New Jersey Unveils Nation’s Strictest Medical Marijuana Rules

New Jersey’s Department of Health and Senior Services yesterday released long-awaited regulations for the medical marijuana program first approved by its state legislature in January. They are among the most stringent medical marijuana guidelines in the nation.

To qualify, patients must have one of nine conditions, and their doctor must treat them for at least one year (or have seen them four times) and show that other treatments have been ineffective. Patients can apply for the program starting next month, but none are expected to receive their medicine until at least summer 2011.

The law originally called for six nonprofit dispensaries to grow and sell marijuana to patients, but these latest rules scale that back to two growers for the entire state – who will supply only four nonprofit dispensaries statewide. (By comparison, Washington, D.C.’s medical marijuana regulations, which are also quite narrow, propose up to five dispensaries for the entire District). And, in what is perhaps the first requirement of its kind in the nation, New Jersey will limit the potency of all medical marijuana to just 10 percent THC.

“Overall, it seems the goal of the regulations is to provide the least amount of relief to the fewest number of patients,’’ DPA’s Roseanne Scotti told local news outlets. “This wasn’t what was foreseen by advocates. We already had the strictest law in the country; I didn’t think it could get any worse.”

26 thoughts on “New Jersey Unveils Nation’s Strictest Medical Marijuana Rules”

  1. Still think decriminalization and medical clearance only is the best policy?

    Apparently only if you live in Cali and care only about yourself and your fat wallet.

    To those that care about humanity and and art not makink hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling bud…

    Please vote YES to prop 19 in Nov so the other 49 morons in control of their states are forced to jump the ‘medical marijuana’ quagmire and go strait to legalization.

  2. In Wisconsin, we hope to get sound minded folks elected in November and then introduce a comprehensive marijuana plan, addressing industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. Citizens and legislators are leaning towards multiple levels of grows, with taxation on the recreational side and no tax to the medical user, along with other provisions that other states have not addressed. Again, we stress that the correct people be elected and/or re-elected.

  3. “in what is perhaps the first requirement of its kind in the nation”

    Well, is it or isn’t it?

  4. for those in iowa I’ve been emailing Bill Maske and sounds like he would support law reform atleast for industrial hemp! So it might help to vote for him! Spread the word!

  5. I’m all for legalization and what not and would vote yes on almost any bill that was in favor of ending prohibition, but I’m off probation and it is good to smoke pot over that incense potpourri shit

  6. Governor Christie is a fat pig married into the Genovese crime family. look it up. His measure helps organized crime by making it easier to buy weed on the street, where corrupt NJ pigs are waiting to confiscate your weed and send you into a living hell for the next few years.

  7. I can walk into any corner market and buy toxic, addictive alcohol and tobacco products. In the same store I can gamble away as much money as I wish on the lottery and buy pornographic magazines…and I can do all of this while children are standing next to me at the checkout.

    That’s why these severe restrictions on access to a non-toxic, non-addictive herb are so incredibly strange. Our public officias are still caught in the paranoid fantasy of reefer madness and cannot yet accept the reality of the true nature of cannabis or, for that matter, the true nature of the corner market.

  8. Politicians just can’t let go of all that free money from prohibition. Mexico’s president is now saying California should not legalize cannabis. What? Is he being threatened or paid by the cartels? He has already made 5 grams of cannabis legal. Why not raise the bar and just legalize in his own country. If he legalized cannabis and America legalized, Mexico would not be getting the billions of dollers each year. Sorry but I got off topic. Just legalize so I can spend my time in the garden and not on this computer. Vote yes and over grow big bro.

  9. The deadlines for voter registration are piling on. Note that some have already passed, a sobering reminder that the clock is ticking…

    Spread the word!

    Arizona (deadline: October 3):
    Voter info:

    California (deadline: October 18)
    w w w . .
    (just fill out the form and mail it in).

    California request a ballot by mail:
    w w w . .

    Colorado (deadline: October 3) :

    Connecticut (deadline: 4:00 p.m. on October 19):
    Voter info at
    Or get the registration form at

    Massachusetts (deadline: October 13, BUT you have to request the form and get it mailed back in by October 13, so don’t delay!):

    Michigan (deadline: October 4):

    Ohio (deadline: Oct 4):

    Oregon (deadline: October 11):

    South Dakota (deadline: Oct. 18):

    Utah(deadlines: by mail, October 2; in-person, October 17):

    Vermont (deadline: Oct 19, but there are some extensions; check the site)

    Others: Google your state name and “voter registration.”

    College students: You can usually register as a citizen of either your hometown or your college residence town. Share the voter registration info through your student newspaper, twitter, etc.

    Everybody: Most states allow early voting and/or vote-by-mail, so once you get registered, go ahead and request a ballot (at the voter info site for your state). Save a trip to the polls and get it done the easy way.

  10. New Jersey’s laws reflect the corruption in that state. I’m willing to bet the 2 licensed growers paid or will pay a lot of money to the right officials. In NJ, the only effective grease is cash.

  11. Chris Christie and his Ste police cronies have no interest in helping the sick and dying. They are a bunch of “flat-earthers” who have turned NJ’s medical Marijuana Laws into a joke and unworkable. Solution…Move out of New Jersey. That’s what I did.. by the time Christie is out of office, (next election) it’ll be too late and will take too long to undo the damage that he’s done.

  12. sounds like someone in NJ might have some reasons for making sure next to no one can get cannabis leagally. I wonder what would motivate such a strict policy over a substance safer then alcohol or tobacco?

  13. I hate that place so much. I wish it would just float out into the Atlantic. They don’t even know that THC is the psychoactive element in Cannabis. Some diseases, especially neurological ones, need CBN or CBD for medicinal purposes. Yank Wankers!!!!!

  14. Oh yeah,

    Stay in New Jersey and out of North Carolina before you ruin that state too! Yank Wankers!

  15. @ Willie G

    Dude, NC has dry counties. Whole counties! What chance do you guys have of seeing legal bud in any way shape or form when alchohol is still prohibited in those counties 70 years after alchohol prohibition was lifted?

    BTW, I’m not defending NJ one bit. NJ and it’s politicos can go drown in one of those lovely swamps that stink up the lower boarder of NY.

    Good ol’ Jersey. where $400,000 buys you a 1,200sqft ranch and a holier then thou political opinion.

    F.O. NJ

  16. Just read an article about how Chris Christie doesnt think the NJ mediacl marijuana laws are tight enough.

    What does he want? “Not unless you have a hour till your last breath?”

    If this guy thinks he’s getting my vote for president in 2012 he can kiss my conservative Tea Party ass.

    It’s neo-cons like him and his Bush jr/sr mentors that are running scared right now and infiltrating the Tea Party movement.

    Ron Paul or Gary Johnson for 2012, That Is It ! ! !

  17. WOW!!! What a Colossial Dissapointment!! I Live in NY, I was hopeful w/NJ,VT, implementing MM Laws, thinking only moments until NY is as well…10% THC??? That wont even give you much of a buzz let alone help serious ailments!! That is DIRT weed. MMM is supposed to be 25% THC!! WTF?? 9 conditions? So B&W, what are they? Who cares…I’m moving to Cali, weather is better and u cant beat the freedom! Screw the North East! Its too corrupt here…

  18. I got HIV and my doctor said he is NOT going to prescribe med Marijuana no matter what. I wonder how many other doctors treating HIV patients are thinking the exact same thing. I admit, my “Nausea” that I’ve told time and time again to my Doc is a “wink wink, nudge, nudge” thing, and I am relatively healthy, but in an urban situation where I am in, heroin & crack is easier to get than weed which I’d love to just grow myself and keep up my good spirits this way.

  19. We are governed by morons devoid of even a semblance of personal or intellectual integrity. Medical authorities lack an informed layperson’s understanding of the effects of cannabis and are in the pockets of the prohibitionists. Remove these people from office and state employment, and shout down their lies until that is accomplished.

  20. really, what a disppointment. i droped an e-mail to the NJ depatment of heallth. that the terms of their policy appears corrupt and narrowly focused on helping anyone but the guy authorized to grow it. there should be an investigation and find out the motivation for this law being so dam restrictive. hey fallow the money as they say but really who in the hell came up with this mess. check them out from top to bottom because i smell the potential for corruption here. MPP, NORML, DPA, ACLU, ASA, should e-mail the hell out these guys, letting them know get back in there and rethink this law. their far from done.

  21. Hate to say it, but this is exactly what happens when policymakers/advocates sacrifice the right to cultivate as individuals. When advocates turn over control of cultivation center to reluctant government agencies, the result will always be a lack of sufficient access to high quality marijuana for patients who require it. See Canada, New Mexico, and the IND program.

    To maintain liberty, patients must have the right to grow their own medicine. Anything else is just f**king with our health.

    And, BTW, if we continue to sacrifice patient cultivation for the medical market, how the hell does the movement plan to reclaim that right should decrim or legalization become reality?

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