Minnesota Medical Marijuana Patients Slam Governor

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On Wednesday, medical marijuana patients and advocates held an emotional press conference slamming Gov. Mark Dayton for bowing to law enforcement and stalling on a medical marijuana bill currently being considered in the Minnesota legislature.

Those present, several of them parents of children with severe forms of epilepsy who could benefit from medical marijuana, said the governor told them they should risk arrest and obtain their medicine from the illicit market.

“He told me, ‘You can buy it on the street. It’s decriminalized in Minnesota. There’s a good distribution system here already,'” Jessica Hauser, 36, of Woodbury, told The Associated Press in an interview.

She said he also told her another option would be to buy it another state where medical marijuana was legal and bring it back to Minnesota.

“I told the governor that was unacceptable,” said Hauser, who has another son who is 5. “I shouldn’t have to become a criminal to help my son. I could lose both my children.”

36 responses to “Minnesota Medical Marijuana Patients Slam Governor”

  1. Governor I urge you sir to listen to DR Sanjay Gupta and get the hell on board. Get your head out of your ass and give these children the medicine they need. Go to ” Weedthepeople.com learn something Governor. It’s time to replace opium with “Marijuana” The Less opium based pain pills the fewer opiate addicted individuals!!!!!!

  2. Addiction to pain killers are sky high and the side effects for most drugs make taking several pills impossible, people get to a point where they can’t even keep a schedule for all their pills and the side effects cause most people to change their behavior immensely or to stay up all night because the side effects make sleeping uncomfortable, and then when the patient goes to the doctor for help the patient is sent to the pharmacy with a prescription for something that may work if they take it properly, please, the addiction and the experiments and the trial and error all have to end! One plant for all cures, one plants for all side effects, one plants that so many refuse to open their minds to. The research and proof for ways in which marijuana helps is beyond, people will love and unite because the humanity within this world still exists within us. Question what you’re given and fed, research and the truth you find hits so hard it only makes you question this country we’ve come to be, we have to love and unite and care for one another as a whole, not as a class or a race or a group!

  3. The politicians do not care about our children.I have done everything I could think of to get Medical Marijuana legal in Ohio,for Chronic Pain Patients,Which I am one.The Governor did not even return an email response.If it was their kids,you can bet the story would be completely different.If he told you to break the law and people were around to hear him say that,then break the damn law.You have witnesses saying Gov.Mark Dayton told you it was ok to break the law.Karma is a Bitch,wait until it is one of his loved ones.

  4. Mark Dayton should be an expert on drugs by now. This matter is not just for children but adults with anything from incurable back pain to cancer and other debilitating diseases. What is even more dis-concerning is a legislature who is not willing to take matters in their own hands and override Dayton’s objections. Some of the backward minded law officials bark the same spin that this is a step up drug. Never mind that is not only false but what about beer and other alcoholic beverages? Is it not true that the more arrests made the more a law enforcement agencies gets? Moreover the real issue can also be the greedy drug manufacturers who issue their addictive zombie converting drugs. What is even more amazing is that both the senate and house are controlled by the same party as Dayton. Dayton not only has to get his head out of his butt but grow a pair and listen to the people who put him in office. Likewise for some of the members of the House and Senate. Let’s get the job done!

  5. Why do we spend money on private prisons and drug laws? It is clear that very sick people can be helped and not be forced into breaking the law to stay healthy. Is it a case of big money that controls private prisons and certain law enforcement groups who are fighting this?

  6. It amazes me that we can elect these people to office that are so ignorant of the facts. They are so quick to listen to the uneducated or highest bidder. Its time to take back our country and vote these people out! Marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol or 90% of the prescription drugs passed out freely today by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Keep up the good fight people!

  7. Spineless Governor still thinks it’s ok for making a plant that grows naturally on earth a criminal offense to smoke it or eat it.

  8. The fact that these mothers have to practically beg the governor to save their childrens lives breaks my heart. Fuck you governor Dayton.

  9. How in Heaven’s name do these corrupt slime balls disguised behind respectability and protected by the BLUE GANG, get the power and authority to deny anyone anything that brings help and comfort and even saves lives? This is madness. We must be living in the Twilight Zone on Steroids.
    I hope all these twisted bastards are being logged for future prosecution when the time comes and it will come because the universal laws work with mathematical precision without fail for all of us. God bless all the parents who are dealing with these issues that in most cases were caused by the vaccines their children were poisoned with from the day they were born. I wonder what interest this so called emperor and all others who feel they have this authority and power to deny such rights, in the pharmaceutical and health care industry?

  10. I have been married to two men in my life both had or have alcohol problems. Mean people when they were drinking . I have never met a mean person who had smoked pot. It helps calm people Down, decrease nausea, help with pain , I could go on and on. And I also personally know someone who has been given pain meds from drs. Who give it out like candy, their lives were ruined and so was the families until they got help, which incidentally no one cares to give. Legalize pot, let us grow our own, stop putting people in jail for smoking. As far as the governor telling people to get it illegally , he needs to be thrown out of office

  11. Lots of great points here. I would LOUDLY remind this states Governor that he will be replace if he doesn’t listen to the people of the state!

  12. Our system is corrupted by the mainstream medical cartel and the drug companies. One of the reasons our system has tried to keep pot illegal is it would cut into the drug companies profits. Alcohol and properly prescribed drugs are killing thousands every year but the government and law enforcement is worried about pot. And that tired old logic that is the gateway drug is pathetic. By that logic food is the gateway because every single person who has ever taken drugs previously ate food. Give me a break. We need to get the corruption out of our government. How many people have died from pot compare to how many have died from prescription drugs.

  13. Gov. Dayton is a classic example of those who find it necessary to wage war on predominately low-income blacks and hispanics in order to protect people like him from themselves. Dayton is a well-to-do alcoholic, who will never spend a day in prison due to his addictive behavior, who wants to spend public funds locking up others who might feed him, and others like him, a new vice. Pleading with Mr. Dayton to reform marijuana law is an exercise in futility. It’s time put the issue on the ballot.

  14. We have parents smoking chemical filled tobacco around their children. We also have parents drinking large amounts of alcohol. Neither one of these things help adults, nor the children. Both of these substances are also heavily tampered with and made more harmful by man. The only thing marijuana has done is simply grow naturally out of our planet. It does not kill, it medicates. If it helps medicate the cherished children of our future then I can not imagine harm coming from that. The laws in many states are changing, because people are waking up! This poor girl that suffers every day, and her mother, would greatly appreciate if everyone WOKE UP and moved on to modern, experienced, and more educated ways of thinking.

  15. You silly folks in Minnesota will elect same corrupts politicians year after year. Land of the free..oh I love my land of the free….WAKE UP! Cant even provide our children with medication that is easy to produce yourself….A PLANT! W hat corrupts society we live in….and we are so quick to point fingers, Are you all Proud Slaves of American Democracy?

  16. The governors attitude toward those sick children reminds me of a song I heard once: “I’d like to help you son, but you’re too young to vote”.
    Remember this man’s attitude toward sick children when he comes up for reelection.

  17. It is absolutely heartbreaking that safe relief is being denied our suffering children and adults. There is no legitimate reason for the continued prohibition of marijuana, only greed, cowardice, and fear. How much longer will this travesty go on?

  18. As a mother of an 11 year old girl with intractable epilepsy, I am just so disgusted. My daughter suffered for 3 years with as many as 30 seizures or more a day. She has been on so many medicines I lost track of how many. She currently takes 5 1/2 pills every morning and night. Her seizures have been under control for 10 months now, but could return at any time. She is out of options for medications if the ones she is now on fail. I can’t even begin to imagine the detrimental effect these chemicals are wreaking on her body. Knowing that the a few drops of liquified marijijana could be a pure and effective treatment, but yet it is not legal to do so, enrages me. I do know that if the seizures come back I will do whatever it takes to get her it. I will move to a state where it is legal, or will get it and brin it back here. We are in PA and I do not see it bein legalized here in the near future. It is disgraceful!

  19. I sent this message to Gov. Dayton a few days ago. I doubt that it will help, Here it is:

    If you are going to let the Law Enforcement agencies dictate your decision on allowing people TOO YOUNG to DRIVE and TOO YOUNG to commit any crimes, with parents TOO BURDENED with the care of the children who have multiple seizures daily to go out to commit crimes relating to marijuana, this may be the answer:
    Let the Law Enforcement agencies who are dictating to you arrange to provide officers to be with these children and their parents 24-hour-a-day. This would give the parents some relief from THEIR having to attend to the child 24-hour-a-day, and also it would give the parents and child the thought that perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, the law enforcement people can be kind, loving members of the world who care about suffering children.
    What do YOU think? Let me know.

  20. $25 ???? Don’t you think you have taken enough from us already? Now, you want to tax us for the same product you plan on fining us for possessing? Huh????????????

    A few words for the governor,

    “So speak and so act as those who are to be judged by the law of liberty. For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment” – James, brother of Jesus

  21. Isn’t it against his oath as Governor to urge citizens within his jurisdiction to be breaking both state and federal laws? When he tells parents to obtain the necessary medication for their children through illicit means, either by purchasing from the black market, or purchasing legally in another state, but then transporting it across state lines, that is exactly what he is asking them to do. Where is the moral justification there? How can a politician that recommends such actions still be in his position?

  22. l am so tired of arguing with morons! Marijuana is less harmful than both coffee or sugar. I have smoked marijuana for 40 years and can honestly say I have had no more than a slight cold in all that time. I honestly believe it boosts the immune system. It’s the prison industry, alcohol industry and big pharm that want to keep marijuana illegal. They all lose when marijuana becomes legal! Oh, and lets not forget the police. Their funding is based on all those big bad marijuana busts they make. How about going after the dealers of the real harmful drugs like meth and heroin? Legalize marijuana now!!!

  23. This governor needs to rethink his duties to the people of his state. This life giving drug needs to be legalized and not be a politicians plaything for his power ego trip.

  24. I am 63 this year and even my grandmother back in 1970 believed in the medical use of marijuana. We as the citizens of this country need to tell the big alcohol and drug companies with the paid off politicians to standdown and let full legalization of marijuana come to be.

  25. Steve, you have summed it up with you comment, just wish our citizens of this country would get on board with legalizing it. I am wishing it will happen before my passing.

  26. What do you expect from a trust fund kid, Dayton has never held a real job in his life. Why would we expect anything from him for the people he represents. All he knows how to do is use our tax money to fund the rich with new stadiums. Nothing for the suffering children and adults who could benefit for the legalization of medical marijuana. Think of all the tax dollars the state could raise and do some real good like fix the roads and help the needy.
    He will never get it because he will never have to be without and truly suffer.

  27. The issue of cannabis legalization has rapidly become a potentially deciding factor in U.S. elections.
    Those politicians who support legalization will most probably keep their lucrative seats and those who oppose rational thought and willfully ignore scientific evidence may lose their seat at the banquet table?
    The tide of public opinion has turned in favor of full legalization…some politicians will recognize and respect that fact and others never will?…represent the will of their voting constituents??
    Does the failure to represent the will of voters indicate a dereliction of duty?
    The times have changed and those who change with them won’t have to change jobs?
    Many of those who continue to support this wrongful prohibition may be convinced that voters who choose to consume cannabis have a short memory…I can only counter that misconception by stating, ” Don’t bet on it”!…at the voting booth!

    Eric K. Johnson

  28. I am a prime candidate for medical marijuana here in Minnesota, having received inoperable injuries from being a crime victim several years ago; I am in pain 24/7; I have a gait-disorder and must use a walker. I was an avid outdoorswoman & dedicated to healthy diet, but that didn’t stop what happened to me. Gov. Dayton shows his arrogant privileged background when he makes ignorant flippant remarks about our much-need medicine. I supposed he would prefer me to become addicted to Oxycontin or the like – sorry Gov, not me. Dayton may not give a damn about me, but I care deeply about my right to *natural, sustainable and workable* medicines: medical marijuana being the one I need. While he continues to receive the best of medical care & treatment, I am a disabled senior paying taxes here in Minnesota but *not* receiving humane medical options. DOWN WITH ARROGANT PRIVILEGED POLITICIANS. UP WITH MEDICAL MARIJUANA AND LEGALIZATION IN GENERAL.

  29. Wow that governor sounds like a real piece of you know what. Theses are the people we’ve elected, its not safety and health with many of these guys. What a scum bag. Democratic have got to go, this idiot probably voted for Obamacrap too. Enough of this lets take back United States. Illegalize for all, stop the cartels, many crimes, save tax payers money on the judicial system and free up police. Decriminalize and attach a fine and send people on their way. Help the people that actually use this for medicine to control illnesses that hurt them. Wake up Govenor Dip $hit and stop failing your population. You don’t deserve your title.

  30. You know how people use cannabis when they have cancer so they don’t get so sick and it helps them eat and sleep.How do we know that the cannabis isn’t killing the cancer instead of the chemo and radiation.Is it just because this is what is being told or said is why we don’t know any better.If it can stop seizures in people with epilepsy than why couldn’t it take the place of chemo and radiation for cancer?It could be a certain strain that does the trick.They are always trying to get out of doing research and this might be the reason.If it does do what I think it could would really put a dent in the cancer industry wouldn’t it and not to mention all the lives it would save.Africa is just now trying to decriminalize cannabis now and I’ve listened to some of the people trying to help with this decriminalization and the seem to think the cannabis is doing all the work as far as killing the cancers.Look at how long the DEA lied to Dr Gupta and how far has this lie gone and what else were they lying about.

  31. Yes we can…choose from one of two possible choices…that’s one more than one!
    Feel the depth and breadth of choice?
    We were “allowed” to choose between george bush/john kerry…who both attended the same school and both belonged to the same “Club”…from a pool of hundreds of millions of Americans.
    Wasn’t that quite a coincidence of free choice?
    In relation to the article , both candidates admitted their past consumption of cannabis…but… that was their choice?…?

    Eric K Johnson

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