New Hampshire Adds Chronic Pain to Qualifying Conditions

Aug 17, 2017 , , , ,

New Hampshire’s therapeutic cannabis law is finally expanding to include patients who suffer from chronic pain. HB 157 went into effect on Tuesday, adding “moderate to severe chronic pain” as a qualifying condition. This new law will allow many more Granite Staters to use cannabis as an alternative to prescribed opioids — a critically important reform for a state that is struggling to turn the tide against opiate addiction.

Until this week, patients could only qualify with a pain diagnosis if their pain was deemed to be “severe” and related to one of the specific medical conditions provided for in the law. As a result, it was much easier for medical providers to prescribe opioids than to certify patients for therapeutic cannabis. Patients who would like to apply now that the law has changed can access the updated application forms here.

For those who are waiting for the addition of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), that is scheduled to take effect on August 27.

3 responses to “New Hampshire Adds Chronic Pain to Qualifying Conditions”

    • It isn’t that nice in NH. You still have to pay a pain management doctor $200 per visit, unreimbursed out-of-pocket cash, to certify you and then pay triple the price for passable product. It’s only legal for those wealthy enough to hire specialists who would rather sell you with a fentanyl pump to certify you for a card, and attorneys to protect them from predatory prosecutors who won’t stop arresting and charging just because the law has changed. Can’t live free in this state…but you could certainly die from the cops enforcing prohibition in their usual brutal manner.

  1. I’m trying to find a Dr. in Concord to get a recommendation.I don’t dare ask mine
    I was on davocette til it got banned in 2010 then hydrocodone until I cold turkeyed,alprazolam,clonazepam and hydrocodone before it killed me on Mar. 2015 before it killed me.
    Anyone know where these Drs are hiding?,e-mail me

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