American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Rescheduling, Decriminalizing Marijuana

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In a report released Monday, the American Academy of PediatricsAAP suggested removing marijuana from Schedule 1 in order to make further research easier to accomplish.

From the Associated Press:

To make it easier to study and develop marijuana-based treatments, the group recommends removing marijuana from the government’s most restrictive drug category, which includes heroin, LSD and other narcotics with no accepted medical use, and switching it to the category which includes methadone and oxycodone.

The recommended switch “could help make a big difference in promoting more research,” said Dr. Seth Ammerman, the policy’s lead author and a professor of pediatrics and adolescent medicine at Stanford University.

The report also recommended removing criminal penalties for simple possession:

Citing the lifelong negative effects of a criminal record on adolescents, the AAP strongly supported reducing penalties for marijuana possession and use to misdemeanors. This policy statement, The Impact of Marijuana Policies on Youth: Clinical, Research and Legal Update is a recent revision to its previous 2004 report about the drug.

“The illegality of marijuana has resulted in the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of adolescents, with overrepresentation of minority youth,” wrote Seth D. Ammerman, MD, FAAP, of the 2014-2015 AAP Committee on Substance Abuse, and colleagues. Effects of marijuana-related felony charges include “ineligibility for college loans, housing, financial aid, and certain kinds of jobs,” they said. The report also recommended pediatricians get involved and “advocate for laws that prevent harsh criminal penalties” for possession or use of marijuana.
The authors state in an accompanying technical report that studies have not shown decriminalization results in an overall increase in marijuana use by adolescents, which is a chief concern of those opposed to decriminalizing the drug. In fact, states with decriminalization laws experience similar rates of marijuana use as those with tougher penalties. However, the authors cite “significant savings in criminal justice cost and resources” in states with decriminalization laws.

14 responses to “American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Rescheduling, Decriminalizing Marijuana”

  1. putting marijuana this with oxycodone and methadone in the same dangerous drugs that these are in those are hook line and sinker drugs for some people .!! put it with bayer or equate tussin dm no codine and no barbs . in other words no drugs that affect you like a dope,!!! pot doesn’t do that people,!!!! you have to get over that fear!! the sky isn’t going to fall, again get over it .

  2. Cannabis should NOT even be placed in the same category as methadone and oxycodone! Cannabis is a much more benign substance and in actuality probably deserves a category of its own.

    Our government realizes that that jig is up — the smear campaign that lasted over seventy years is over with. It’s time to be honest (hah!), realistic, and fair with the American citizen and legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use. And there’s no reason why any American citizen cannot be allowed to cultivate for their own use.

    The sham is over with. Keep the momentum going until EVERYONE of legal age has the freedom of choice without fear of persecution and prosecution!

    Ilion, New York

  3. I feel I may be a victim of character assassination. Lost my job just by being accused of smoking pot in the place I worked at. Since then I have gone to college for accounting and presently at a 3.63 GPA. I have tried to get a job in the field of accounting, but nobody seams to want to touch me.

  4. I still think it`s BS that you can`t get a job because you test positive for Marijuana. Some jobs I can kind of understand (i.e. truck driver), but even then it`s still lame however when you can`t even land a job at Walmart because you got high a few times now that`s just stupid! Seriously you need to be high to work there…..LoL, anyway I can`t believe that Marijuana`s is in the same category as Heroin & LSD! They`re not even in the same ballpark, they`re a whole different sport altogether. Only closed-minded individuals believe that nonsense!!!

  5. It’s obvious the war on drugs has been lost, but the government has a tradition of needing a war on something, so let’s encourage it to do something productive and fight climate change by joining “the war on coal”

  6. The war on crime,the war on drugs,the war on terror.How about a war on unconsciousness.All the humans living without immersion in the “inner kingdom” of pure heart,higher nature,and virtuous living could be restricted to an out of the way place as “quarantined”,until they develop this “state of being”. Then the rest of us could live a simple,joyful,peaceful,creative,celebrating life.We could focus on all the positive,creative,dynamic,innovative,and harmonious aspects of life;and not have to expend so much time and energy in appealing to the plutocracy on facilitating “operations” in pure whole heart ways.If they changed the paradigm and facilitated vibrant holistic health,inner and outer happiness,prosperity,and purifying the heart it seems that we could be a model -species/civilization throughout the galaxy.We may even be admired by the Andromeda and the snickers galaxies.

  7. While it may not be the end result most people desire, it is a big step in the right direction. As a mother of 3 young adults as well as an adult with health issues, I have seen and dealt with the issue from many perspectives. My parents taught my sisters and I the positives and negatives of alcohol and faced the same responsibilities then that we do now with education and responsibility for personal actions. As long as people are responsible and educated before drinking/smoking, or consuming prescription meds, there shouldn’t be a criminal or social penalty attached. We all need to be aware of, and active in, the prevention of abuse. If we act as a community, the whole issue can stay out of the criminal justice system. The ADA backing is a positive first step in this journey.

  8. Marijuana should be classified in the same circle of natural homeopathic herbs like,St.Johns Wort,Chamomile,and other spices and seasonings.It is a tea leaf,nothing more,nothing less.The fact that it can be smoked,lends to it’s lack of toxicity and we have been consuming it for millions of years,young and old alike.It is embedded in our DNA,now a necessary element to our well being.I could say more,I think I have said more than plenty.

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