North Carolina Rep. Thinks Public Engagement Is Harassment

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As you might have read or heard, a state representative in North Carolina killed a medical marijuana bill yesterday because he felt he and his colleagues were being “harassed” based on the volume of emails and calls they were receiving in support of the legislation.

This is unacceptable. Our democratic process depends on citizens reaching out to their elected representatives to let them know where their constituents stand on the issues. Not only is this type of civic engagement appropriate, it should be encouraged. If anything, such a high volume of calls and emails in support of the medical marijuana bill should be considered a sign that this is an issue worthy of public debate.

Please send a message to Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam asking him to apologize for Paul 'Skip' Stamequating calls and emails from constituents to being “harassed,” and requesting that he call for a hearing regarding medical marijuana. 

Despite what Rep. Stam said, elected officials need to hear from their constituents. This is a perfect opportunity to let him know that, so please take action today.

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  1. i guess if people were sending emails and you was getting calls ,, people wanted this to pass,,people are tired of being locked up and harassed by police over marijuana !! i know politicians are for the big companies,, but marijuana has nothing to do with there businesses ,,dont worry your not going to lose money on you cigarettes or alcohol,, the people who use marijuana are going to use it regardless whether its legal or not,,and the people who smoke usually dont spend there money on alcohol anyways and some doesnt even smoke cigarettes,,in the times we’re having right now we got to do something different,, if you get marijuana off the streets it could save a child from getting worse drugs and maybe next time around go for legalization,, go for it all and vote someone in office that is for it too,, dont vote for the idiots they show on tv 247 ,, that who they want you to vote for cause it doesnt change anything !!!

  2. Cannabis prohibition is a money maker for all sorts of public and private leeches. Entire industries depend on the continued arresting, jailing, fining and “rehibilitation” of our sons and daughters. Entrenched, self-serving, stumbling, martini drenched leeches make the rules and are loath to change them anytime soon. “This Bud’s for You” means something entirely different to them then it does to 30 million other Americans. They sit up there on their encrusted thrones and make rules for the rest of us. They get to tell us what is good for us and what is not…according to them. Booze is good, pot is bad. End of discussion. Booze was good enough for our grandparents and their grandparents and it is good enough for us…end of discussion. Never mind that booze has killed millions of us over the eons, lets not try anything different, anything safer. How stupid are we? I have outright told my, at college, daughter this message: If you are going to experiment please experiment with marijuana and leave alcohol alone. At college, alcohol is the number one date rape drug. At college, alcohol is the number one killer of our children. At college, alcohol is the number one reason for deadly auto accidents. By keeping marijuana illegal we are harming and killing our children because marijuana is not just a little bit safer, it is safer by magnitudes compared to alcohol. So keep marijuana illegal America and continue to kill our children…not to mention hundreds of thousands of the rest of us. Alcohol is the #1 dangerous drug in America hands down yet we encourage and promote it, celebrate it, name sports arena’s after it, blah, blah, blah. It is time to stop killing America with big booze and start promoting a safer choice, cannabis. No one died from cannabis overdose last year, anywhere. Across the world, millions died from alcohol toxicity. To wait for our government to give us permission to consume a safer alternative to alcohol is rather assinine given Uncle Sams “Reefer Madness” mentality and lies. My life, my childs life, is based on truth, reason, science and facts. Not the dogma from the last 70 years of lies and deception. You go right ahead and drench yourself and your problems with alcohol but don’t impose your poison on me. And I certainly don’t need my government’s permission to consume a safer alternative when it comes to the health of me or my family. We seem to have given our government way too much say so in the many decisions of our daily lives, and it is killing us. Enough is enough.

  3. It is very apparent that this is one more politition that does not understand what a public servant is supposed to be.
    Perhaps now, he knows what an “IDIOT” he sounds like.
    Go home and get a real job.

  4. If I were in N. Carolina, I would have written Rep. Stam this:

    Hello Representative Stam,

    I am dismayed to read reports that purport you saying you were being harassed by public citizens who wrote, called and emailed you regarding a bill that had been introduced in the legislature. I know that all representatives and public officials (yourself included) welcome the discourse of voters. It’s obvious to me that what you meant to say was that you were ecstatic that so many people took time to share their views with you. Of course, even though their views were not the same as your own personally held view, you were grateful that it was important enough for them to let you know. I know you are really thankful for these citizens who keep you informed of their opinions, lest you make a big mistake by assuming what you want is what the public wants.

    Since you were so obviously and egregiously misquoted, I think the public would be grateful for you to go on record about how important you think it is for the public to contact you on all matters. I can’t imagine any public figure as upstanding as yourself decrying the efforts of the citizenry to influence you to act according to their will. After all, when you get so much correspondence on a single subject, it must be quite important to those reaching out to you.

    Incidentally, why don’t you hold a hearing regarding medical marijuana so that the issue and related legislation receive the public debate they deserve. This will help to ensure that citizens can continue to contact their elected officials and voice their concerns.

    Thanks for being such a top-notch public figure by ensuring everyone knows your feelings about public discourse. You’re a class act sir!

  5. This was so beautifully written, I wish you did live in NC. I was considering moving to NC as a means of re entering the work force, hoping the warmer climate may be kinder to my disability, and get off SSDI. However, without medicinal marijuana, I would be left with standardized prescription treatment, which ultimately compound my condition. A loose on both accounts.

    I do hope there is reconsideration, and the warmer climate of the west coast does not remain my only alternative, so far from family.

  6. What offends and bothers me most about this rep’s actions has nothing to do with the bill on the tabel,but rather that he has forgotten about comitting to an oath to office whereby he is to represent the people,,,just another arrogant lawyer politician who has forgotten he is “a public servant ,not a privilaged citizen ” !!!

  7. Paul “Skip” Stem better not harass me with a request to vote for him or anyone who is affiliated or supports him when vote time comes.. If alcohol and cigarettes were illegal I’d understand completely but marijuana is far less dangerous than any of these and for him to say the things that he said just displays his incompetence and ignorance.

  8. It is time for the Pot Party. Jefferson smuggled the Emperor of China’s strain and Wrote the Declaration of Independence when was high on it as well as on it, it was drafted on hemp. If it were not for Apple computer, We wouldn’t have desktops for computers they would have Unix computer workstations but we probably would not even have that. Virtually every aspect of all our computers was based on two inventors getting high on sativa. Sativa unlike medical marijuana makes you smarter. Straight people don’t write Declarations of Independence that write the wrongs, like Obamacare. They don’t invent Apple computers, that make Windows and Linux possible, they invent Unix who nobody uses even when its free. Look how smart Genghis Khan was. All our technology is based on Marijuana from the printing press to the computer. Ma is the Chinese character that symbolizes Marijuana. China is China. Machina is Latin for Machine. All our technology is based on the machine. Stupid people don’t want you to get high because it connects to the Mind of GOD ,JESUS CHRIST unless it is indica, then it connects your head to a pillow.

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