The Roots Don’t Trust Michelle Bachmann; Do You?

Early this morning on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann walked onto the stage to be interviewed. As she entered, Fallon’s house band and hip-hop icons The Roots played the beginning of a song by the legendary band Fishbone. While I won’t repeat the title of the song here, it seems to suggest that the Roots … do not think she is a truthful person.

Back in 2009, the Minnesota Legislature passed a medical marijuana bill that was immediately vetoed by then-governor Tim Pawlenty. At the time, Bachmann was a U.S. Congresswoman. One would assume that she was paying attention to the important issues within her state during this period, especially one as contentious as medical marijuana.

Here is a recent video from Jason Karimi, asking the candidate what she would do if another state, such as Iowa, were to allow medical marijuana:



Apparently, Bachmann hasn’t really given the issue of medical marijuana, and how it relates to states’ rights, much thought at all.

Do you believe her?

On an interesting side note, Fishbone are supporters of MPP’s mission and were the featured entertainment at our annual fundraiser earlier this year.

7 thoughts on “The Roots Don’t Trust Michelle Bachmann; Do You?”

  1. What about Ron Paul? He stated at the debate that we should quit the ‘war on drugs’ and he has some traction this cycle. Gary Johnson would be awesome as well, but just isn’t given any coverage by the media. The rest both D’s & R’s have no interest in listening to us.

  2. Personally I do not trust anyone on the debate stages other than the only real leader in the room. Politicians are easy to find and outnumber leaders ten to one. When you find yourself a leader they usually aren’t blowing smoke up your butt but rather pointing you in the direction of most good and sometimes the most risk. Bachmann is no leader. I think America is starting to realize the true leadership in this whole mess. I’ll give you a hint in case you are not aware of it. He is the only man with integrity. “Integrity is a choice. It is consistently choosing the purity of truth over popularity.” – Look up the citation!

  3. A republican is a republican and a democrat is a democrat. Do us all a favor and vote Green… unless you haven’t had your fill of what we’ve been getting for the past half a century…

  4. Greg, to a large extent I agree an r is an r and a d is a d and even going further a r = d. Ron Paul, however, has a consistant record of bucking this paradigm, and following a more libertarian/constitutional approach.
    His position is that the Federal Government has no authority to fight a ‘war on drugs’, and that states should be free to set policy as they please.
    Currently he looks like he may take Iowa in the caucus and finish strongly in NH, and even if he doesn’t win he is a strong supporter of our cause, and is helping educate voters in the r & d parties by exposing the drug war as a cause of our eroding civil liberties.
    While I support 3rd parties, and generally vote LP, I am very interested in any candidate who is doing so much to advance liberty, and hope you and others will at least give him a look.

  5. She gives me dirty wicked thoughts because how could anyone respect her if she doesn’t have any thoughts of her own.

  6. She will be NO bettwer that Newt or Mitt. They are All puppets for their own agenda and that does not include those of us that use cannabis for med reasons or those that just want to relax with a safer choice than alcahol.

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