New National Poll Shows Dramatic Increase in Support of Marijuana Reform

Jan 19, 2010 ,

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals that more than eight in 10 Americans (81%) support efforts to make marijuana legal for medical use, up from 69 percent in 1997. Fifty-six percent say that if it’s allowed, “doctors should be able to prescribe medical marijuana to anyone they think it can help.” Last week the New Jersey state legislature passed a medical marijuana bill and yesterday Gov. Corzine signed the bill into law, making New Jersey the 14th state to provide its sick and dying patients with safe access to marijuana.

Additionally, the ABC News/Washington Post poll finds 46 percent support for making the possession of small amounts of marijuana legal for personal use, up from 22 percent in 1997.

25 responses to “New National Poll Shows Dramatic Increase in Support of Marijuana Reform”

  1. Personaly, at social gatherings, I enjoy the company of marijuana users over that of alcohol users, they are more fun to be around.

  2. We’re in the midst of a cultural shift here folks; we’re crossing the tipping point as we speak. Thanks to MPP for all of the fantastic work you’ve done, the public would undoubtedly not have been this far along without your efforts.

  3. Support the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act! It’s the best legalization law proposed anywhere in the world! There is NO BETTER legalization proposal on the planet than the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act! Support freedom, and fairness… Support the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2010!

  4. Do you think the legislators of this fine country read the news?

    Or will they continue to cower to the special interests that pad their pocket book to continue the discrimination of liberties and freedoms for people to grow and possess a plant called cannabis sativa?

    Mind you the plant was once legal and used a medicine and recreation.

  5. there is hope, jd keep fighting the good fight we will win-we are winning-one state at a time-could you imagine 10 years ago talking totally leagal in 4 states. folks keep supporting mpp it`s because of mpp and normal that we are where we are now, get off your high horse-i don`t care who rob is poking just as long as he gets pot leagal..

  6. Eventually it has to become decriminalized and taxed. We are a broken country borrowing money from China (and our children, grandchildren) to pay for the incrimination of a plant.

    Extrapolate the ridiculous costs of the war on marijuana out 25, 50, 100, 200 years from now if it would stay illegal.

    Tax it or be the brokest country in the world. We are smarter than that.

    The biggest impacts to decriminalize it will be when americans understand how much of thee paycheck is going towards incriminating a plant.

    After all this is or will be americas biggest casah crop.

  7. has anyone noticed that there is NO prohibitionist-politician out there, going from talk show to soundbite, spouting off the evils of marijuana anymore???

    only law enforcement, and others that stand to lose funding for sniffing under people’s doors are carrying the prohibition flag of myth and hysteria.


    the internet! the power of the personal computer and the power of the VOTE.

    anslinger/hearst/dupont could NEVER have gotten away with their racist propaganda and yellow journalism in today’s age of instant news.

    i believe many politicians are praying for voter referendums to ease their pain of doing a complete 180 on the marijuana issue.

    IF any active politician (most of them) were to, suddenly, start telling the truth about marijuana and the negative aspects of the drug war their constituents would ask ” were you lying during all those campaigns, or are you just stupid?”

    most (not all) active politicians are letting the medical issue open up a backdoor to legalization, while still enjoying the millions of dollars they recieve from industries that will lose market share when marijuana and Hemp are legal in a true free market (alcohol/ bigpharma/ big oil).

    OREGON is leading the way to voter control of this issue. IF an initiative to legalize marijuana and Hemp comes up in your state, and were to fail, THEN consider moving to another state that voted to end prohibition.

    but once the first intiatives in oregon, then washington, then california take hold, a domino effect will start.

    in 2008 it was the black vote, and the evangelical hispanic segment of our population that put President Obama over the top.

    another segment of the voting population that helped carry Obama to victory were marijuana advocates that saw him as a vehicle to common sense dictated marijuana policy.

    okay, he spit in our face during that town hall meeting, but i dont think john mccain would have had his AG make a statement about leaving the feds out of medical marijuana states.

    now, many of those pro-marijuana voters feel that our president has let them down, but…

    seeing as medical marijuana recieved more votes than HE did in Michigan, Obama has got to see that this issue could make or break his chances of getting re-elected.

    in fact, i can’t believe that SOME well recognized political figure will not appear on the scene (or reappear) and take advantage of the HUGE voting block of anti prohibitionists.

    perhaps sometime in 2011. we had our chance with Dr. Ron Paul in 2008.

    SOMEONE has got to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park for us.

    who will it be?

  8. OFF TOPIC! Lansing Michigan is now going to outlaw the public grower and take over the cannabis trade. They want to controll. I said shit like this was going to happen and some of you said “police state”. Yes a police state to still controll our lives. The people of Lansing are pretty much screwed. This will continue to happen all across America if we do not yell at those who oppose us. This is a huge step backwards. If anyone at mpp ever supports any kind of shit like this, I will never give tthem another penny. MPP. Do the right thing.

  9. Where’s the justice for Alaska, there is no one joining the fight to give us our medical dispencaries. We are in the milddle of no where and no one cares about our right. We give you oil, torrism, and Sarah Palin lol
    and we get nothing in return.

  10. I said it before and i will say it again. YOU CANNOT USE MEDICAL MARIJUANA AS A BACKDOOR! If you make it medical in every state then it will NEVER get out of medical status. It will be controlled by the state and/or pharmacies. They will not let the money slip through their fingers to individual people/businesses, it will remain medical ONLY for way too long, just as you will never see pharmacy drugs sold over the counter. It will be controlled by big brother, and i dont mean in the same way alcohol/cigarettes are. We need to go right for the throat on this instead of nipping at the heels, or we will find ourselves in another sticky situation. If we can use medical as a backdoor, it will have to fast, very fast, before the vultures can sink their beeks into it. We will have to be fast enough so that they will be left in the dust with heads spinning and wondering to themselves “what happened”

  11. Absolutely correct champagne2878. While I can’t explain it well enough now, mainly because I’m severely ill, unless we go after this at the Federal level Full Throttle the scenario you described above champagne2878 will transpire.
    Would love to be wrong however, don’t think I am.
    Here’s the letter I received from a Senator in Utah today via the Post Office.

    Thank you for writing regarding the legalization of marijuana. I appreciate hearing your views, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

    I was very sorry to learn of the 17-year-old boy who was allegedly shot in the head by his own gun after a Utah Highway Patrol trooper questioned him regarding his suspected possession of marijuana. Because I am not privy to details of this even, I am hesitant to speculated about eh circumstances surrounding this case. Further, as a United States Senator, I do not have the authority to investigate the Utah Highway Patrol department to determine whether their actions were justified. If you believe the case mentioned in your letter was handled inappropriately, I do suggest that you file a complaint with the local police department, or the office of the Utah Attorney General, as they have jurisdiction over situations such as the one you mentioned.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) places marijuana, along with heroin and several other addictive drugs, in the category reserved for controlled substances with “a high abuse potential.” The use of marijuana is associated with several significant health risks, including impaired memory and learning, respiratory infections, anxiety, and panic attacks. It also causes physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. I am concerned with the addictive nature of these drugs and I cannot ignore the harm that legalizing marijuana would have on the public. The negative effects of illegal drugs are well documented as is the high cost of drug addiction to society as a whole. For this reason, I do not plan to support this effort to legalize marijuana.

    Despite the fact that the government regulates drugs such as alcohol and prescription medication, people still find ways to abuse these drugs, and the same situation would likely exist with illegal substances. More than 60 percent of inmates in the federal prison system are drug law violators, and studies indicate that the addictive nature of most illegal drugs contribute significantly to the incidence of violent crime and property crime in the country. I believe that a change in the DEA’s current policy would result in increased drug use in public schools, a rise in the number of drug addicts and drug overdose cases, and an increase in drug-related crimes. I have considered this issue carefully, and should this matter come before the Senate in the future, I will vote accordingly

    I respect your right to disagree and thank you again for informing me of your views. As an elected representative, I welcome all Utahns to share with me their concerns and priorities. Only through these conversations can I meet my obligation to represent all of my constituents.

    Thank you again for writing.

  12. This senator will have to stand against an opponent some day. If He wants to keep his job he will change his mind. Then again, we see polititions lie like a bear rug every election. In Utah you have a morman influence, just like Idaho, but that will change as other states legalize, both for madical and aldult use. This election in Ms. is just an example of things to come. I am just wondering if the cannabis issue wont be the biggest vote getter of all time.

  13. sadly your letter looks alot like the ones i get back when i write the people here in florida where i live. Its kinda worse here though in the facr that they just flat out say “i am against anything like that and marijuana is dangerous and kills people”, this is irritating to me in the respect that their personal opinion should not mean anything at all. Its the peoples opinion that should be the only thing that matters. They basically tell me that my opinion is worthless and that i live live by what they want. 🙁

  14. I guess ill just have to boil up my san-pedro cactus and drink it since its completely legal to buy and sell them, eventhough its full of mescaline LOL just kidding, its too pretty to kill 🙂

  15. Our nation can acknowledge the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana while still permitting their use. The only logically and morally consistent argument for marijuana prohibition necessitates the criminalization of all harmful recreational drugs, including alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. We can agree that such an infringement on personal freedoms is as impractical as it is un-American. The time has come to accept that our nation’s attitude toward marijuana has been misguided for generations and that the only rational approach to cannabis is to legalize, regulate and tax it.
    Dr. Nathan, a psychiatrist in Princeton, N.J., is a clinical assistant professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

  16. Perhaps all the people who want marijuana to be legal are going about it the wrong way. If the government wants to decide that they are the ones who decide what is medically best for a patient even though they may not be experts in the medical field, maybe we should just have some kid that works at McDonald’s declare a new law stating all drugs are legal. Not really his area of expertise, but who’s counting…

  17. 50 Years, can you believe it 50 years we’ve been lied to, incarcerated, abused, and flat out terrorized by our own government, for profit. You can’t tell me that the Government’s of this World have our best interests at heart. Destroying families, removing tax paying citizens from the ranks of the gainfully employed and placing them in cells, and treating them like animals just because they smoke a natural plant, it just totally boggles my mind. Millions upon millions of enlightened people worldwide know the TRUTH, why are we still creating misery, I’d really like to know. Is there anybody out there who can please tell me why we listen to people who create all this misery, when they have no scientific evidence. Free the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union.

  18. It is very frustrating to see a State Senator use their personal opinions and beliefs to determine how they will represent the citizens of their state. How a politician feels about an issue should never be a deciding factor. They have been placed in the positions they are in to represent the majority of the citizens of their state or country. We are in a day that for the people by the people has basically become a joke. The “elite” few are making the decisions on our behalf for their own agenda, their own gain. Marijuana Prohibition is just a long standing example of this. Anyone that has done one stinch of research on their own KNOW the TRUTH about Cannibis. Hearsay cannot hold up as evidnece in a court of law, why is it acceptable when “making law”? There are numerous examples all around us that prove that the issue lies with the individual not the subtance. An addict will find their poison whether its legal or not. How many people are “dependant” on their pharmacudical drugs? My father has to take medication daily for blood pressure to prevent a stroke, does this make him an addict?I have bipolar disorder and would be taking Lithium to treat my illness if I followed my doctors treatment. Lithium…the stuff I use to power my flashlight. If I take the Lithium I’m medicated not addicted yet I use marijauna and get better results from it than I do Lithium but am considered a drug abuser not a medicine user. I have a cousin who takes Xantax for anxiety. She could sell her pills on the street easier than I can buy a bag of marijuana but her medication is legal. People who do not even have a prescription use this pill almost more than the people who do. Why is it legal? The same reason that narcatic pain killers are still legal. You can not deny the people who need these medications because of the acts of an irresponsible group of people. Why does the same not apply to the use of marijuana as medication. I have taken the docotr’s drugs and I have used marijuana to treat my bipolar disorder and by far without a doubt marijuana works better for me and I should have the choice to use a natural medicinde instead of a man made medicine without fear of legal persecution.

  19. The more liberally minded Democrats in the US will likely get stomped in the next election cycle…with the exception of the pres but even that is questionable(it depends on what happens in the near future). I’d hate to be an incumbent in the next election, they’ll get a front row, first hand view of unemployment office. What that means to cannabis reform is that we need urgency. 3 years from now a more conservative govt. is very likely and we all know how conservatives view cannabis.

  20. Hey Dan-o:

    You are right about the conservatives. They have been anti-cannabis and anti-science ever since the Schaeffer report.

    They invented the massive federal deficits that threaten our country when Reagan piled on more debt than all the President’s before him combined. They bred a generation of Americans who think they never need pay for any government, just pass the debt on to our children. I find it exquisitely humorous that this ‘tax- anybody-but-me’ notion has led to public support for the tax and regulate it approach to cannabis.

  21. I think they should legealize it here in Indianapolis,IN for Medical and personal use and make money off it cause you know how many people out here would buy it I think they should make money off it and be reasonable about it.. I think they really need to do some searching and digging cause I think they would see how much money they would make legealizein it

  22. Support your local tea party! Lots of us Constitutionalists are on board with legalization – you know, at least the first time around they had the decency to amend the Constitution – and amend it back…

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