Marijuana Ballot Initiatives Get Out the Vote

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The latest round of Battleground polls by George Washington Rick ScottUniversity found respondents (nationally) would be 40% “much more likely” to visit the voting booth if marijuana’s legalization status was on the ballot. Thirty percent of respondents would be “somewhat” more likely as well. This brings the numbers up to a total of about 70% of voters who would be more likely to vote this fall if marijuana was in question.

Considering midterm elections have historically had low voter turnout, politicians are keeping a watchful eye on those states that have marijuana policy initiatives in the upcoming election. The results are promising for Democrats, because they tend to have a rougher time than Republicans in getting voters out in non-presidential election years.

The study goes on to show that 76 percent of liberals said they would be more likely to vote if marijuana was on the ballot, compared to a 64 percent for conservatives and 61 percent for moderates.

For instance, in Florida, Republican Governor Rick Scott’s reelection campaign says the “spillover effect” from high voter turnout because of the medical marijuana ballot question threatens to weigh the scales against him. In fact, the state’s Republicans feel so threatened that they have filed a legal challenge to keep the referendum off the ballot.

“It’s an issue that the Democrats can use to pump up the youth vote,” said Alex Patton, a Republican political consultant and pollster based in Gainesville, Florida. “The politics of it are dangerous for the GOP.”

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  1. Cannabis is a big threat to Big Pharma and the religious right wants to continue to demonize Cannabis. Marijuana must be removed from schedule I it is not heroin nor does it fit the schedule I description, never has never will. The Oregon legislature is held by Republicans and they have no plans to stop prohibition they want to keep the prison beds full for profit they want to destroy more people’s lives by denying them medication that mother nature has provided. They ignore the nationwide cry to end the failed (and expensive) drug wars (also grew gov by adding more drug agents) and ignore the fact that millions are helped by Cannabis.

  2. The medical benefits and personal benefits of marijuana,are, of its own, purely beneficial. There are people who don’t or can’t smoke marijuana due to choice or don’t or can’t endure the effects. It has been my experiences that these individuals are still pro-choice marijuana. It’s time for us to come out of our closets and be heard, for us to be given the freedom of choice, for us to be able to indulge without fear of prosecution, to be the forefront for those who’ve gone before us and failed or were condemned for their beliefs and use of Marijuana. Being afraid of what your opponent believes or says is his/her belief is degrading to the very soul of our country. The ugliness that has come from the ‘illegal’ use of Marijuana has progressed to our front doors. Heroine and it’s family members such as cigarette smoking, prescription drugs and true opiates have consumed our lives on some level only to be the killer of many when one was enough. If our country, our Federal Government – continues this path, we will become the real living dead. Our future depends on ending the desegregation of Marijuana coupled with merciless penalties for true opiate dealers in our country and everyone involved in the influx of these killers. When self-destructive, immoral individuals force any child to take any legal or illegal drug; the penalty should be death-in my eyes, they’re taking away a child’s freedom of choice and/or forcing their illness on the children. It’s another form of ‘rape.’ We needn’t be blind or passive in the reform of Marijuana laws; we must value our lives and the lives of our children. If not; then the price should be relentless. We can and must have our brothers’, sisters’ and children’s 6’s (backs!). With freedom of choice comes responsibilities that are clear and unwavering in use and abuse. Speaking up and out is still a freedom of ours and the freedom to think and reason for the good of all of us. We needn’t be ignorant. We must be educated and unafraid to manage our lives and help those inflicted by the ignorance of others. Marijuana Prohibition must come to an end. Finally, this timeless design has come into its own.

  3. Very well put.If the politicians were half as smart as the American people it would already be legal.the only reason it isn’t is because the government is the biggest drug dealers in the country.

  4. It says in the Bible that all seed bearing plants are here for man to use not for governments to ereregulate.this is there problem they want to control every aspect of our lives. The power has gone to there heads.we need to take them all out of office. And start over with real Americans.not the Communist we have now.

  5. Oregon may test this theory that marijuana can increase voter turnout. It is very likely that at least one marijuana legalization initiative will qualify for the ballot here this November. Voter turnout is usually about 15% less here in midterm elections. I hope the campaign here will include spending significant resources on registering voters and GOTV. If we do this successfully we will pass the best marijuana law on earth (so far) and may also tilt many close races in favor of marijuana friendly candidates.

  6. @Susan:

    Also, cannabis legalization is dangerous to a lot of other Drug War profiteers, especially the private prisons and the drug testing industry (98% of all positives are for MJ, so if it’s legalized they lose their illusion of efficacy). And the more fraudulent rehab clinics, for whom the majority of patients are MJ users who have tested positive for MJ and are forced into rehab they don’t actually need. These bastards make billions off of the enslavement of all American citizens, both inside and outside the prison system.

    Not to mention the alcohol and tobacco industries, who would be severely hit by a new intoxicant hitting the market, one that can be grown easily by individuals and that is commonly used in place of booze or cigarettes when people have the choice. Remember that legalization bill in CA in 2010 that failed? The alcohol industry spent a huge amount of money to defeat that.

  7. I have been a chronic pain patient for 11 years and have taken narcotics everyday morphine and Fentenyl, those words alone are pretty scary. They are powerful and addicting drugs that are affecting my liver and kidneys. Not to mention insomnia,irritability and I believe lowered my immune system ,because now I have bad allergies which used to be mild and seasonal and now year around.Despite a very healthy lifestyle
    No one has ever overdosed on marijuana , its doesn’t effect your liver and kidneys. I and I wouldn’t be crabby and have dulled senses,for instance music and my emotions are not as intense.
    The Israeli’s have more research on marijuana than anyone on the planet and they have cancer patients smoking in hospitals because it stops the progression of cancer cells, why can’t we trust their research? San-Jay Gupta does in his show ” Weed” which you can see on You Tube .
    So many men woman and children need marijuana to live from epilepsy, MS,Cancer,Aids and Chemo. I will live , I just desperately want a better quality of life.

  8. How does one get an initiative on the ballot? I assume the procedure varies from state to state, and I am interested about NY in particular, because it’s where I live, but it would be very helpful if you published a state by state guide to the process. It’s time for us to make our voices heard and have government once again submit to the will of the people instead of the other way around! Isn’t that what we are supposed to do in a democracy? It’s the guiding principle this country was founded on, though we seem to be drifting further and further away from those ideals! It’s time to make a return to them!

  9. Demonhype clarifies the real issue at hand regarding the
    Re-legalization of cannabis…it has very little to do with cannabis and almost everything to do about greenback dollar bills by the ton!

  10. I have health issues and been given so many pills. I used to take 65 pills a day now down to 12 pills a day I smoke marijuanna and it takes the pain away and helps with my sleeping and allows me to eat. Havent been much of a drinker. I really wish they will legalize weed.
    When was the last time you heard that someone over dosed on weed? Though people die over cigerettes and alchol and the goverment is not out stopping that. Show me one case that someone died over too much weed.

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  12. Well the good ol boy network went into overdrive during the counting of the ballots ,as little as 2 hours into the count the pro medical M group had a + of 58% ( IN 2 HOURS OF COUNTING)that figure never changed by a single point due to the same mechanism jeb bush used in overthrowing written election law,and declaring his brother winning the state of Florida.Since florida went to the privatization of floridas prisons they’re lobby went into PTP mode (protect the profits) and lobbied (payed off)Governor rick scott (who is a known felon in stealing millions of dollars from medicare through repeated over charging patients medicare accounts in his privately held HCA Hospitals network)Well the counting of votes pro legalization would have surpassed the required 60% in a mere hour or two ,if the count was continued the true number would be closer to 68/72% cutting the prison populations down by 30% or more since a huge number of those behind bars are for simple possesion .And the good sheriffs of florida enjoy the added income from the prison for profit lobby system and the huge number of confiscations of cars,jewelery,cash….. actually ANYTHING THEY SAY THE ARESTEE OWNS EVEN HOMES that MUST be a product marijuana sales( when you were arrested for possesion of less than an ounce means nothing,it’s your word against THE LOCAL SHERIFF) which as you know in a police state in the southern states of America automatically disqualifies a lowly civilian as a walking talking crime spree.Have a joint in your pocket in any part of Florida,and a minimum of 5 police cars arrive incase you want to argue,then minimum you’ll be tased ,several new charges will added to the DD9 ,that is if your not shot in the back first for knowing your rights(the report will read resisting arrest with violence,had to backshoot him to protect the other 5 deputys) ,police hate that so much you’ll actually see their face color as the blood lust overwhelms them. Welcome to disney land ,where the law of the land is the real fairy tale.

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