Elizabeth Warren Flunks Marijuana Question

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It’s bad enough that so many self-declared conservatives, who support personal freedoms and limited government in so many other respects, are opposed to taxing and regulating marijuana. But it’s completely unacceptable for an otherwise stalwart progressive to have such backward views on marijuana.

Asked last night whether she supports legalizing and regulating marijuana, leading Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren gave a flat, no-nonsense (and no-common sense) “no.” Several other candidates for the Democratic nomination had more reasoned answers, and one correct answer – that marijuana should be taxed and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol (apparently to big applause).

Ms. Warren might want to give some more thought to the question the next time it comes up. The people of Massachusetts she hopes to represent already decided by a wide margin that people shouldn’t be arrested for possession of small amounts of marijuana when 65% of them voted in favor of an MPP-written and sponsored decriminalization initiative (PDF) just three years ago.  And it’s not just Massachusetts. By far the most popular draw at the White House’s We The People petition site is “Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol.” In fact, half of the top ten most popular submissions deal with the subject.

Even President Obama gets it at times: “If you think about the enormous changes that have been made in terms of people’s use of tobacco, for example, that wasn’t because they were arrested.” Did you hear that Ms. Warren?

If you live in Massachusetts and would like to politely urge Ms. Warren to reconsider, you can do so here.

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  1. This should not be a surprise. Most so-called “liberals,” like many so-called “conservatives,” favor excessive governmental intrusion in people’s lives. Read Hayek. Both groups are authoritarians. They differ from each other only in what they want the govt. to force us to do or refrain from doing. The only true supporters of individual freedom are the libertarians like Ron Paul.

  2. Geez swampdog, do a little research. Herman Cain is 100% AGAINST legalization and even states rights to mmj. He ignores anyone who asks and refuses to have an intellegent discussion on the issue. Your not helping the cause slinging his name around here.

  3. Perhaps a return to the findings of the measured minds of the conservative Republicans on Nixon’s own Shafer Commission who made the very same recommendations to de-criminalize and regulate forty years ago under guidance from World War II veteran medic and U.S. Congressman-Physician Tim Lee Carter R-KY?

    The man happens to have been my great uncle.

  4. It does not matter who they are liberal or conservative, they tell us what we want to hear so, they get elected to office. Then pharma companies give them money donations and gifts to vote no to legalize Marijuana for any purpose. It keeps the addiction going for their medication.

  5. if she don’t get it,,at monent i am seeking a permit to grow limited amounts,for a life long friend with ms+epilespy.and son has cancer.if i can help him i will….vote scott brown…..if she is not smart enought to figure out that there is a medical use for it…she is not smart enought to represent the state….the side affects from pharms meds are just too much to risk…..pharms can’t patten cannibis so they won’t leagalize it..plan to the point its all about the money.harvard study educate yourself.drug companys are corupt by money..

  6. Senator Warren and the Administration are very disappointing. The good news is that they want to get Government out of the bedroom. Great. Thanks.

    But the DOJ expanded warrantless wiretapping.
    The Administration is stepping up efforts with money to further militarize the police force.
    DOJ is moving ahead with plans for warrantless searches of e-mail.
    DOJ sees no problems with using GPS tracking of citizens without a warrant.
    During the debate on the ACA, the Administration stated that it was OK for the Government to ban or restrict certain foods while forcing people to buy fruits and vegetables.

    And on and on it goes…

    Well, at least they decided that it was not OK to kill US citizens with weaponized drones on American soil without trial as long as they weren’t engaged in combat.
    Killing US citizens without trial? OK
    Killing US citizens without trial on American soil? OK
    Weaponized drones? Sure.

    How about the Government just stops telling people how to live their lives and just leaves us alone whenever possible? Is that really too much? Are you people in Washington so intellectually and morally superior that you get to tell the rest of us how to live?

  7. Elizabeth Warren has every right to believe what she apparently does about marijuana, but being stoned is the least of America’s problems right now. What I want to know is why we continue to prohibit the drug but have done nothing about violence in America. Why are we still conducting war for profit? Why is it that the commercial sector uses tactics taken from Communist Chinese brainwashing science to “sculpt” better employees, and what does that have to do with our freedoms? Perhaps the tribe of elites doesn’t want people to depart from job number one: productivity, and that’s why the laws haven’t changed even after decades of challenges that go so far as to create a black market in the supposedly most Capitalist nation on earth.

  8. It’s a bit odd when you look at the Gallup Poll numbers from 2011. Here we have a Democrat/Liberal taking a flat “no” stand on legalization when 57% of Democrats and 69% of Liberals favor legalization. Warren made fun of a Republican candidate about a week ago for being in favor of legalization. Republicans/Conservatives only support legalization at 35% and 34% respectively. So we have politicians taking positions that don’t reflect the views and values of the people who vote for them. We must be talking about cannabis. Only with this issue can you have a Democratic/Liberal candidate for president say that we shouldn’t waste federal resources interfering with state medical marijuana laws only to get elected and then proceed with the biggest federal crackdown on state medical marijuana patients and providers ever. Even now, with sequestration, they are continuing their crackdown in California. An elderly couple in San Diego county who are both seriously ill are going on trial soon for growing medical pot on their property for their own use. So much for the “we are not going after patients” line.

  9. I left this message on Senator Warren’s web page:
    I am a registered nurse and have seen too much suffering with disabling consequences. Medical marijuana will be another tool to help advance our terminally and chronically ill patient’s quality of life. Please reconsider your stance and support this humane option. Thanks.

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