same time 14 states have accepted its medical use over the past 14 years. I can testify to the good marijuana can do to help people with conditions like my own let alone all the others suffering from far worse that can receive relief. I don’t want to live my life in fear anymore knowing I could be arrested, thrown in jail, have my kids taken from me…just for helping to better myself with a herbal medicine. I can’t see any other Iowan wanting to be disrespected any longer.

    Please keep me in mind when making decisions when it counts.

    Let go and let God. Let go of the fact that you think marijuana is bad because it has more good points than bad. He has given us this herb to use not to point fingers at one another and destroy lives in the process…
    ask yourself… What would Jesus do if he was standing right next to you and with his hand on your shoulder… Would he raid houses with a swat team and kill dogs, scare your kids into therapy for life, plus steal your medicine…charge you with crimes. Put you into jail, take your kids away and publicly humiliate you and your families name. I DON’T THINKS SO… so why do we allow it to happen everyday.

  2. The world waits, and watches, hopfully this day will mark the begining of the end for prohibition. As another blogger here puts beautifully free the weed free the pepole

  3. Never in my life have I been so anxious about the results of a vote. This day really could go down in history as the turning point in this country and the whole world towards a more educated and sensible approach towards the most usefull plant in the world that is marijuana. I wish all people in Cali understood the importance of this vote and took part in making history.

    Free The Weed. Free The People. Go Cali. Vote YES on Prop19. Today is the Day.

  4. I’m surprised they didn’t ban Linecum from baseball for taking a performance enhancing drug. No, it makes you lazy and listless, no, it makes you a passifist,no, it makes you shoot heroin, no, it makes prohib zealots lie and lose touch with reality. I forget what the detrimental effects are for pot. Anyone got a handle on it? I get confused when I try to listen to the ONDCP propaganda.

    Do your duty with honor and a joint. Vote Yes on Prop 19!!!

  5. I am not a criminal. I am your child, aunt,grandmother, parent, neighbor.
    The government spent over 1 Trillion dollars on the war on us. Lets spend that on education, health care, job creation.
    Eliminate millions of criminals with the check of a box that says ” YES ON PROP 19″. How cool is that?

  6. Even if prop 19 isn’t a perfect system, It is a sample system for the rest of the country that can reap benefits way beyond the California boundaries. Vote YES on Prop 19

    Lead our country toward the right path and we will walk it with you. Have Faith in the American people, we are the worlds sleeping giant.

  7. come on i can’t wait to see the results of the election today in CA. This is probably going to be the most interesting election that i vote in, in my entire life. Also YA GIANTS!

  8. in iowa the cas reads marijuana is a schedule I substance (except for medical use described by the board of pharmacy examiners). This isn’t the only state where its dual scheduled. People of iowa need to contact the board of pharmacy and tell them we need a medical cannabis program! The people of all the states need to tell the people in charge in every state we need
    to end prohibition and/ or a medical cannabis program.

  9. I’m from Oklahoma and we have some of the worst marijuana laws in the country. I have fibromyalgia and ingest cannabis and occassionally smoke to calm my nerves. Does MPP think Its possible to get the ball rolling here? Our senator talked about decriminalization but prob needs some push behind it.

  10. Prop 19 has not lost…
    The fuck is going on here? Why are we getting stabbed in the back by medical marijuana advocates? Oh that’s right it’s all about the $$$. Prop 19 doesn’t affect prop 215 infact it’ll increase patients rights significantly. If prop 19 loses all of you stoners against legalization will be despised. It’s sad to see how this movement has turned against itself.

  11. Prop 19 is all about civil rights.

    everything else, pro or con, is just a matter of opinion.

    No ones opinion should curtail civil rights. Ever!

  12. Interviewer: What do you think is going on in san fran right now?

    Limcecum: just alot of craziness im hoping, you know alot of beer flowing, smoke in the air.

  13. Seems like all the bad news we were hearing was right. I was trying to be optimistic but eventually everyone has to be realistic and accept what happened in Cali.

    It now seems Prop 19ers are at each others throats.

    The guys at MCI, as well as many others activists organizations that were Pro Prop 19, were already calling it a long shot based from the exit polls brought in from Oakland since 1pm, so you can’t trash them for reporting the facts. It was being reported all over Facebook and the news as well.

    I’m sure Richard Lee knew what was the exit polls were suggesting even before the actual counting started which is why he did not make a speech at Oakland City Hall.

    So what really happened in Cali!?!?!

    I heard it was the youth that didn’t turn out……

  14. Was looking at the Prop 19 election results, and it seem like only as few counties (1 or 2) passed Prop 19?!?!?!?!

    It wasn’t even close IMO, but it did manage to bring the subject into a different light….

  15. Because you lazyass BUMS did not go out and vote, YOU have virtually GUARANTEED the arrest of over 1.7 million people over the next 2 years. And I hope its YOU that gets busted. See how it feels. This is exactly why this shit has gone on for 74 years – because you people are too fucking lazy to do anything about it.

  16. Nice job you greedy bastards.

    With this loss of prop 19 and the win by that anti-medical fucktard Cuomo in NY, thousnads of cannabis consumers are now fucked in NY.

    Not only do I have to wait out Cuomo’s term but you morons just unloaded the silver bullet that would have defeted any prohib nationwide.

    Here’s to at least 4 more years of being a criminal. Now I have to figure out how to explain this to my son as he grows up between then an figures it out as he eventually will.

    Thanks again for prolonging my criminality and pain Cali growers and profiteers.

    a big 1up on your part…right up your “i got’s mine” asses!!!

  17. Very surprised by California.

    I slept in for work today just laying in bed and thinking about what it would have been to wake up and find out that the polls were being skewed and when the results were in, California legalized. I would have taken the day of today had California legalized.

    The other news outlets have already began their propaganda for Marijuana and mankind’s loss saying that the measure was overwhelmingly rejected.

    Looks like Nazi style policing tactics will continue on the American people for another 10 years.

  18. Robert, would MPP consider putting up a dialogue site/link/page for discussion of platform points for inclusion in subsequent efforts? I think that the key to reaching swing voters in 2012 will be to identify message components that appeal to the swing voters without scaring them off. For examples of “scaring them off”, I’ll point out that a number of posts include material that may be counter-productive in terms of persuading voters:
    1) comparison to alcohol or tobacco. Raising the “it’s no worse than booze and cigarettes” concept is probably not an appealing reason for a parent of young children to vote for something.
    2) railing about hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a fact of life. Asking people to drop their hypocrisy tends to create defensive behavior rather than an openness to new ideas.
    3) name calling and profanity. Putting myself in the mind of an undecided voter (think “Soccer Mom”) and reading over a fair number of the comments on this site, there is a lot that would be needlessly offensive. In a lot of our ordinary conversations in life, we probably have to choose between being offensive and being persuasive. In the case of the MPP site, the choice may come down to either being a more or less wide-open free-speech site, or developing some guidelines for comments and declining to post comments that include profanity and name calling. (And before anybody trashes me on this, please think about whether we want a site where we can vent, or do want a site we can refer to as a source of information for undecided voters, e.g., soccer moms. We probably can’t have it both ways.)

    On a more positive side, I wonder what would be some platform items that WOULD be appealing to undecided swing voters? Can we come up with two or three or ten points that DO have a powerful potential to pick up that final 10% of the voters that we need?

    Let’s focus on the positive, develop a plan, and go forward!

  19. To be honest, I supported Proposition 19 since before it was on the ballot. However, there were some other initiatives floating around that were written WAY better and would have had a better chance of passing in my opinion. Richard Lee should have looked into these intiatives and merged them with his before spending so much money getting “Prop 19” on the ballot. I think that MPP was right in saying that we should have waited for 2012, the loss in Cali might actually be a set-back now.

    A new proposition in Cali should define better standards for impairment, and explicitly allow employees to continue testing for THC metabolites. Not that there was actually anything wrong with Prop 19, and I think that all the medical growers and stupid stoners against prop 19 are what cause this to fail.

    Very sad. Fuck this shit.

  20. Conservatie Christian – dude your attitude towards this is pissing me off. Normally I would listen to the voice of reason, but today is not the day buddy. I dont want to fucking hear that there’ll come the time or there’ll be other initiatives. Let’s face the reality and the truth here. People of California said NO, not the feds or the mexican cartels, it was the people of Cali who decided to keep us in the dark ages.
    So once again, in case you havent seen my last post.

    Fuck you the nay sayers, fuck you the no-showers and no-voters

  21. Hi, Free the Weed # 34-
    You’ve described the problem very well: Nearly 4 million Californians voted against Prop 19. But that also points toward a path to success: According to Ballotopedia at http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/California_Proposition_19,_the_Marijuana_Legalization_Initiative_(2010),
    3,297,590 voted YES on prop 19. That’s more than THREE MILLION people.

    Since 3,826,487 voted no, how do we change the voting decision of just 300,000 (about 1 in 12) of those “no” voters?

    Or alternatively, change the voting decision of just 150,000 (about 4%) of those “no” voters, and also get about 150,000 (about 5%) more “yes” voters to the polls, and this (or something similar) will pass.

    Let’s take a couple of days, catch our breath, and start crafting an even MORE widely acceptable message. 2012 is just two years away. This thing ain’t over yet!

  22. A correction: My math was a little off. If 300,000 (8%) of the “no” voters change their mind, that will be enough, but if only 150,000 (4%) change, then we’ll need about an additional 400,000 (12%) “yes” voters to go to the polls. Can 4% of the “no” voters change their minds? Can an additional 12% of “yes” (non)-voters decide to get out and vote? Those aren’t very big numbers; this is a manageble process, with a little organization and some careful, early planning.

  23. 4 more years of profits for dealers. none for tax coffers. In my state they voted down a $10 fee on you car plates to fund trama centers in rural Georgia.

    I hope i don’t crash on my way to Disney with the family. We will all be dead before they test my blood for cannaboids and charge me will a DWD. So i guess not all is that bad.

  24. It is truely sad that this failed to pass.The growers and dealers in California were just part of the problem.The other factor were the lazy asses that are “do nothings” anyways.They were all off representing the “Stoners” we didn’t want to associate with when trying to pass cannabis laws,and didn’t “feel like” voting.We got screwed in Ny when that backwards ass Cuomo decided to say Legalizing cannabis for medical use would be like legalizing prostituton.Not only did it not make sense,but it needs to be legal.Woman could get health care and AIDS testing and be able to form unions and PAY TAXES after all it is he or shes body,whos to say they cannot screw for $$.Now as a med patient I must continue to live in fear,pay outrageous prices for medicine,all living with serious illness.Would you rather see me on 480mg of oxycontin puking daily never leaving my bedroom or one who vaporizes a small amount of good cannabis and gets outside and gets things done while saving my wifes insurance company-Thousands of dollars.My prescriptions cost thousand-Oxycontin and marinol alone are thousands cause I cannot use generic drugs as the do not have the potency I require.All my scripts say DAW dispense as written.We need to get this done and put our heads together and find a solution that will work for everyone as this anti cannabis stance by tghe USA is so assinine.It will take folks who are closet smokers to “come out” and join the ranks.Why should i be the only one with a bullseye on my back because I am an outspoken advocate?Get with the program and lets see the precious herb legalized for all adults.18 and over!

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