MPP Calls For National Boycott of Wal-Mart

This morning, the Marijuana Policy Project called upon shoppers across the country to join in a boycott of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., in order to protest the unjust and potentially unlawful firing of Joe Casias, a 29-year-old medical marijuana patient and sinus cancer survivor who suffers from an inoperable brain tumor.

After dutifully working at a Wal-Mart in Battle Creek, Michigan, for five years, Casias was suddenly terminated because he tested positive for marijuana during a drug screening administered after he sprained his knee on the job. To make matters worse, Wal-Mart is contesting Casias’s eligibility for unemployment, and Michigan has the nation’s highest unemployment rate, at almost 15%.

MPP is asking shoppers to demand that Wal-Mart abandon its discriminatory policy of firing employees who are legal medical marijuana patients under state law.

We need to send a strong message to Wal-Mart and other businesses in medical marijuana states that it is not acceptable to fire sick people for trying to get better by following their doctor’s recommendation and obeying state law. Marijuana is a legitimate medicine, supported by science and protected by law in 14 states, including Michigan.

To send Wal-Mart an email saying that you disapprove of its policy and will refrain from shopping at Wal-Mart stores until it changes, click here.

77 thoughts on “MPP Calls For National Boycott of Wal-Mart”

  1. Nobody should be using any kind of drug whilest working and that goes for tobacco and caffine as well.Nobody is fighting to be able to get high whilest on the job.When I am home from work nobody should be able to tell me what to do w/my body as long as I am not putting anyone in danger.Marijuana used in the privacy of ones home is the least danger anyone will ever face.

  2. hi,may god forgive me …but i hope the ceo of walmert gets the worst kind of anal cancer…will they fire him if he decides he needs medical marijuana??
    walmart you will never see another dollar of my money
    michael from ny

  3. Nopot, You sound bitter. Do you claim to be a Christian and at the same time enjoy persecuting the sick? I’m just interested as to why your opposed to Medical Marijuana. Do you hate sick people?

  4. nopot is an a psychologist on the Pham pay roll… he sees a problem with toddlers in elementary school and quickly prescribes adderall when all they need is proper parenting… he is quick to prescribe his lexapro’s and will gladly prescribe you depikote when not even applicable to your illness. He finds happiness in pills and destroying peoples livers, kidneys, and lives with pharmacology that is pseudo clinical based… real smart Mr. put my name on a blog with MD next to it..

    make sure the argument you take on is one you actually have a chance at winning… I can twist you to fester your real motives.

    Mental illnesses are nothing to laugh at, but this guy has a funny one! Stupidity!

    He’s right up there with the DEA’s stated War on Drugs ‘Success’ by the thousands of border murders.

  5. Walmart has done more for health care for this country than congress has. I’d rather not boycott $4 monthly generic prescriptions.

    This is simply a flaw in U.S. law making; a kink in our system that happened to screw over a guy following the law. But, we must take the sacrifice because his job-loss has created an awareness of the major issue…medicinal marijuana needs to be protected under employer drug testing.

  6. No one should be treated this way. Walmart is good at this kind of stuff, anything to really stick it to their employees.

  7. That would be like my boss firing me because of the muscle relaxers I was prescribed… They changed my state of mind. Seriously how are you going to fire him? It is doctors orders. Too bad this didn’t happen in Arkansas, there’s a lawyer there who loves to sue Walmart. On another note maybe people who may disagree with medical marijuana still ought boycott Walmart… What’s with all the prices being jacked up? One thing in particular Burberry cologne: it used to be 24$, now it’s 42$. I really had to sttop and ask an employee if it was a misprint, as if maybe the person who printed the price tag was dislexic. Seriously that is almost double the price. I used to shop alot at Walmart but I already have been thinking twice before doings so. But as Walmart never ceases to amaze me lately with being a crooked monopoly, I think I’ll take my business elsewhere from now on.

  8. I had planned to go to wal-mart today and get my prescriptions refilled. Now i’m going there to have my prescriptions moved to walgreens and believe me. They WILL know why. I guess they think that their policys TRUMP state law. I aim to misbehave

  9. Sent an amended text email….got address field organised by putting my whole address in the address field, then New York for state and 12345 for zip.

  10. Oh…my reason for doing that wierd address thing is cos I’m in OZ…..else it would have to be a letter. Other Aussies that want 2 email..this is how. (see above)

  11. There are still some of us that shop there in spite of it Not being a good idea. Ya, I know. SO, why don’t we make the most of it by filling your cart with more than you need, then when you get to the check-out line > LEAVE the cart there. Let walmart put it back ! If fact fill a couple of carts! You might put a sign at the bottom of the cart that if they need extra help putting the crap back they might rehire Mr Casias. Other wise we’ll continue to shop there.

  12. How many have been fired by WalMart for testing positive for THC, yet weren’t presently intoxicated or affected? The workplace test for alcohol is for present intoxication, not what you did one, two, or three nights before. This dual standard is inherently unfair and doesn’t make the workplace safer.

  13. Yep, Jayzee, you hit the nail on the head. This needs to be a lesson not just for Walmart but for every employer who wants to bully medical marijuana smokers. I also think there may be a conspiracy here also. They know he has inoperatable brain cancer, then he is going to have to go on extended leave and Walmart doesn’t want to pay him. This is how employers use medical marijuana as an excuse to fire people. He has a prescription for his meds, he needs to be allowed to work. If he had a prescription for Hydrocodone, would he be allowed to work?

  14. marijuana can be used in so many ways; to make clothes, paper, rope, medicine for multiple illnesses… its the safest drug to man.

    why are people naive, alcohol is WAY worse and dangerous than marijuana, its a fact.


  15. This is the main reason why I will continue not to register ANYWHERE as a medical marijuana user. I know that I qualify in numerous states with my chronic condition but they offer no protections!! There are no legal clauses to protect my family, my roommates, my co-workers, my career, or anything! There are still many many ways the intolerance of cannabis can negatively affect the life of a registered medical user and everyone around them. Worse, it seems everyone, even MPP, is MISSING THIS ISSUE! Medical users can be evicted, fired, their roommates or loved ones arrested on possession or cultivation charges, their doctor’s license to practice medicine revoked, their security clearance revoked, or worse. What if you live with your significant other and possess cannabis or paraphernalia. Do your neighbors know not to call the police when they are home alone? Can they prove it does not belong to them? Or that a medical user even lives there? Does your job involve a corporation with a national or internationally applied internal policy against federally prohibited drugs? Can you be randomly tested? If your doctor signs a form, can the DEA obtain it and use it against you both? Why isn’t any of this addressed in the state-level legislation MPP is pushing? What if your roommate is a federal employee or a Lawyer in the BAR? Can they be fired or disbarred for simply not reporting you? If we’re supposed to be protected from arrest and live “normal” and “professional” lives then stop letting states and politicians decide who can and can’t have cannabis. If a state DOES permit its citizens to possess and use cannabis as a medicine, THEN TREAT IT LIKE A MEDICINE! *Doctors* decide what medicine I need, not my representative, not my employer, not my neighbors, NOT ANYONE ELSE. Furthermore, my MEDICAL RECORDS ARE PRIVATE! If a governing body agrees that marijuana can be used as medicine it should be treated as privately as anything else on my medical record, if not more so! Frankly, I think health care should cover the cost for that matter! Non-smoked cannabis is less toxic than Tylenol. Wal-mart doesn’t give a F what this person’s background is in terms of health care or anything else! Employee #234095374593689625 failed a drug screening. What does policy dictate? Termination. That is as far as one should reasonably expect any large corporation to go in terms of decision making here. I honestly doubt Wal-mart even asked which drug Joe tested positively for.


    – PROTECT our hardworking compassionate doctors who recommend the medicine we need based on long-standing relationships, medical history, and a clean practice and track record!
    – PROTECT the hardworking employee striving to get away from the criminal element:
    we have careers AND we contribute heavily to society!! We ARE Doctors, Lawyers, *Presidents*, Engineers, CEOs, Police Officers, Federal Agents and more!
    – MAKE businesses allow for ALL STATE-APPROVED MEDICINES in their policy when they open for business there!
    – PROTECT the renters and home-owners from being evicted for their cannabis use/possession.
    We pay our rent/mortgage on time and in full and we’re only guilty of renting from intolerant landlords and buying into communities with intolerant HOAs.

    Joe Casias is a martyr, but he was not “slain” by Wal-mart per se. This is a policy issue. YOU are the Marijuana *POLICY* Project. So lets make this about *POLICY* and not Wal-mart! They are jerks for what they did, but the issue is bigger than them and bigger than Joe Casias. I hope everyone can see that.

  16. I have written them a letter through their website. It says,
    “I will be hereby boycotting all WalMart stores and subsidiaries until the draconian policy of firing LEGAL users of medical marijuana is reversed and apologized for. Think about your position logically! With a prescription for the drug, NO LAW WAS BROKEN. Do you fire everyone who takes “narcotic” prescribed drugs such as Xanax or Klonopin? I think not – because you don’t want to be sued and boycotted.

    The days of “pot” being some boogieman drug (equivalent to heroin and crack) are coming to an end. People are beginning to see its prohibition as what it was – a political trick motivated by ignorance and greed. In the meantime, consumers such as myself will disdain vast corporations who show an obvious lack of concern for the very workers who give them their wealth and power. Whoever’s reading this ought to be ASHAAAAMED on behalf of WalMart for terminating a cancer patient for using “that wicked grass.” Would you have been more forgiving had he drunk his pain into oblivion on a river of beer and wine? Of course you would have – your store sells that stuff! Greedy, ignorant bastards….


  17. Between this event and the Dead Peasants Policy that Micheal Moore told me about . This is not a temporary boycott. It’s a permanet parting of ways.

  18. Ron Henning, you’re a genius! Acts of civil disobedience are FAR more effective than snarky letters, so count me in. Most people disdain that kind of thing because they don’t have the time or don’t want to risk getting in trouble or (gulp!) banned from WalMart forever! I’ll do just what you said, letter and all. Furthermore, I’ll spend a good deal of time in their freezer section before I abandon the cart in a very inconspicuous face. There’s no law against this, I think. “Malicious mischief” perhaps, but I don’t look like trouble so by the time they figure it out, I’m long gone.


  19. Jenna and Rod Henning I’m with y’all AND I live in ARKANSAS!! and look very harmless and incapacious…I also live near several wally worlds!! Will type my notes now!!

  20. Hey Mike ,
    It’s that very simple minded mentality that keeps this stupid practice of drug testing to hire or fire people who don’t smoke marijuana at work. But these very people go home and drink and beat up their spouses and sexually attack their children and commit a lot of other senseless violence on their family and others , not to forget to mention killing people with their cars and what ever else they can get their hands on. But it is legal to drink alcohol at home and in public places without losing their jobs or getting a job. Either find out whats up with this picture or put the shut to the up.

  21. I have a question about the practice of not organizing or not being involved with protesting the legalization of marijuana. If That is MPP policy. How is it they are standing behind a boycott on walmart? Don’t get me wrong. I am with them on the outrage of firing that poor man with cancer, but doesn’t that fall under being involved with a protest. Like I said I have no problem with the boycott on walmart no matter how futile it is because of the federal guidelines on companies and corporations that have contracts with them ,but they shouldn’t play both sides of the issue. Such as saying one thing is ok, but no to the other side such as helping organize protest or marches against the continued stupidity of the war on drugs. Specifically, the war on marijuana. Medical or recreational.
    P.S. To Mike and like minded people. It’s not just about legalizing medical marijuana or marijuana in general so people can just get high. It also has economic and socialogical values as well. It cost far more to prosecute and remove and jail otherwise law abiding people from the streets for tax payers than anything else. The money they could collect for taxes would be multiple times more than it would cost for the first ten years of the lifetime of the health care program. As a matter of fact. Here’s a way to pay for it. Do the math. And don’t forget the other side of the coin. For every otherwise law abiding person you put in jail for marijuana ,you are putting a person that could be paying taxes insteaded of you paying taxes to put and keep them there while the over crowded court system is letting violent criminals out early because the jails are over crowded with otherwise law abiding , non violent people who just want to smoke pot. Think People! Think!!!!!!!

  22. We have created a group on Facebook called Boycott Walmart Support Joseph Caisas. Here is the link:
    If we can get enough people to join this group it will generate medica attention that willhelp put pressure on Walmart to change it’s policies, so join and invite ALL of your friends to do the same. Spread the word.

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