Marijuana has higher approval ratings than Congress, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Oct 22, 2009 , , ,

Monday’s Gallup poll showing that a record 44% of Americans favor making marijuana legal has brought increased attention to the need for an open, national debate on marijuana policy.

The fact that 44% percent of people favor taxing and regulating marijuana is even more impressive because—in stark contrast to many other public policy issues—for once, a substantial number of Americans actually view an issue favorably.

After all, Americans are a finicky bunch. We don’t like much these days, and in 2009 it’s impressive for anything to get 44% approval ratings. In fact, according to the latest numbers from a variety of polling sources, the idea of taxing and regulating marijuana enjoys higher support among the American public than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the top Democrat and top Republican in the House of Representatives, and—perhaps not surprisingly—Congress itself.

Take a look at these figures:





President Obama’s job performance



Gallup, Oct. 22.

Legalization of marijuana



Gallup, October crime poll

The war in Afghanistan



CNN/Opinion Research, Sept. 15

The war in Iraq



AP-GfK Poll, Oct. 1-5

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)



Gallup, July

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)



Gallup, July

Congress’s job performance



Gallup, Oct. 6

Based on these numbers, as well as the growing mainstream media coverage of marijuana issues, there is no longer any doubt that Americans see marijuana policy reform as a legitimate mainstream issue worthy of national debate. Let’s keep talking!

21 responses to “Marijuana has higher approval ratings than Congress, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”

  1. i dont know whether to laugh, or cry….. i want to laugh because cannabis legalization has more support than our government… i wanna cry because i know our government doesnt follow science and logic and more importantly, the will of the people…..

  2. The war on the DEA and their propaganda has started! Forget the gateway drug bull and the Save the children crap! Lets start calling it the herb cannabis. forget marijuana and weed. dont like pot. lets give it the name it should have. CANNABIS! victory is ahead of us. donate to MPP or Norml and turn up the heat!

  3. the folks of hard working law abiding citizens has al most felt safe to bring there bongs out of the closets ,let freedom ring and the american spirit shine free our cannabis and tax it we dont care !! make some money and fix our economy ,will will all smoke and rejoyce … ring the bell ,pole the polls and stop arresting sick folks , and harrasing quite america ,,we just want to live free .. thats what we do right ..or is mpp and me all alone??? I HOPE NOT!

  4. Legalization is so close… Within the next 4 years, we’ll have achieved almost all of our goal. If not all of it.

    But, as we develop laws, don’t forget that we want to be able to grow it at our homes, tax-free. If we don’t make any profit off of it, or sell it. We need this leverage so that we have something in our pocket to demand quality & affordable cannabis from the people who market it for profit.

    So remember, grow your own, when it’s legalized, if the business’ selling it are not living up to the want of the people!

  5. Jack # Yeah, I know cannabis is the right word and most of the other words we use for it are either derogatory outright or at the very least an unintended slap in the face.
    I do, however like the word” weed”, it’s short, to the point and everybody knows what I’m talking about.

    I know that technically It’s called a penis but everybody knows what i’m talking about when I say dick. LOL

    PS I hope your reading this with your sense of humor glasses.

  6. Thanks Mike Meno – for posting this story, and Jack #5 – your right on the mark, and James Crosby – thats what I’m talking about also. Thanks to all the rest of you for opening the eyes of the public. We need to tell everyone we meet to just legalize it. If everyone that was unemployed and had the means to grow for themselves, also grew for four other people, and was allowed to sell them theirs for $150.00 an ounce, they would earn $600.00 per week. Then they could pay taxes just like they were working for someone else. Just think what that would do for the economy. I should run for Congress.

  7. while it is good to rejoice and talk amongst ourselves, i encourage everybody to do three things:

    1) say a prayer (or, if that’s not your bag, at least take a solid moment to meditate on some positive energies)
    2) write your representatives (on all levels…..state, federal) and the President
    3) take another moment to repeat #1

    even a hurricane is a bunch of individual drops. let’s keep adding drops to the bucket, and it WILL fill up and overflow. it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. i sincerely believe that this is meant to happen, and if you truly believe the same, then know that i am standing with you in writing our president on such matters.

    and if you really wanna contribute to change, please watch this 7-part series: this is NOT from my account, just something i’ve watched, but if you believe in your own power to change the world, then this is a vital way of increasing your capacity.

    God bless, and keep on keepin on.

  8. Although I don’t smoke cannabis you hit the nail on the head here #8 Aaron Smith – “Many Americans are no doubt relying on marijuana to help them cope with the harsh reality of the wars, Congress’ performance, etc…”
    Was listening, kind of, to the news a few days past and they said Congress in reality is ONLY putting in one full day of work. They usually return to work on Tuesday, work all day Wednesday, wrap things up on Thursday and then go their merry way.
    As far as Pelosi goes, don’t get me started. I do believe I also heard she owns a vineyard in California.

  9. Hey, I just want to thank you all for posting your thoughts about the decriminalization of marijuana. All of your input really helped in a report I am doing to try to convince my class mates about the positive views of cannabis. peace!

  10. Way to go emsy #18. I just got back a paper that I wrote for my classmates. To all of the faithful supporters, “Easy Skankin.”
    (By the way, I got a 94 on that paper)

  11. People need to realize that the US is really a Corporation so US laws are really just—

    Corporate Statues!

    All laws which do not protect the people are corporate statutes and should never be used against the people.

    Here is a couple of links to read about the US being a Corporation. Almost ALL departments of the US government are For Profit Corporations!

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