Medical marijuana bill introduced in Idaho!

Jan 20, 2011

On Wednesday, January 19, Idaho State Representative Tom Trail introduced legislation that would protect seriously ill residents in his state from arrest and prosecution for using marijuana with their doctors’ recommendations. Rep. Trail, a Republican from Moscow, Idaho, recognized the compassionate need for a distinction between medical and non-medical use of marijuana and acted on it.

If passed, Idaho would become the 16th state, along with the District of Columbia, to distinguish between medical and non-medical marijuana use. Idaho is surrounded by medical marijuana states, sharing borders with Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana. Additionally, Idaho borders Canada, a medical marijuana country.

Although the bill is solid, Rep. Trail has his work cut out for him. In a state as “red” as they get, dispelling myths and making sure the truth is heard can be difficult. However, the soft-spoken conservative from Moscow, Idaho seems to be an ideal champion for this issue.

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32 responses to “Medical marijuana bill introduced in Idaho!”

  1. If Idaho passes this I will amazed. I’m pretty sure its one of the only states you can’t be arrested for just being high.

  2. In this society of ever-increasing stress levels, how can anyone possibly justify keeping the substance that promotes violence (alcohol) “legal”, while insisting that the substance that suppresses violence (Cannabis) should be kept “illegal”! Total absence of logic. Cannabis is not physically addictive as it has no documented physical withdrawal syndrome associated with its use; smoking Cannabis has been shown to have NO connection with increased risk of lung cancer, the so-called “gateway drug” theory is a non-existent entity altogether, and Marinol is a synthetic THC analogue, which is not at all the same thing as Medicinal Cannabis. This is together with the remarkable medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant, the denial of which is not even a “rational” thing to do! It is as pointed out in the prestigious “Substance Abuse: A Comprehensive Textbook” that states clearly that “Cannabis use suppresses violent behavior and only the unsophisticated think otherwise”. Cannabis prohibition is doing more harm to this society than many people realize, as the (young) people are pushed to “experiment” with alcohol/hard drugs or dangerous, physically addictive prescription drugs, many of which promoting violent behavior instead of suppressing it as Cannabis does. CA Prop. 19 directly challenged the DEA “dogmas”, and it was the reason why it infuriated the “powers that be” the way it did! Unfortunately, many lawmakers are still swayed by the DEA disinformation in all these respects, but one thing is clear: just like KGB before it, the DEA will not be able to defend its mindless “dogmas” by repression alone; sooner or later the American people will clearly see this nonsense, and they will not tolerate it indefinitely!

  3. Kudos to Rep. Trail for his courage and initiative. If you support real Republican values, you should be standing by Trail in Odaho. The idea that the government should tell your doctor what limits it places on your health care is the antithesis of such values, but far too many Republicans don’t bother thinking too hard on this issue.

    As for the Democrats, no idea what influence they have on the matter one way or the other. Medical cannabis should not be a partisan issue. There are lots of good reasons for Democrats to support medical cannabis, too.

    Politicians of all stripes should be looking for opportunities to improve their general image in the minds of voters. Roughly 2/3 of the public supports medical cannabis in one form or another. That means that voting for medical cannabis legislation is sort of a slam-dunk smart move that you can point to when people say that politicians haven’t done anything for regular people lately. But only if you SUPPORT it.

    And do politicians ever need some good press!

  4. I am living in Idaho and our NORML chapter just got our MMJ initiave back and given the short name!

    We don’t expect this to pass through the legistlature but easily on the ballot in 2012!

  5. To all the residents of Idaho ; May this be the first steps in the long struggel to free the weed. How much longer? It’s my country too.

  6. can someone from MPP please tell me why u are associated with George stamos? He supports Obama even when Obama is killing us. U guys still support Obama?

  7. lol….
    sorry….i ment soros….

    If they dont, they still dont change their points on Obama, even after he killed more Americans. They still suckin his tit.

  8. JJ please don’t comment if you can’t make a rational statement. Obama did not kill anyone. I am not against or for his politics but to claim he’s “killed Americans” is a little crazy man. Stop listening to whoever is filling you with this nonsense. If you should be angry at anything be mad at the Federal Reserve, they are the ones who really pull the strings.

    And this topic is about Idaho! I have already called and e-mailed my local House Reps. I asked for their opinion on the bill No. 19 and asked if they will vote yes. If they reply negative we will protest infront of their offices here in Twin Falls, Idaho!


    get a clue. u think Obama is still gonna protect your medical marijuana? Michele L. HEAD DEA was appointed by Obama. PLAIN. SIMPLE. U LIED OBAMA.

    Gary Johnson 2012.

  10. This had nothing to do with Obama can you keep your focus on the real issue at hand man?

    Really you would be doing the cause alot more good by visiting this page :

    And finding out who the Reps are in your district and telling them to support House Bill No. 19!

  11. pretty sure i do that on a daily basis….

    I get to since I have 4 herniated discs, cant walk, and refuse to use pain meds. I really cannot believe people still think that Obama has nothing to do with Pot laws and how they are enforced and how they are handled.


    Keep voting for him, and soon, I hope that you are the one that is behind bars, instead of my crippled ass. I have to fight for myself cuz NO ONE ELSE WILL. So if I sound a little mad, and get a little off being “politcally correct”. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, FUCK OBAMA. FUCK REPUBLICANS. FUCK DEMOCRATS.


    Gary Johnson 2012. HE SAYS HE IS 100% FOR LEGALIZATION.

  12. President Obama can legalize marijuana just by the power of saying it were so, but you know he’s been bought out by coporate interests obviously. So bitching about that is NOT GOING TO HELP AT ALL.

    We can, however, do this on a state level. Like I said visit that link and call your reps JJ!

    BTW Gary Johnson is a Republican.

  13. We’re with you Idaho, and fighting our own battle back east in Maryland where ONE misinformed politician was able to kill the bill here last year that our senate passed with overwhelming support, and had similar support in the house, yet but because one person held that amount of power, and still does… the bill didn’t get to a vote and simply vanished – BUT… any day now, it’s coming back up, and our time is now!

    I can sympathize with JJ, though I am forced to use the pain meds prescribed to me, or I could not function at all … even tough those same meds are slowly killing me in many ways – for anyone to think that taking 300mg of morphine + other narcotics each and every day for the remainder of their life is worse than being able to use the weed that god gave us, and our founders gave us the freedom to choose to use (yet the modern day crooked politicians took that away along with many other freedoms and liberties that we “used to have”… PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS etc… ) they need to have their head examined anfd then be voted out of office!

    The time has come, and it’s the fear that is what is keeping the laws from being changed nationwide, not facts… ONLY THE FEAR… but we’re winning, and that scares them even more!

    I’ll be pulling for Idaho to make the RIGHT DECISION here, because if Maryland doesn’t, and soon I’ll be looking for a state to move my family to where I can have the opportunity to live once again – and at 55, I don’t see that I have a whole lot of time left to get my life back – Go Idaho… make it real!

    • Larry, sixteen states – Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington – and the District of Columbia have enacted laws allowing seriously ill patients to use medical marijuana with their doctor’s recommendation. Additionally, a Maryland law provides medical marijuana patients with an affirmative defense at trial, meaning they are protected from jail sentences and fines, but not from arrest.

  14. Indiana police stop rescue from responding to heart patient on 911 call , judges try to cover up police actions,deny victims copy of 911 tape. Rescue stopped+delayed 10 minutes to chest pains call on heart patient on . Husband witness to police son stealing booze from wal-mart , reports it to employee’s + police per 911. Patient (RN) on 2 call 911 respitory failure after police fulfill threat not to respond. RN also fibomayia sufferer since 1990,MMP better than drugs not working now, medical marijuana, Would probably work better being natural pain relief.

  15. Medical marijuana bill introduced in Idaho! I pray for safe passage; bless Idaho Representative Tom Trail, for introducing legislation that will protect seriously ill patients in his state. May today there be peace within. May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into our bones, and all our souls the freedom to sing, dance, and bask in the sun … it is there for each and every one of you. BLESSED BE.

  16. Keeping you in my hopes and prayers, Idaho.
    Dear Forum Director, please duct tape JJ. As in NOW. JJ hates President Obama because he’s African-American (getting easier to spot these ranters nowadays, isn’t it?) and nothing he says is on topic. And I’m Irish in case he wants to start slagging me now that I nailed him. IT’S THE MARIJUANA, STUPID!

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