California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Dies On Suspended Session

Aug 18, 2014 , , , ,

Thursday marked the end of SB 1262 in California, as the Assembly Appropriations Committee failed to take a vote on the measure before deadline. Unfortunately, this means that another legislative session has passed without the enactment of sensible statewide regulations and clearer legal protections for medical marijuana providers. However, while SB 1262 was ostensibly written to address this widely agreed upon issue, the most recent version had a number of flaws that ultimately led to MPP opposing passage.

Perhaps the most glaring flaw of the legislation was ceding regulatory power to the Department of Consumer Protection, an agency that never expressed any interest in being entrusted with this important task. In fact, the department failed to take part in a single stakeholder meeting. While we are certainly disappointed that the legislature failed to pass a regulatory bill, we are relieved that they did not pass one that would have caused more harm than good.

5 responses to “California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Dies On Suspended Session”

  1. Doesn’t the Dept. of Consumer Affairs regulate pharmacies? Isn’t that far more appropriate with “medical” marijuana versus opting for the Alcoholic Beverage Control?

  2. Kinda confusing.. One of the most progressive and liberal states in the union and they keep delaying the inevitable on this marijuana issue. Under these ‘stalls’ they’ll be one of the last to jump on board. Tell them, dragging their feet will not get them one of their phony-baloney salary raises (the big baboons).

  3. I agree it is better to utilize the proper “regulatory” entity when this is pushed on through, which it will eventually. Otherwise, it would seem that the agency designated to regulate, might instead neglect, negate or hinder. As a proponent of removing cannabis from the schedule of narcotics entirely, it would also seem reasonable to have it fall in with alcohol and tobacco, both of which are also not on the schedule.

  4. California (mostly central and northern) failed to acknowledge the Farm Land Act and Agricultural zoned properties where gardens that have been there for 3 or more Years are grandfathered in as well as Americans const rights to grow in farm land and agricultural zoned areas it is actually eminent domain taking of our property what what our grant deeds and covenants have guaranteed protection also. Homeowner associations on farmland have their own board and members and sheer ifs are trust passing on private lands owned and operated by home owners of associations and their private rules and regulations are not to be intruded by counties or city ordinances as state and federal laws prevail on how a property is to be maintained and controlled by grant deeds get on it and protect your land rights and property deeds as per agricultural and farm land rights are being taken away and depreciating the value of your home and the intentions for maintaining growth of crops

  5. Don’t forget….much of the pressure to block medical MJ is coming from big business through their lobbyists, as threats to legislators. This makes the passage of reasonable law difficult, all in the name of politics….

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