New Poll: 49% of Colorado Voters Support Taxing and Regulating Marijuana

May 17, 2010 , , , ,

A new Rasmussen telephone poll released over the weekend shows that 49% of Colorado voters support taxing and regulating marijuana, while 13% are still undecided.

The findings come just days before Colorado’s governor is expected to sign a bill that would regulate the state’s booming medical marijuana industry. Some local patients groups protested the proposed regulations last week, since roughly half of the state’s estimated 1,100 dispensaries are not expected to be able to comply with the changes. However, once approved, the regulations would also grant new legal status to 500 or more existing dispensaries, making Colorado home to the largest number of law-abiding, state-regulated marijuana dispensaries anywhere in the United States. If future demand increases, even more could follow.

Stay tuned to the blog for developments, as Gov. Bill Ritter (D) is expected to sign this new law any day.

6 responses to “New Poll: 49% of Colorado Voters Support Taxing and Regulating Marijuana”

  1. I like those numbers; sure its not a majority, but so what? I don’t know how the pollsters phrased the question, and most people won’t admit that they favor legalization over the phone.
    Oh and by the way, FIRST!!

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Rasmussen polls tend to skew a bit “right” if anything, in which case 49% approval could probably be considered a conservative estimate, with the real number possibly being over half.

    I understand the objections to the tightened regulations in Colorado, and as always the devil is in the details. However, I think ultimately it’s a good thing when regulations emerge to solidify the status of legally operating dispensaries.

    Purely from a legal advocacy standpoint, I’d rather see 10 dispensaries that are widely seen as legitimate than 100 dispensaries that are considered shady and quasi-legal.

  3. @Rhayader – I’m with on that one. A lot of the public is very concerned with dispensaries all over the place. We need to start with few that are examplatory and follow all rules and regulations. Gain public trust and in few years the laws will be loosened up further.

    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  4. Legalization should be right up the conservitive alley.
    State rights.
    Individual rights.
    Free market.
    Job growth.
    New (old) industrial emergence.
    And if we legalize first we will lead the world in quality standards and industrial supply.

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