Free Downloads of ‘Marijuana is Safer’ to Be Offered on 4/20

For anyone who hasn’t yet read “Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?” tomorrow is your chance.

In recognition of 4/20, Chelsea Green Publishing will be offering free downloads of this important book, which examines the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol and asks why our nation’s laws seek to punish people who make the sensible choice to use the less harmful substance: marijuana. April also happens to be National Alcohol Awareness Month.

“Marijuana is Safer” is co-authored by MPP’s Steve Fox, Paul Armentano of NORML, and Mason Tvert of SAFER. The book will be available for free download on April 20 from 12 a.m. to April 21, 12 a.m. EST.

27 thoughts on “Free Downloads of ‘Marijuana is Safer’ to Be Offered on 4/20”

  1. Obama will do nothing to stop this mess, ratherr then saving , and making money for the government he puts “the most free society in jail” In debates it should not matter if alcohol this and alcohol that, its not the point. It about have the RIGHT

  2. This is a great gift and I hope it bring more awareness about marijuana for the good honest people who wants to know for themselves the choices they do have to be free in America.

  3. Mike, I would love to promote this on my blog, but as of 12:20 am EST, I was only able to download a 12 page preview of the book at scribd, and that after going through some annoying registration and popup hoops (which I wouldn’t mind if it actually ended up downloading the book).

    The full version was not available anywhere on the site, and I did some searching.

    I already own several copies, so I’m fine — I’m just checking it out before telling anyone else that this is something they should do.

  4. Thanks very much for letting me know, got the download and will do my best to share and spread the word, need it badly here in Florida….worst mj laws in the US….need to change asap please help! med mj info and petition at thanks again PEACE

  5. Obama can fix the environment by legalizing so we would never have to cut down another tree or worry about the looming spectre of global warming. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that cannabis can utilize much more co2 than is available in the ambient atmosphere…

  6. Thank you MPP for this gift. Very awesome. Glad to get a chance to read this book.
    Happy 4-20 to everyone.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  7. thanks, i love reading and im so surprised i was lucky enough to see this on 420 the best day of the year. not smoking this year or for years to come thanx to the war on drugs lol but happy i got something great out of it.

    oh and to those who use the money thing to justify reform; i feel you but thats chump change to them. consider how much they make off imprisonment. you got guard jobs, cop jobs, judge jobs, the DA get more work and with more time given power respect etc. prisons are a lot of times private property in some way so there’s money there. so all in all that 14 billion across the country saved is peanuts to what they get through fines, free labor including community service, drug classes etc

    just my viewpoint having actually gone through the system

  8. oh and sorry to double post but to “K” i think georgia would definitely give florida a run for it’s money. the laws in general are a trap. if i had to bet on who would be the last to legalize i would definitely vote for either texas or georgia. a tie really ^_^

  9. WTF its still 4/20 in CA and they ended the promotion at 9pm in CA. They should have specified east coast time!

  10. here in wisconsin the alchole fly’s off of shelve’s ?? we have a very high amount of spirit’s and everyone here drink’slike a bunch of fish , so new’s that alchole is a bad thing doe’s not come easy on the ears here , only if they knew that that stuff was going to do so much damage to your health why would you drink it ?? because it is a disease!! marijuana is a god given plant so why not grow it and make some money in the process?? mj. is safer for you and the envirorment .. and we the people of america should embraise the plant for what it is !and what it help’s ! not well we need you to pay us and you are going to jail for it’s pocession .. it has failed and the war on drugs has failed , and now our states are failing, no money to protect us because we have blown it on failing wars and jailing honest folk’s for years ,,and they wonder why people hate cop’s and the government!!

  11. MPP. We want freedom. Freedom of speach, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom to download a free book if we want and the freedom to grow our own meds. I just realized that as long as a democrat or republican is in office we will never get SHIT. Now I am being labled as a NAZI because I want change. Not the change that Obama is forcing on us. Every American that can vote is a serious weapon against the govt when aimed at the same target. New Hamshire’s governer did the same thing as Mn’s did last year, VETO’d a cannabis bill. Or would have had it reached his desk. There is only one way to win this war and that is to support a candidate for president. As long as we support you and pay our dues we expect you to support all of us. I have had this computer for about a year now and I will support you as long as you support legalizing cannabis. America is turning into what our founding fathers fought against. Cannabis reform is political. I was accused of being political last week or so by someone on this site and that is cool. What is not cool is you at MPP not getting political enough. By that I mean picking a candidate and supporting that person with our support, for what we all believe is our god given rite to use cannabis. Sarah Palin was only offered 25 thousand for a speech and she charges 75 thousand. If you could get her to speak for 75 thousand, I would donate for that. I am sure there is at least 75 thousand members of MPP and NORML and we would be happy to pitch in a buck or two so no money would come out of your pockets. And while I am still ticked off a bit, Why is there not more pressure to legalize hemp also?

  12. @Clarence – I think it’s expected that we find out ourselves who our local representatives are that support legalization and then we vote for them and try to contribute to their campaigns. Like you Clarence, I wondered many times why not have a centralized web site like MPP just post the names of all candidates by state that support legalization, or if I understood you correctly, MPP NORML LEAP and all other organizations should just nominate their own candidate and we’ll vote our asses off.
    In regards to your last questions about hemp legalization. It seems that hemp would become automatically legal if cannabis is voted legal.

    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  13. FreeTheWeed,. Locally does no good nationally. The problem is polititions saying what we want to hear and then becoming against us, once in office. YES, we need our own competent politition, but that won’t happen. Ron Paul is for cannabis reform but he lacks big money support. Sarah Palin may be for reform but I kind of doubt it. The Tea party seems the way to go but I do not know who they support or if they support cannabis reform. This is what MPP, NORML,and LEAP should be doing. They should be getting involved in supporting a pro cannabis candidate. If that has to be done through the Tea Party movement then, do it. I am just tired of pissing away my votes on some P.O.S. that lied to me and every one else. Obama is ruining this country and I am so pissed. And by the way does nay one know what Oprah says now ? It was her big mouth that helped Obama get in the white house.

  14. isnt there some kind of process to make the government at least listen, conduct their own tests on the matter, and stop coming to assumptions on generalized ideas and fallacy? i mean one comment i read stated that it was even a possible environmental solution for global warming for one.

    The amount of pot that the united states would demand for cultivation alone would bring up the atmosphere’s oxygen by one percent at the very least, im no scientist but i know who’s government can do the damn tests and find out.

    and one other question to bring up in the debate at Congress, by legalizing and placing Cannabis in the hands of the people in a business setting, would we not be able to stop the process of lacing M.J. with hard narcotics like drug dealers tend to do? If they really want to catch the hard drugs they could even have the FDA test dispensaries randomly for laced marijuana and track it from shipment orders brought to the shop. It seems to make too much sense and would make pot safer than it already is!

  15. and another thing, how did Americans become so fixated on the television that they let a tv star’s ideas become their own? another comment i read with a valid point made a comment about Oprah, when did we stop thinking for ourselves? we need to open our eyes as individuals and think about what were doing as a country, so many preach about this and that but do nothing cause the tv and people magazine said it was so..we need to come to a decision as the United States not the United States of Hollywood.

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