Netherlands to Close Prisons: Not Enough Criminals


For years prohibitionists, including our own Drug Enforcement Administration, have claimed — falsely — that the tolerant marijuana policies of the Netherlands have made that nation a nest of crime and drug abuse. They may have trouble wrapping their little brains around this:

The Dutch government is getting ready to close eight prisons because they don’t have enough criminals to fill them. Officials attribute the shortage of prisoners to a declining crime rate.

Just for fun, let’s compare the Netherlands to California. With a population of 16.6 million, the Dutch prison population is about 12,000. With its population of 36.7 million, California should have a bit more than double the Dutch prison population. California’s actual prison population is 171,000.

So, whose drug policies are keeping the streets safer?

154 thoughts on “Netherlands to Close Prisons: Not Enough Criminals”

  1. ********Try Portugal

    ALL drugs decriminalized since 2001, including harddrugs.

    Guess what?

    Crime rates way down – users way down – usage under minors down.

    The only reason it is illegal in the U.S. (e.g.) is because the money that is being made by it by intelligence for blackop funding and research PLUS it is illegal to be used as a control tool of the populace. They do not want to solve the drug problem, but rather sustain it.


  2. Hmm I am highly doubting that the Dutch have a huge gang problem as well. Maybe it is just me but I have a hard time imagining a Dutchmen saying “shit son I am from the mean streets of Netherlands!” So I do not think that any change to the drug laws would really make that large of a difference in the prison population of the grand old state of Cali. Plus I am not very concerned about a stoned Dutchmen, but a stoned celebrity on their i-pad while driving down the streets makes me pee a little. Or really anyone from California for that matter. After 12 countries, 4 continents, and about 40 something states California dominated the demographic of idiocy. I do not believe that weed will help bring down that number anytime in the near future. Castration, maybe…

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